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Food Safety Records

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Food Safety Records - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food Safety Records. Dr. Cole R. Gustafson Fargo, ND Feb. 19, 2008. Purchasing Criteria. Price Ingredient Process. International Overview. USA & Canada: Product is safe unless proven unsafe UK Product is unsafe unless proven safe

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food safety records

Food Safety Records

Dr. Cole R. Gustafson

Fargo, ND

Feb. 19, 2008

purchasing criteria
Purchasing Criteria
  • Price
  • Ingredient
  • Process
international overview
International Overview

USA & Canada: Product is safe unless proven unsafe

UK Product is unsafe unless proven safe

France Product is unsafe even if proven safe

Austria Product is unsafe especially if proven safe

India Product is safe even if proven unsafe

UgandaProduct is safe especially if proven unsafe

Taken from A. Golichov

where are we headed
Where Are We Headed?
  • There will always be an IP (Value- Enhanced) market
    • Food and feed industry moving from a supply-driven to customer-driven market
    • Customer will continue to mandate segregation, food/feed safety, and quality systems in supply chain
    • Allows the consumer a choice
eurepgap core values
EurepGap – Core Values
  • Food is safe from contamination/health concerns
  • Food is high quality
  • Environment is not harmed
  • Workers are adequately trained and paid
  • Wildlife is taken into account
  • Animal welfare
  • Traceability
  • 100% Dutch supermarkets
  • 35,000 firms/62 countries
  • 254 questions (41 major musts, 122 minor musts
circle vs chain
Circle vs. Chain
  • In supply chain, everyone above and below has shared interest in outcome
    • Information must flow to all
    • Product integrity is influenced by all
    • Enhanced value is shared by all
grain food safety
Grain Food Safety
  • Goal:
    • To have each grain producer and grain handler treat the grain as a food product or raw material.
    • We don’t know which grain will be used as food and which will be used for feed
grain food safety10
Grain Food Safety
  • Grain handler must pass a food safety audit
    • Audit includes:
      • Adequacy of Food Safety Program
      • Pest Control
      • Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
      • Maintenance for Food Safety
      • Cleaning Practices

Value added as the result of the exclusion or minimization of undesirable attributes.

GMOs, Mycotoxins, Allergens, Pesticides, BSE, Pathogens

Food grade, Varietal Purity, Pharma, Amino acid or Sugar profile, Nutraceuticals, Special nutrients

Value added by inclusion or increased concentration of desirable attributes.

Adding Value vs Lowering Value

what type program is needed
What Type Program Is Needed?

Only your customer can answer these questions.

  • What is the purpose
    • Regulatory or commercial requirement
    • Market advantage
  • How Broad
    • How much information is needed
    • Which parameters need to be monitored
  • How Deep
    • How far back in the food chain
    • EU requires “one-forward, one-back”
  • How Precise
    • What degree of assurance for the data collected

*(USDA ARS Ag Economic Report #830 – “Traceability in US Food Supply”

Be pragmatic – don’t build a penthouse when a cottage will do.



Precision – How many Samples are Enough?

1 Barge 1,400 MT 1,400,000,000g 100%

Barge Sample 25 Kilos 25,000g 0.00178%

Lab Sample 5 Kilos 5,000g 0.00035%

Analytical Sample 4g 0.0000002%

food safety promotion
Food Safety Promotion


  • Kosher K
  • Parv P
food safety promotion15
Food Safety Promotion


  • Think holistically
    • Glycerin
    • Carbon