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Marketing Plan. submitted by Francis Pinto 17 Shilpa Kulkarni 31 Pradnya Morje 36 Amol Rane 43 Tushar Wadivkar 57 Aditya Divadkar 58. Welcome. Asian Paints (I) Ltd. India’s largest manufacturer of paints

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Marketing Plan

submitted by

Francis Pinto 17

Shilpa Kulkarni 31

Pradnya Morje 36

Amol Rane 43

Tushar Wadivkar 57

Aditya Divadkar 58


Asian paints i ltd
Asian Paints (I) Ltd.

  • India’s largest manufacturer of paints

  • Leader in the paint industry for over three decades, controlling 45% of the Indian paint market.

  • It out performed industry growth during the year 2002

  • New product launches and excellent growth in exterior finishes have been the key driver of growth.

Global reach
Global Reach

Asian paint is present in 24 countries across the globe as :

Asian Paints India Bangladesh Oman

Sri Lanka Nepal Mauritius

Apco coatings Australia Fiji Soloman Island

Vanuatu Tonga

Berger Baharin Barbados China

Hongkong Jamica Malaysia

Malta UAE Trinidad & Tobago

Thailand Singapore

SCIB Chemicals Egypt

Asian paints industrial coating limited apicl
Asian Paints Industrial Coating Limited ( APICL )

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of the company was incorporated on 1st October, 2001 and acquired the powder coatings business of Hawcoplast Chemicals Ltd.

  • The acquisition has been funded from acquits of Rs. 80 million and a loan of Rs. 60 million financed by Asian Paints (I) Ltd.

  • The subsidiary commenced operations with effect from 1st November 2001. It sells its products under the Hawcoplast & Apcoshield brand names.

Auto industrial coatings 02 03 ms among top 6 competitors
Auto Industrial Coatings (02-03) MS among Top 6 Competitors

Non Auto Industrial Coatings (02-03) MS among Top 6 Competitors

Paint market
Paint Market

  • Low market penetration

  • Worldwide technology not available

  • Huge scope of market development

  • Absence of product hierarchy based on benefits – largely based on price

  • Network driven market, not consumer driven

Global reach of apicl
Global reach of APICL

International Market for powder coating :

The portfolio of products offered by Apco coatings covers a large spectrum of Architectural, wood, auto, marine and industrial coatings.

It has brands that are truly global and sell under the following brands :

Apcolite Decotrade Decora Touch wood Timber care Auto care Royal

Asian Paints has 27 manufacturing units all over the world, which includes

Australia, Fiji, Soloman Island,

Tonga, Vanuatu, South Asia,

Middle East Africa, Oman,

Mauritius, Sri Lanka Bangladesh


Powder coating market size mt

Volume in MT













2002-03 (Est.)


Powder Coating - Market Size (MT)

8.5 %

7.08 %

4.5 %

Powder coating market share 2002 03
Powder Coating% Market Share 2002-03

Powder coating apicl performance volume in mt
Powder Coating - APICL Performance (Volume in MT)


12.07 %


13.53 %


13.60 %


14 %

Powder coatings distribution channel top 6
Powder Coatings Distribution Channel (Top 6)

(Volume in MT )

Powder coatings industry consumption 2001 02 volume in mt
Powder Coatings Industry Consumption 2001-02 (Volume in MT)

Powder coatings acquisition of hawco plast
Powder Coatings Acquisition of Hawco Plast

Acquired Hawcoplast business in 2001-02

  • Impact

  • APICL become no.2 player in the industry (APIL-344 MT + HAWCO-1142 MT)

  • Acquired a large and loyal dealer base.

  • Acquired a manufacturing plant at Sarigam with installed capacity of 1500 MT / year.

  • Acquired a proven sales & marketing team which can handle both brand.

Apicl vs the competitors
APICL Vs. the competitors


  • Market Share of 13.6 % with

    established brand name

  • Plant in North , West India which

    are the major market

  • Wider distribution channel

  • Capacity increase due to acquisition

  • Global reach : 24 countries

    across the globe

  • Technology tip-up with

    Oxyplast / Belgum


  • 27.6 % market is captured by

    nichers, which can be acquired

  • Poor reach to direct user

  • Immediate competitor Berger

    has MS of 12.4 % which is

    just 1.2 % less than Asian Paint

Marketing strategies
Marketing Strategies


  • New version of product

    • offer more choices

    • expand market

  • New generation products and eco-friendly alternatives like water based enamels and elastomeric paints.

  • Marketing strategies contd
    Marketing Strategies contd….


    • Streamlining costs through operational and technological efficiencies.

    • Reduction in import duty form 30% to 25%

    • Application of Supply Chain Management & reduction in the working capital .

    Marketing strategies contd1
    Marketing Strategies contd….


    Markets across the globe are

    Oman Mauritus Nepal Australia

    Soloman Island Vanatu Fiji Tonga

    & Egypt

    Scope for new markets

    Bahrain China Jamaica Malta

    Trinidad Singapore Barbados Hongkong

    Malaysia Myanmar UAE Thailand

    Sri Lanka & China

    • Last year no new market were developed from India

    • New markets have been penetrated by APICL from its overseas units.

      New markets can be developed in :

      Sri Lanka Bangladesh

    Marketing strategies contd2
    Marketing Strategies contd….

    Place ….contd…

    Sri Lanka

    • Acquired controlling stake in 2nd largest paint company in Sri Lanka, Delmege Forsyth & Co. (Paints) Ltd.

    • The company has 12% market share and excellent brand name in Sri Lanka.

    • Well developed distribution channel


    • Entered into joint venture agreement with Confidence Cement Ltd.

    • Will manufacture and market a vide variety of products

    • Manufacturing facility is coming up at Gazipur

      Also efforts can be made for market penetration for full capacity utilization in middle east, Oman, Baharain, Kuwait, Qutar, UAE & Libya.

    Marketing strategies contd3
    Marketing Strategies contd….


    What is taking Asian Paints closer to customers :

    • Helpline through telephone

    • Access to website

    • Home solutions

  • These initiatives were taken by Asian Paints to attract customer to paint.

  • Focus is to become a strong player in Industrial coating business

  • Marketing strategies contd4
    Marketing Strategies contd….


    Promotion will include

    • Public Relations

    • Target large number of direct users

    • Special awards / bonus to marketing team.

    • Direct communication to manage image

    • Some sort of a help line, delegated exclusively for industrial selling can be generated

    • 30% reduction in advertising cost and use it for promotion

    Monitoring controlling
    Monitoring & Controlling

    • The responsibility to achieve the target will be of the Marketing Manager

    • Marketing team along with sales team will review the strategies

    • GM – Marketing will be responsible for deciding and implementing strategies for promotion mix

    • If in a particular quarter, target is not reached, VP – Marketing should be consulted

    Industrial selling business module
    Industrial Selling Business Module

    1 To 1 Zero

    Marketing Defects

    Develop customer Least Cost /

    Base / loyalty other benefits