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How to manage your Online Brand Reputation? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to manage your Online Brand Reputation?

How to manage your Online Brand Reputation?

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How to manage your Online Brand Reputation?

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  1. How to manage your Online Brand Reputation?

  2. “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear” Brand Reputation = Customer perception of your company as well as its products and services

  3. What is Brand Reputation Management?

  4. When positive principles and perceptions are developed to maintain the goodwill of a company in the mind sets of clients and consumers, it is termed as Brand Reputation Management. Awareness about every details of your customer base and target audiences with proper procedures to reach them proves beneficial in maintaining brand reputation of the product. For this, you need to put in lots of efforts and potential to carry prominent online existence through social media, promotions, public relations and excellent customer services.

  5. Maintaining your Online Brand Reputation

  6. Earlier the motive of the companies was to sell products and not attract customers. Without a feasible and convenient medium like internet, there was no other powerful way to reach maximum clients. Business ideas were limited with communication gaps and restricted reachability.

  7. But today, websites and internet growth along with neck to neck competition has taken marketing and advertising of brands to a new exceptional level. User friendly content and continuous communication with customers is needed for business growth. Small or large business, if people are familiar with your brand name, your profits are definitely going to rise high.

  8. Various ways to manage your online brand reputation are: • Search Engine Results. • Explore search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to create baselines. • Online search gives a clear picture of your reputation and name • Digital Profiles. • Your website needs top ranking, so create robust social profiles with appropriate content.

  9. The profiles are used in multiple platforms for brand presence and influence • Customer Needs • Understand your customer needs. Check Google alerts, geographic proximity and web analytics • Expectations • Guidelines and policies help in creating potential customers through digital and social means. Acknowledge comments, questions and encourage interactions • Website Assessment

  10. For positive online brand reputation management, keep checking your website content quality, uniqueness, page title, description and keywords.

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