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Online Thought Leadership & Reputation Management LeadershipSBOT Hyatt Lost Pines - Bastrop PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Thought Leadership & Reputation Management LeadershipSBOT Hyatt Lost Pines - Bastrop

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Online Thought Leadership & Reputation Management LeadershipSBOT Hyatt Lost Pines - Bastrop

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Online Thought Leadership & Reputation Management LeadershipSBOT Hyatt Lost Pines - Bastrop

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  1. October 17 2008 lexBlog TM Online Thought Leadership & Reputation ManagementLeadershipSBOTHyatt Lost Pines - Bastrop 1 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  2. Why become a thought leader? Ability to become a thought leader online Online tools for becoming a thought leader Small town lawyer who became national thought leader solely via online tools 2 lexBlog TM What we’ll cover Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  3. Professionally rewarding Personally rewarding Opportunity to serve others Right thing to do lexBlog TM Why? 3 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  4. Become “lawyers’ lawyer” Learn from other leaders Professionally Personally Better skills More confidence lexBlog TM Professionally rewarding 4 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  5. Feels good Spouse/partner happier Role model for children Financially rewarding You & spouse/partner Children & grandchildren Society lexBlog TM Personally rewarding Building Blogsfor Lawyers 5

  6. Bar Lawyers Civic & business groups Society Image of our profession 6 lexBlog TM Helps others Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  7. Easier than ever Build muscles by acting outside your comfort zone Opportunity lies online Online for all ages lexBlog TM Ability to do it 7 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  8. Blogging Social media LinkedIn Twitter lexBlog TM The how: online tools 8 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  9. Web site Covers niche area of law or locale Published by one lawyer or practice group Directed to regular readers within target audience of blog publisher As easy to update as writing an email - no coding experience needed Distributes content via RSS and email Unique domain name & url address Found via search engines or known domain 9 lexBlog TM What’s a professional law blog? Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  10. Journal Posts archived by calendar Blend of personal information, random thoughts and political views with legal information & insight lexBlog TM What it’s not? 10 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  11. lexBlog TM

  12. New blog launched quickly Easy to use - learning curve is low Inexpensive Comprehensive publishing, content syndication (RSS) and interactive communication tool lexBlog TM Blog advantages 11 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  13. Complementary to site How you network and enter conversation with thought leaders Draw traffic to site & lawyer bios lexBlog TM Relationship to yourfirm’s Web site Building Blogsfor Lawyers 12

  14. Enhances your reputation as trusted and reliable authorities Establish brand based on expertise Educational & tasteful Syndication of content via RSS Far superior search results to Web sites Cost savings vs other networking lexBlog TM Advantages to you Building Blogsfor Lawyers 13

  15. Relevant content Regular content updates Incoming links “Blog = better listing on Google” lexBlog TM Why superior search results? 14 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  16. 15 lexBlog TM Importance of search engines Building Blogsfor Lawyers • Two-thirds of people do online research before selecting a service or product • Nearly 70% of business executives and in house counsel go online to research lawyers during the hiring process

  17. Web site articles Poorly indexed & optimized for search engines Pdf’s especially Frequency of content? Difficult search No table of contents/navigation with each article Users do not return to site Email newsletters Corporate firewalls may block Spam filters may block Far less viral marketing effect lexBlog TM Advantages over current Internet networking Building Blogsfor Lawyers 14

  18. lexBlog TM Lawyers’ adoption of blogs Building Blogsfor Lawyers • 3,000 plus law blogs • 4 new law blogs per day • > 30% of large law firms • 49% growth in large law firm blogs from November to March 15 BBC News 5/21/04

  19. 16 lexBlog TM Who is reading blogs? Building Blogsfor Lawyers • 75% of reporters to locate experts & get insight on stories • Senior executives • 20% plus read business blogs • 96% familiar with blogs • 30% have familiarity with blogs • Busiest people read blogs

  20. lexBlog TM RSS feeds • Oxygen of Internet today • Streams content to target audience • Syndicates content • Content reaches amplifiers • Bloggers • Media - trade & general mass media • Email as well 17 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  21. lexBlog TM Newsreader Collects RSS feeds

  22. Find the discussion Listen to the discussion Engage in the discussion Empower your audience 18 Blogs are a Rotary meeting lexBlog Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  23. Early blog design (preconceived notion of blogs)

  24. Professional marketing blogs -- The LexBlog Way

  25. lexBlog TM

  26. lexBlog TM

  27. lexBlog TM

  28. lexBlog TM


  30. lexBlog TM

  31. 5000 visits in first 6 weeks Few calls a week, new client Nearly 100 incoming links from third party websites and blogs Regularly cited by leading law & employment bloggers (3 of the most read) CT law periodical coverage lexBlog TM CT Employment Law Blog Dan Schwartz Building Blogsfor Lawyers 19

  32. lexBlog TM Where’s content coming from? • Current content - extend it’s reach • Online news • Legal cases • Info from trade magazines & newsletters • Info from CLE’s • RSS feeds = “The Discussion” 20 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  33. lexBlog TM Time commitment? • Brief posts • 2 to 3 paragraphs, 2 to 3 sentences each • Expectation is less than that of articles • Harvard Business School - 1x/week * • Less than articles, newsletters & alerts * Harvard Management Communication Letter, Vol. 2, No. 4, November 2005 21 Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  34. Forget the economy Time to grab market share & be bold Let others run scared Be deliberate Invest in your network and reputation Have long-term eyes & vision to succeed lexBlog TM Blogging in current economy Building Blogsfor Lawyers 22

  35. Backend of Blog Platform

  36. Professional networking tool “Facebook for business people” 216,000 private practice profiles Law firm profiles with demographics 20 million users 150 industries 3.2 million visitors/month 23 lexBlog TM LinkedIn Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  37. lexBlog TM

  38. lexBlog TM

  39. lexBlog TM

  40. lexBlog TM

  41. lexBlog TM

  42. lexBlog TM

  43. lexBlog TM

  44. lexBlog TM

  45. lexBlog TM

  46. “Microblogging” Updates are called “Tweets” 140 characters Links are shortened Who? Lawyers Reporters Fire departments New York Times Fortune 200 24 lexBlog TM Twitter Building Blogsfor Lawyers

  47. What talk? Personal Professional Social media - ‘pass it along’ Twitter amplifies News of China’s earthquake broke on Twitter lexBlog TM Small talk leads to big things Building Blogsfor Lawyers 25

  48. lexBlog TM