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Tata Communications. Tata Group at a glance. $83.3 billion Annual Revenue. #41 Worldwide Brand (Source: Brand Finance). 395,000 Employees Worldwide. >60% Non-India. #11 Most Reputed Company (Source: Reputation Institute). Over 140 Years in Operation. UK Group’s Largest Market.

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tata group at a glance
Tata Group at a glance

$83.3 billionAnnual Revenue

#41Worldwide Brand

(Source: Brand Finance)

395,000Employees Worldwide


#11Most Reputed Company

(Source: Reputation Institute)

Over 140Years in Operation

UKGroup’s Largest Market

Only Indian entityon Forbes’ List of World’s 20 Most Reputed Companies*

Over 100Operating Companies in 7 Sectors Across 6 Continents

* Awarded in 2006 by the United States – India Business Council (USIBC)



Advancing our global vision by successfully integrating acquisitions


VSNL acquires Teleglobe, building upon its extensive global reach, established operational strengths and deep carrier relationships.


Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata founds the Tata Group, one of India’s largest and most respected business conglomerates.


Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), India’s leading incumbent telecommunications provider, is born.


VSNL International acquires Tyco Global Network, one of the world’s most advanced and extensive submarine cable systems.


VSNL International, the international arm of VSNL is launched.


Teleglobe is founded as the Canadian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (COTC).


VSNL, Teleglobe and VSNL International unite as Tata Communications



Tyco Global Network

  • Leading provider of international telecommunications and Internet services
  • Largest enterprise, wholesale, and retail broadband services footprint
  • 800,000 strong Internet subscriber base
  • Best Wholesale Carrier 2006 by WCA
  • Global presence
  • Serving voice, data, and mobile markets
  • #1 wholesale voice provider
  • Largest true hybrid VoIP/TDM network
  • 1400+ wholesale customers
  • 17+ billion minutes
  • 100 Gbps connectivity into nearly 80 cable systems
  • Global reach
  • 415 direct and bilateral relationships
  • Major supplier of conversion
  • Wholesale services to 600+ mobile operators
  • 60,000 kilometers of global sub-sea connectivity spanning 3 continents
  • Bandwidth at all STM/OC levels
  • Reliable, scalable and fully redundant


our leadership landscape

Industry Leader

  • #1 global wholesale voice
  • #1 global submarine cable capacity
  • #1 international long distance services in India
  • #1 enterprise data services in India
  • #1 Internet services in India

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

  • 200,000 route km global network
  • 300 points of presence (PoPs)
  • 20+ terabit submarine capacity
  • ~1M sq. feet of data center space


  • 1,500 global carriers
  • 600 mobile operators
  • “Fortune 1000” of India
  • 8,000+ SMEs in India
  • 500,000 Internet and broadband subs
Our Leadership Landscape



Network Management

TATA Communications provides

  • Dedicated network specialists
  • Secure network operations
  • 24X7 end-to-end customer support
  • Global installation and maintenance
  • 24X7 proactive monitoring and management

With TATA Communications as your partner, you can:

  • Leverage the expertise and experience of dedicated network professionals who manage thousands of devices around the world
  • Concentrate on revenue-generating activities
  • Improve operating costs
services portfolio
Services Portfolio

Unified communications

Data center

Voice solutions




Colo cation services



VoIP Prepaid

/Post paid

V Proxy

Managed hosting





Managed services

Managed storage


Hosted contact

Center (Insta CC)


Insta office


G-IP Voice




Network optimization services

Content delivery network

Application optimization

Int. leased line

Nat. leased line


Internet / Broadband

Network services

Access services (wireless, wireline)

WAN ethernet


ill internet leased line
ILL – Internet Leased Line


  • High speed Internet Access solution for enterprises with large communication and information requirements. 24/7 availability in required bandwidth segments.
  • Flavors include
  • PILL (Premium Internet Leased Line,)
  • SILL (Standard Internet Leased Line)
  • SIA (Shared Internet Access)
  • CIA (Compressed Internet Access)

Qualifying Criteria Questionnaire

  • What is the internet connectivity medium being used presently by your business. Are you looking for higher speed and lower latency solution.
  • Does your Business access and / or share online applications or data
  • Do you have requirement for Application sharing like online trading, Internet Banking, online gaming , hosting other web based applications
  • Does your business look for 24/7 connectivity to the Internet for transactional purposes


  • High Throughput owing to biggest IP Network.
  • Strong Redundancy owing to capacity ownership on multiple submarine cables.
  • Scalability. Ability to deliver as per customer requirements
  • 24/7 Customer support
internet connectivity through leased lines connectivity model

Backbone router of TATA Communications peering/partner across globe


Customers Router

Last mile /Local Loop

Tata Comm PoP


TATA Communications Internet Backbone


BSO Exchange

Internet Connectivity through Leased Lines – Connectivity Model


ill internet leased line1
ILL – Internet Leased Line

Need for Internet Access (ILL)

  • Corporates: E-mail, FTP, Software Development, Web Based Services – eCommerce, Internet Banking, Medical Transcription, Information Browsing, Video Conferencing, VPN Applications
  • Resellers: ISPs, Web Based Call Centers, Internet Telephony

USP of TATA Communications as provider

  • ISP of ISPs
  • More than 125 ISPs of India are connected to Tata Communications for domestic and International Transit
  • Tata Communications Serving more than 2000 Corporate customers.
  • Almost all major content providers are connected to Tata Communications
  • Better response to domestic content.

Pricing Components: (2 Mbps standard internet leased line delivered over MAN connected OFC last mile is taken as example)

Last mile charges obtained during feasibility will impact OTC & NRC


Indicative pricing To be paid monthly/ bi-monthly/ quarterly/ Annually in advance

npl ipl
  • About
  • Digital media providing layer 1 point to point connectivity for two locations (International) and two or more locations (National) enabling transmission of voice, high speed data, video, high speed FAX and graphics. It is a private, secure pipe dedicated for an individual customer. Internet is not a part of this connectivity.
  • Qualifying Criteria Questionnaire
  • Does your Business use applications which are critical from security point of view, are data transfers required to be real time with latency as prime concern?
  • Does your Businesses have a connectivity requirement between local and international offices without Internet Access (only for internal data, voice, video, FAX and Graphics traffic movement) - IPL
  • Does your business require connectivity between two or more local offices without Internet Access (only for internal data, voice, FAX and Graphics traffic movement) - NPL.
  • Is your Business looking for Data Security and committed Speed over a private secure pipe
  • Features
  • Secure and dedicated layer 1 point to point network.
  • Low latency offering real time communication for Data, Voice, Video, FAX & Graphics.
  • Guaranteed security and speed.
  • Cost – Effective solution due to integration.
  • Service level guarantee.




Pricing Components: (2 Mbps IPL between India & UK delivered over TCL MAN at India end and TCL arranged OFC last mile at UK end is taken as an example)

Last mile charges (from customer location to TCL’s PoP) for both the ends to be obtained during feasibility . PoP to PoP charges are standard and will be as per the pricing sheet.

Total Charges will be sum of last mile charges and PoP – PoP charges


* Indicative pricing to be paid monthly/ bi-monthly/ quarterly/ Annually in advance

vpn on internet1
VPN on Internet
  • Two connections – one is made to the Internet and the second is made to the VPN.
  • Firewalls – VPNs allow authorized users to pass through the firewalls.
  • Protocols – protocols create the VPN tunnels
  • PPTP -- Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • L2TP -- Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  • IPsec -- Internet Protocol Security
global mpls class of service cos
Global MPLS Class of Service (CoS)
  • Tiered bandwidth assigned to each port
  • Traffic burst limitation equal to the sum of total provisioned bandwidth (CAR)
  • Support for bursting between tiers
    • Exception: No bursting for Premium
  • Congestion Management effective when traffic exceeds the contracted bandwidth
  • Performance reporting per CoS


Queuing and Traffic Shaping


global mpls class of service
Global MPLS Class of Service
  • Tiered bandwidth for each port
  • Traffic burst limitation equal to the sum of committed access rate (CAR)
  • Support for bursting between tiers
    • Exception: No bursting for Real Time and Interactive Video
  • Congestion management effective when traffic exceeds the contracted bandwidth
    • Business Critical and Standard supported by WRED
  • Performance reporting per CoS
  • New Six (6) Class of Service (CoS) Model Supports:
    • Granularity: Optimized Data (TCP) and Multimedia (UDP) classes
    • Performance: Dedicated Telepresence class with low jitter guarantees
    • Flexibility: Customer DSCP marking transparency



Pricing Components: (Four location MPLS within India with two locations on Radwin RF last mile and two locations on TCL MAN last mile is taken as an example)

Last mile charges (from customer location to TCL’s PoP) for all the locations to be obtained during feasibility . GVPN port charges are standard and will be as per the bandwidth in the pricing sheet.

Total Charges will be sum of last mile charges and GVPN port charges.

* Indicative pricing. To be paid monthly/ bi-monthly/ quarterly/ Annually in advance


audio web conferencing1
Audio & Web Conferencing
  • About
  • Audio Conferencing Services
  • Revolutionize the way customers meet and work across offices
  • Provide an accessible forum for increased corporate communication
  • Improve productivity, reduce costs and speed decision-making.
  • Tata Communications offers three types of audio conferencing services
  • 1) Automated Audio Conferencing
  • 2) GlobalMeet
  • 3) Operator-Assisted Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing Services
  • Enables conducting of compelling, professional Web presentations
  • Tata Communications offers services on these platforms
  • WebEx
  • Microsoft Live Meeting


audio web conferencing2
Audio & Web Conferencing
  • Qualifying Criteria Questionnaire
  • Does your business require employee or customer meetings to be held across locations.
  • How many locations do you have globally? How many people are at each location? What functional areas of your company (i.e. Dev, R&D, Sales, etc.) are based in each location?
  • Do you use automated conferencing today (toll free/toll number with passcode)?
  • Do you conduct Investor Relations (IR), shareholder, and/or town hall (employee) calls? How do you conduct those larger high profile events today? Tell me about your experience with past few high profile calls you have conducted?
  • How do you conduct sales meetings with Field Sales reps? What are their challenges?
  • How does your Sales Team demonstrate your products? Is it effective?
  • How do you train your managers with today’s time pressures?
  • Features
  • Conference booking is a just a phone call away
  • Multi Location Conferencing (National & Global)
  • Zero Capital investment



Pricing Components: (Conference of up to 75 participants on Global meet is being taken as an example)

Monthly Minimum Commitment INR 500/-, FCV INR 500/-

Feasibility study is w.r.t the list of allowed countries.


content delivery network
Content Delivery Network


  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) enables media, web properties and software companies to easily outsource their distribution of video, pictures, music, games, downloads, and multimedia applications over the Internet.
  • Capabilities: Fast forwarding, Cache clearing, Resolution switching, and Throttling.
  • Tata Communications has partnered with BitGravity to provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.
  • Tata Communications’ CDN requires no client downloads - eliminating the burden to end-users common in streaming platforms.


  • CDN from TATA Communications provides immediate access to customers’ content along with the highest levels of throughput for end-users.
  • Our wholly-owned and centrally managed network circles the globe, assuring there will always be a path to customer content.
  • Building on our Tier-1 carrier expertise and industry knowledge, we have designed our CDN offer to reflect the highest levels of resiliency. World-class reliability and performance are not optional, they are standard.

Which applications meet this criteria ?

  • CDN
  • Portals - Films, Music, Rich Content
  • Companies with Websites that form an important part of interaction with buyers
  • Product promotion, flash videos, images
  • Downloads – Software, PDF’s
  • Education/training other videos
  • Large file distribution (presentations, drawings, manuals….)
  • Live Broadcast
  • Channels that want internet presence e.g. UTV
  • Chairman’s/CEO’s Address, Product launch, Major Events

Pricing Components: CDN live streaming with 10 GB of data storage is taken as an example

* The above prices are indicative and components are subject to change based on solution.


Data Center

“A Data Center is a facility where an organization can outsourcethe management and day-to-day operations of its IT and Telecom Infrastructure and connected applications. Organizations get a secure place to physically house their equipment - a secured cage, cabinet or room with regulated & redundant power, dedicated Internet connection, multi layer physical and electronic security and fire detection/suppression”

global data center hosting facilities
Global Data Center & Hosting Facilities

42 Facilities Globally

1 Million Net Sq Ft

New build of over 500,000 Sq Ft in India, UK, USA and Singapore



  • HVAC
  • Security
  • Power
  • Fire Safety
  • * Air conditioning and power are N+N redundant with UPS and DG Back up
  • * Multiple level of Physical and e-security with biometric access and password protection.
  • State-of art fire protection measures benchhe best in industry.
  • * All Infra benchmarked against the best in industry with certification from ISO 20001/07 and Sun tone

Multiple options of cost-effective connectivity solutions from TCL or ready provision to continue with your existing connectivity provider via meet me rooms.

24X7 DC operations with L1/L2 support and escorted / unescorted access to client rep.

All TCL DCs are built on owned properties at prime locations easily accessible for support


Data Center Products/services

Single Server space

Private Rack Space

Caged Rack Space

Internet Connectivity

Customized DR solutions

Vendor Management

Hot Site Services

System Administration

Data Back up at DR site

Database Administration

Workplace continuity

Managed Firewall Services

pricing components co location
Pricing components – Co-location

* These are Indicative pricing

what is instacompute
What is InstaCompute?

A flexible, cost-effective infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering that instantly provides the variable computing power required to meet changing business needs, exactly when needed.

Managed through a self-service web portal that offers business-class controls and features, InstaCompute allows dynamic addition and removal of virtual servers, storage capacity and metered Internet connectivity in real-time.


With pay-per-use pricing, security, governance and guaranteed service levels, InstaCompute is the ideal solution for businesses seeking quick time-to-market, faster revenue generation and increased competitiveness.

Visit: www.instacompute.com for pricing & other details

enterprise voice service family
Enterprise Voice Service Family
  • Call Center (BPO) Services
  • Managed VoIP
  • Insta CC
  • IPLC for Call Centers
  • Enterprise Services
  • Managed VoIP

Access Services

  • ITFS – International Toll-free Services
  • ITFS w/SAC
  • UIFN – Universal International Toll-free Services
  • LNS – Local Number Services
  • Tailored Solutions to Meet Key Business Requirements for Voice Services
  • Consistent voice quality and performance on a worldwide basis
  • Maximizing existing IP investments
  • Support for hybrid calling environments utilizing multiple equipment providers


managed voip service
Managed VoIP Service
  • A premium Internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service designed for business grade international calling
  • India caller is on IP
  • International called party is on PSTN
  • Managed VoIP service includes:
  • A premium dedicated public Internet access from Tata Communications
  • High quality international calling (routing and termination) based on Tata Communications’ Tier-1 voice carrier relationships worldwide



commercial model
Commercial Model

Two Service Options

Managed VoIP Minutes

Managed VoIP Ports

Managed VoIP Ports

  • A zero-rental, tier-based offering
  • Customer specifies the number of Peak Voice channels needed
  • Customer does not commit minutes, but is offered a tier-based rate. Billing will depend on usage for the month and which slab the customer falls within
  • A customized rate plan is generated containing a rate per minute and per destination
  • This is a rental based, zero commitment offering
  • The customer specifies the number of Peak Voice channels needed and is charged a rental accordingly
  • The calling is on a per minute rate basis
  • This service is ideal for customers who have small or unpredictable calling volumes
  • Free bundled calling value

Ideal for Small or Unpredictable call volumes

Ideal for Small or Unpredictable call volumes

Ideal for Large or Predictable call volumes

Ideal for Small or Unpredictable call volumes

Both models include a bundled Premium Internet Leased Line

managed voip service mvoip
Managed VoIP Service (MVOIP)
  • About
  • A premium Internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service designed for business grade international calling.
  • Qualifying Criteria
    • Customer wants out bound international calling
    • India caller is on IP
    • International called party is on PSTN
  • Features:
    • A premium dedicated public Internet access from Tata Communications.
    • High quality international calling (routing and termination) based on Tata Communications’ Tier-1 voice carrier relationships worldwide.



Pricing Components: (Out bound calling for 50 users is taken as an example)

* Above are indicative list pricing for first slab 0f “0 to 20K” minutes.

As slab increase per min rates decreases.


Insta CC





Core Application & Database Servers

Email Server

Centralized Reporting


CRM Application

FAX Server

Chat Server

Backend Database




Inbuilt Capabilities of Hosted Unified IP-based InstaCC Solution

Unified Reporting


Multimedia Recording



Predictive Dialer


Pricing Components: Charges in extending insta CC service

for a inbound call center for US voice traffic is given below.


VoIP Gateway

* The above prices are indicative and components are subject to change based on solution.


Global IP Voice Connect


  • Fully managed, end-to-end worldwide service supporting both on-net and off-net calls

Qualifying criteria

  • International in bound and out bound
  • IP based calling


    • Global MPLS network supporting multiple classes of service (CoS)
    • Voice traffic routed via CoS-1 providing prioritized routing.
    • Direct IP Trunking between PBX, voice gateways and voice enabled endpoints
    • Inbound and outbound off-net PSTN calling
    • Centralized dial plan administration and maintenance
    • Monitoring and performance reporting


Corporate office

Corporate office

PSTN Network

External calls



Pricing Components: (India International based on number of concurrent sessions.)

DID MRC 5$, no NRC.


* The above prices are indicative and components are subject to change based on solution.

iplc for call center
IPLC for Call Center

A variable charged International Private Line service, designed to support high volume, international inbound/outbound calling within a Call Center

  • Call Centers prefer to directly connect IPLC to foreign carrier switches to reduce last-mile costs and management problems
  • Avoid inherent delays in getting last mile provisioned
  • Get benefits of aggregation to higher bandwidth by picking traffic at a single switch in a particular geography



Pricing Components: (Pricing on E1 basis. Each E1 will be 30 channels. For both I/B and O/B DID and ITFS can be offered)



  • The above prices are indicative and components are subject to change based on solution.
  • One Time Charges for E1 last mile shall be based on feasibility report.
  • Commitment from customer on usage is must for IPLCC.
our approach to managed security services
Our approach to Managed Security Services
  • People
  • Highly Experienced Staff monitors 24 x 7 x 365
  • Focused on monitoring and managing your security
  • Expertise with Check-point, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Tipping point
  • Process
  • SAS 70 Type II
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Cisco MSCP
  • Single point of contact
  • Managed services
  • Technology
  • World Class SSOC
  • Worlds Largest DDoS D&M Facility
  • India’s only DDOS centre
  • Enabling Premise and cloud based security solutions