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Invest in America Membership Enhancement Solutions Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Invest in America Membership Enhancement Solutions Overview

Invest in America Membership Enhancement Solutions Overview

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Invest in America Membership Enhancement Solutions Overview

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  1. Invest in AmericaMembership EnhancementSolutions Overview

  2. Agenda • Value Proposition • Membership Enhancement Programs • Impact – Its Working • IIA Offers – Grow Loans, Generate Income, Increase Value of Membership & Credit/Debit Card Transaction Volume • Best Practices • Integrating IIA into your Core Services

  3. Award Winning Program!! • 2009 CU Journal’s Innovation of the Year Award • 2012 NCUF Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Program “Rarely has the Awards and Nominating Committee collective scored a program so high,” said NCUF Awards & Recognition Committee Chairman Bob Schumacher. “When you look at the numbers that support Invest in America’s efforts, the outcome is so overwhelming, it’s hard to grasp or comprehend all its immensity.” - Watch Award video filmed by CUNA about IIA – IIA Video Source - National Credit Union Foundation

  4. IIA Value Proposition • IIA provides tools to help meet your credit union’s goals. Simply choose the offers that relate to your goals and promote them in conjunction with your core services: • Increase auto loans – Credit Union Member Discount from GM* and AutoNation Direct • Earn non-interest income - Sprint Credit Union Member Discount* and Member Connect** • Increase debit/credit card usage – TurboTax* and Member Rewards* offers including Dell, Shop America, DIRECTV and Member Connect • Enhance member value – GM, Sprint, TurboTax, Member Connect, Dell, DIRECTV, Shop America and Allied Van Lines • * Requires specific IIA marketing agreement • ** Requires agreement with CMG to earn income

  5. Membership Enhancement Programs Enroll in the IIA membership enhancement program to support your needs or goals: • Auto Program - GM Preferred Pricing – Generates deeper loyalty and additional auto loans • Sprint Wireless Services – Personal and business wireless discounts creates deeper loyalty and provides additional non-interest income • TurboTax & Jackson Hewitt - Generates deeper loyalty and increased credit/debit card transactions • Member Rewards – Increases member loyalty and increased credit/debit card transactions with discounts from Shop America, TurboTax*, Dell, Member Connect*, DIRECTV and more For complete details or to sign up visit: * Income opportunity requires agreement with CMG

  6. Impact Partner Center provides credit union related information Credit Union Finder so potential members can find you Tips and tools to help members save money Consumer information on credit union differentiation Rotating banners regarding current offers Access via social media sites Member testimonials about why they love their credit union

  7. Invest in America ResultsThrough 2/28/14

  8. Grow Loans

  9. New Program

  10. New Program Savings

  11. Transparent Pricing

  12. Helping Credit Unions Grow Loans • The Credit Union Member Discount from GM is no longer compatible with subvented ratessuch as 0%, 1.9%, 2.9%, etc. that have been bought down and offered through captive finance sources • Members will be encouraged to use low-rate credit union financing in conjunction with cash incentives resulting in very competitive monthly payments. • Example at right: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab 2WD • Member receives $2,500 total cash allowance in lieu of the lowest subvented rate - 4.9% for 72 months for well qualified customers • $2,000 down payment from member • *Chevrolet Silverado lowest subvented rate as of December 5, 2013 • ** Published rate from a credit union website as of December 5, 2013

  13. Premium Benefits

  14. Premium Benefits (con’t)

  15. Instant Loan Leads Auto Loan Leads and Member Loyalty is Simple for Credit Unions • Credit unions sign up or upgrade to the Premium Level for the Credit Union Member Discount from GM • Members save when shopping a wide selection of eligible new Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles • Credit unions receive instant email notification of their member’s request to the department or individual of their choice • Credit unions funnel auto loan leads through an internal sales program—whether it be an outbound call center or from a representative at a branch • Process the loan application or direct members online to complete an application

  16. Real-Time Auto Email Instant Notification to Credit Unions

  17. Custom Statement Insert • Variable Fields • Credit union name • Credit union logo • Loan rate • Credit union URL to direct members where to apply for loans • Web disclaimer

  18. Loan Link • Credit unions can now easily provide their loan link to IIA! • Provides easy access to your loan app or loan page • Drive more auto loans to your credit union • Use your scorecard to provide your loan link

  19. Available Reports • Report s located on Partner Center and are exportable to Excel for easy use • GM authorization request report identifies members that requested a code from GM • Includes street and e-mail addresses Hot leads you can use to follow up with members! • Additional reports identify sales for Member Rewards Program

  20. Annual Marketing Requirements

  21. Enroll in Premium – Step #1 #1

  22. Enroll in Premium – Step #2 & #3 #2 #3

  23. Enroll in Premium – Step #4 Click the Premium Level button and accept terms and conditions on the bottom of the form then click on submit

  24. Premium Program Will Drive Increased Loan Volume! • The Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount from GM has been enhanced to drive more loans to your credit union. By enrolling at the Premium Level, credit unions can maximize loans while offering this valuable discount and benefit of membership to their members. • Real-time loan leads to enable you to quickly engage your in-market members • GM Employee Pricing for credit union employees owning a non-GM vehicle • Free custom marketing materials are available to help your credit union optimize program results and increase auto loans • Subvented-rate loans are not compatible with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM, driving loans back to the credit union • For a complete list of FAQ’s go to:

  25. What is the Credit Union Auto Club? • The newest Invest in America program created exclusively for credit union members • Provides unparalleled service and unprecedented value in roadside assistance and other travel-related benefits • From little incidents like being locked out of a vehicle to bigger troubles like needing a tow truck, Credit Union Auto Club keeps members moving on the road • Professional customer service team 24/7 to assist members • Credit Union Auto Club is backed by Auto Knight Motor Club, a wholly-owned company of Fortegra Financial. Fortegra Financial is a NYSE listed, A.M. Best "A-" rated insurance company, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Its Motor Clubs have a 40-year unblemished record of service delivery and claims payments. The “Always On” CU Auto Club emergency dispatch center is wholly owned and operated by Auto Knight Motor Club. • Credit unions are eligible to receive marketing reimbursements when members purchase memberships in Credit Union Auto Club

  26. Plan Benefits

  27. Plan Pricing & Marketing Reimbursement • Credit unions are eligible to earn $5 - $9* per membership during the pilot program • The marketing reimbursement is paid annually • Credit unions must enroll in the program to receive marketing reimbursement • Credit union enrollment form is located in the Partner Center at on the Love My Credit Union website • Access to FREE turnkey marketing materials to promote the program to members • The program can also be used as a value add offering when closing auto loans, and as an incentive to your members for using other core products and services *Current plan pricing and marketing reimbursements are for the pilot program. Final plan pricing and marketing reimbursement is subject to change based on results and market intelligence obtained during pilot program.

  28. Credit Union Marketing Requirements Credit unions that enroll and actively market the program to their members will be eligible to receive marketing reimbursements Member CommunicationsComplete one of the member communications items listed below each quarter for four quarters within a 12 month period and ongoing quarterly thereafter:  Utilize the following marketing materials within 30 days of enrollment and ongoing thereafter: • Place banner or link on website within 30 days of enrollment and ongoing thereafter • Suggested locations: Auto loan page, discount page, insurance page, etc. • Utilize lobby materials within 30 days of enrollment and ongoing thereafter • Take ones, lobby posters, digital, video

  29. Credit Union Benefits • Marketing incentives for participation is a great way for credit unions to earn non-interest income • Effective tool to promote the added-value of membership • FREE marketing materials for statement mailings, newsletters, Website and lobby distribution • Unique offers available from Sprint for members • Sprint handles all member service needs • Opportunities to work with local Sprint stores to support community businesses

  30. Sprint Offer Member Discounts • 10%* off select regularly priced Sprint monthly service • Waived activation fee on new accounts (up to $36 savings) • Waived upgrade fees (up to $36 savings) Business Discounts • 15%* off select regularly priced Sprint monthly service • Waived activation fee on new accounts (up to $36 savings) • Waived upgrade fees ( up to $36 savings) *Application of discount requires 2-year contract extension on existing plans. Verification of membership is required at time of activation/upgrade. Discount not available on secondary lines for Family and Business Share plans.

  31. Marketing Requirements Contract Year = October 1 of each year through September 30 of the following year • Promote Sprint service on an exclusive basis • Place a Sprint insert in one quarterly mailing per year • Continuously display any of the following lobby materials in all branch locations: take-ones, posters, banners, monitor video • Publish approved Sprint articles in 2 quarterly newsletters per Contract Year • Continuously display approved Web banner/link on credit union Website All Marketing materials are provided FREE of charge! Get started now and join the 1,900 credit unions participating the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program! There are nearly 1.2 million subscribers already and members have saved more than $320 million!

  32. Marketing Materials Take-One Posters Web Banners

  33. Marketing Incentive Calculation • Marketing Incentive • The Incentive Pool is created from revenues earned during the Contract Year. • Credit unions are paid the percentage of the incentive pool that is equal to their percentage of the total audience of members being marketed to nationally. • Sample: • Credit Union Incentive Pool = $2,000,000 • Total members being marketed to (from Promotion Agreements/NCUA reports) = 5,000,000 • ABC CU members in pool = 50,000 • 50,000/5,000,000 = 1% • $2,000,000 X 1% = $20,000 • ABC CU Marketing Incentive = $20,000 • Marketing Schedule • NEW participating credit unions in their 1st Contract Year will receive incentives based on first insert mailing. • First Quarterly Insert Distribution = % of incentive: • October ’13 = 100% • January ’14 = 75% • April ’14 = 50% • July ’14 = 25% • In following Contract Years, assuming all requirements are fulfilled, participating credit unions will receive 100% regardless of what month they do their quarterly statement mailing. Program year is October 1st – September 30th. Marketing Incentives are paid out in December.

  34. Sprint Verification Process To ensure the continued integrity of this program, members must periodically provide documentation to verify credit union membership = eligibility of the program discount. • New customers are required to verify credit union membership within 30 days of activation • Current customers are required to provide proof of discount eligibility when upgrading their device if it has been 20+ months since their last validation  Proof of membership options include any of the below with the member’s name: ● Credit union check ● ● Unexpired credit union credit/debit card ● ● Current credit union statement issued within the last 90 days● ● Credit union membership card ●

  35. Sprint Verification Methods Verification is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. There are three ways to verify credit union membership: 1. Visit from a mobile device Members need to black out all confidential information on their documentation prior to faxing. 2. Free Invest in America app for Android and/or iPhone • iPhone users can find it at the Apple App Store • Android users can find the app in the Android Market • Members just need to search for “Invest in America” • Members will be prompted to black out all confidential information within the app right on their phone • This app also lists all other Invest in America discounts 3. Fill out and fax the Sprint verification form and supporting documents to the Sprint Corporate Accounts: 913.523.1987 or toll free: 877.687.8211 Members need to black out all confidential information on their documentation prior to faxing.

  36. Verification & Sprint’s AutoPay For members paying their Sprint monthly bill through Sprint’s AutoPay option from their credit union checking account or credit union debit/credit card, verification is as easy as it gets. Members sign up for Sprint’s AutoPay online using their credit union account (checking, credit card or debit card). Sprint pulls the R&T and credit/debit card BIN numbers monthly and verifies credit union membership for all accounts being paid through Sprint’s AutoPay from a credit union account via the above methods. These members are validated monthly each time the report is pulled and members verified through this process have no need to go through any other verification process. CU Solutions Group and Sprint are investigating the possibilities of expanding the automatic payment verification option when automatic payment is set up through the credit union online banking or for members who make payments using a credit union credit or debit card.

  37. What Credit Unions Can Do • • Post information regarding Sprint verification to their credit union Web site: • – QRC to the Invest in America App • – Verification Form • – Tutorial (video) • – Benefits • • Include the verification newsletter article in multiple newsletters • • Add the QRC to the Invest in America app to: statements, Web site, newsletter • • Educate frontline staff of the verification process • • Connect with local Sprint store representative (keep their business cards at teller stations to refer members requesting additional information or assistance) • • Make sure to have the most up‐to‐date Sprint literature with the QRC • • Communication, communication, communication!

  38. How Lisa Treat Director, Sprint Partnership Call: 800.262.6285 ext. 523 Members indicate that they are a credit union member and present Corp ID: NACUC_ZZM Verification of credit union membership is required Visit: Any retail outlet where Sprint products are sold Call: 877.SAVE.4.CU (877.728.3428) Click:

  39. Grow Transaction Volume Member Rewards Incentives on every day items that help drive card usage and membership value **Figure based on a February 2011 national sample of auto policyholder savings when comparing their former premium with those of Liberty Mutual’s group auto and home program. Individual premiums and savings will vary. Earn cash back on every purchase from over 1,500 retailers! Save up to 30% on select Dell computer packages. Dell advantage provides additional 5% gift card and extra protection for a worry free purchase! Save $160 on first year’s service! Members could save up to $343.90** on average with the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program. Save up to 60% on moving and storage expense!

  40. Increase Value of Membership

  41. Your TurboTax Program Will: Increase customer loyalty and referrals 66% of members are more likely to recommend your financial institution to a friend; 95% feel favorable towards you because of your TurboTax offering. Grow profitable low cost deposits 90% of members used the direct deposit feature in TurboTax; 82% deposited on average $3,044 tax refund with the host financial institution. Increase site traffic & maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities ~20% of members are more likely to fund an IRA or other investment with their tax refund. Strengthen your position as a trusted advisor Stay at the center of your members’ financial lives by providing the #1 best-selling and most trusted tax software; there’s no reason for them to go anywhere else! Provide savings for your members Discounts available based on marketing commitment. 52% of members purchased TurboTax through their credit union website due to discount.

  42. Getting Started

  43. CUSG Provides Turnkey Marketing Program • to promote turbotax and drive members to your web site Promoter Fed Discount = $5 Deluxe/ $10 Premier/ $15 Home & Business Standard Size and Custom Web Banners Co-Branded TurboTax Website with Your CU Logo and a Cross-Sell Banner HTML E-mail Templates

  44. Jackson Hewitt Overview • Provide discounted tax prep services to the 60% of your members that prefer to file their taxes with a local tax professional • CU member discounts: Either $30.00 Off or $50 Less**than last year when members switch from a competing tax prep company. • CUSG provides free, co-branded printed coupons to include in your December or January statements. • JH provides national coverage: • Over 6,000 tax preparation offices during tax season • Convenient office locations near the vast majority of your members • Unlike other tax prep franchises, JH doesn’t use tax prep as a tool to acquire customers from Financial Institutions • FREE Accuracy Guarantee* with every paid return • No appointment necessary • FREE Refund Estimate • *Terms and conditions apply. Ask a tax preparer for details. • ** Offer valid for tax prep fees paid of $150 or more. Proof of last year’s tax prep fee required. Over 400 credit unions partnered with CUSG last year to offer Jackson Hewitt

  45. How the Program Works CUSG funds and provides all marketing collateral: Coupon statement stuffers, newsletter articles, email template, etc. Your members receive a hard copy coupon via statement stuffer, in-branch and/or printing a website pdf Your members redeem the coupon at a Jackson Hewitt office and receive their discount • * Offer valid for tax prep fees paid of $150 or more. Proof of last year’s tax prep fee required.

  46. Available Resources • Free ready-to use marketing materials including: • Customization and campaign execution services available • Monthly newsletter • Frontline Staff Resource Guide • National program support

  47. How to Integrate IIA • Prominently display the Invest in America program marketing materials in your lobbies - posters and take ones • Publish quarterly IIA article in credit union’s newsletter • Use IIA poster as a flyer in your new membership packets and SEG communications • Utilize provided emails to keep your members informed • Use the free frontline resource and newsletter to train staff on the discounts and benefits so they can effectively promote it to your members • Hand out take-ones at the teller line to reinforce the value membership • Use the videos created by CU Solutions Group in your digital displays to encourage members to learn more about Invest in America • Promote Invest in America on your outdoor electric signs, drive thru wraps and ATMs

  48. How to Integrate IIA • Use Invest in America website banners to link your website directly to the Shop America save pages as a savings tool for your members to use. Place the banner on: • Home Page • Benefits of membership page(s) • Checking Account pages • Credit and Debit card pages • Mortgage and Home Equity loan pages (to promote the benefit from Allied & Liberty Home Insurance) • Online credit card application page • Insurance Pages