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Overview: Membership PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview: Membership

Overview: Membership

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Overview: Membership

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  1. Overview:Membership

  2. Sustainable Hospitality

  3. Board Positions • Executive Committee: (1 vote each, unless indicated) • President* (no vote, unless tie) • VP-Administration/NEWH Delegate* • VP-Development/NEWH Delegate * • Secretary • Treasurer • Past President* • Executive Advisor* (no vote) • Directors (1 vote each): • Scholarship • Membership • Programming • Fundraising • Sustainability • Chairs (no vote) • Public Relations • Publications • Hospitality • Community Service • Internet Communication • Historian • Student Rep Quorum = 50% of voting members+ 1 Email Vote: Can be done, but you must have 100% participation/reply and the vote must be unanimous *Automatic Positions are part of succession planning and begin at the VP/Development position, which is elected. After one year in the position, the person will move to the next level. This ensures knowledge and stability for the chapter and follows the NEWH, Inc. Board Model. All other positions are one-year positions, with a 2-year maximum per position.

  4. The Board/Chapter – NEWH Staff Relationship Two Elements, One Team Consider it a partnership, alliance, collaboration between chapter boards and the NEWH staff to achieve the goals of NEWH.

  5. NEWH Office Contacts Feel free to contact the NEWH office if you have any questions. Questions can be directed to: • President/VPs/Delegates – Shelia Lohmiller or Diane Federwitz • Treasurer/Finance/Insurance – Julie Buntrock • Secretary – Nicole Crawford • Membership – Diane Federwitz or Kathy Coughlin • Scholarship – Nicole Crawford • Programming/Fundraising – Diane Federwitz; Event RSVPs – Julie Hartmann • Regional Tradeshows/Corporate Partners – Jena Seibel, Nicole Everson • Sustainability – Nicole Crawford • Website/Newsletters – Diane Federwitz • Other questions – just call, we’d be glad to help! Email us directly at:General emails: • NEWH • P.O. Box 322 • Shawano, WI 54166-0322 • 800.593.NEWH (6394) • Fax 800-693-NEWH (6394) •

  6. Efficient Board Meetings/Model Board Members • Start and end meetings on time. • Study and understand the mission statement, bylaws, policies and goals. Ensure that all discussions and chapter activities are aligned with the NEWH mission statement. • Prepare for meetings by reviewing the agenda and supporting documents. • Treat information and discussions as “confidential.” • Do not conduct committee work during board meetings.

  7. Efficient Board Meetings/Model Board Members • Promote NEWH to others – share networking opportunities and the chance to ‘give back’ (over $2.9m given in scholarships to date!) • Be proud of our history. • Recruit future leaders to help govern NEWH. • Manage your chapter’s resources. • Ensure your chapter has the funds it needs through contributions and fundraising events • Stay current on issues and trends impacting the organization and the membership. • Get involved in committee work. Readily communicate with the NEWH office for needed information and assistance.

  8. Financial Responsibilities • The board should carefully review all financial reports as they have a fiduciary responsibility for all chapter finances. • The board should prepare, propose and vote to approve an annual budget. • The treasurer will present a financial report for the previous period at each monthly meeting. • Ensure all reimbursement requests are submitted within 60 days and accompanied by receipts. These expenditures are to be approved by the Board of Directors and are inclusive of two signatures. After the 60 days it is considered a charitable donation and NEWH, Inc. will provide a tax deductible receipt.

  9. Role of the Membership Director The Membership Director will: • Actively recruit new members for the chapter. • Plan one annual meeting or event for the sole purpose of recruitment of new members. • Encourage prospective new members by calling/emailing them to answer any questions and encourage them to Join Online. • Call new members within 5 business days of approval welcoming them to your chapter and informing them of future chapter events. • Forward all original approved applications and payments to NEWH, Inc. within 30 days of application – review online applications with board and submit approvals to NEWH, Inc. within 30 days of application – NEWH, Inc. will mail new member packets • Introduce all new members at the chapters meetings. • Throughout the year, chair the membership renewal committee, calling all members who have not renewed as well as those whose membership is due in the upcoming month

  10. MembershipLevels • General Member – open to professionals who have been actively involved in Hospitality or a related field for one or more years. • Associate Member – open to those industry members who have, within a 12-month period, completed an accredited area of hospitality related studies. The associate membership category will be available to these members for three (3) years. Associate member cannot hold an elected office, but are encouraged to serve on chapter board committees. ($50 membership) • Education Professional Member – those who are full time educators of Hospitality –Related Studies (free membership) • Student Member – those who are enrolled in an accredited place of secondary education, majoring in Hospitality related studies. Student members will receive one year of free Associate membership upon graduation in order to facilitate the transition to General membership(free membership) • Retiree – those who are retired and 65 years or older (half-off dues)

  11. Membership Levels, continued • Chapter Level Business Member – $400 ($475 CAD) • Membership includes 2 courtesy memberships • Up to 4 additional discounted memberships (half-off chapter dues) • Memberships belong to business, so if an assigned member leaves the company, company can replace with another employee for no charge • All employees of CLB can attend chapter programming events at member ticket cost (excludes fundraising events) • Marketing benefits – upgraded premier listing in Resource Directory and listed in chapter business membership directory • Corporate Partner Courtesy and Discount Member • Each Corporate Partner level includes a number of courtesy memberships (chosen by the corporate partner) as well as a number of discount memberships

  12. NEWH Office – Membership Process • Upon receiving online or hard copy applications: • Application is forwarded to chapter for review and approval • Applicant is emailed, letting them know application was received and is being reviewed by chapter • Individual is entered as Pending into our database so they will be pulled for email broadcasts • Upon approval from chapter: • Email is sent to new member letting them know they are approved – website login is provided along with chapter president contact information • New member packet and badge are mailed to new member (students do not receive badges) • Packet includes: welcome letter, certificate of membership, board member contact list and other useful membership information

  13. Chapter – Membership Process • Upon receipt of online or hard copy applications from NEWH Office: • Within 30 days, review/share application with board members and vote for approval (email vote can be done, but must be 100% reply with a unanimous approval) • After 30 days, Executive Director will review application for approval – if you are waiting for board discussion for a certain applicant and it will be longer than 30 days, please contact the NEWH Office • Email Kathy in NEWH Office approval of new members – or fax application with ‘Approved’ indicated at the top of the application • If your chapter receives application (at an event or in the mail): • Fax/scan and email the application and send to Kathy in the NEWH Office • Acquire chapter board approval in a timely matter (within 30 days) • Upon approval, mail original application along with payment (check or credit card information) to NEWH Office for payment processing – indicate “Approved” at top of application

  14. Chapter – Membership Process • Your chapter applications are online on your chapter page • All chapter membership applications (PDF) are available on your chapter page • Look below the Facebook area on your chapter page and the PDF links are in the Membership area – available for downloading/printing

  15. Chapter – Discounted or Free Memberships • Is your chapter offering any type of discount for new members at an upcoming event? • If so, your chapter MUST contact the NEWH Office with that information and exactly what type of discount you are offering • Discounts should only be given to NEW members, not past members • Is your chapter offering any type of free membership as part of an upcoming event (i.e. a sponsorship that also includes a free membership, etc.)? • If so, please contact the NEWH Office with the individual(s) name and contact information. A completed application must be sent to the NEWH Office for any free membership(s) given within 30 days of the event. • The NEWH Office must be made aware of any special membership offers prior to your invitation going out.

  16. Chapter – Membership Process • Upon new member approval from chapter board: • If applicable, assign board buddy to new member • Call the new member within 5 days of board approval – welcome them to your chapter, let them know of upcoming events, inform them of their board buddy • Encourage them to join a committee – let them know the volunteer opportunities available on your board and ask which committee they’d like to join

  17. Membership Tools/Resources • Chapter Rosters • Once a month, each board member will receive a chapter roster (PDF format) which includes all current members of your chapter (if you’d like it in Excel format, please request). • Remember, per NEWH bylaws, we do not share membership information. These rosters are only for board members and for official NEWH business – do not share the roster with anyone or use it for any other purpose. • Dues Reports • Dues reports are sent to each board member once a month, showing those members whose dues are due that month, as well as those whose dues have lapsed within the past 5 months. • Divvy up the report among board members and contact individuals on the list, reminding them that their dues are upcoming or have lapsed. Encourage them to continue their membership with your chapter. It’s always good to have personal phone call from a local chapter member than just receiving a dues reminder email. This is also a great time to confirm their contact information to ensure their member listing is correct.

  18. Membership Tools/Resources • Chapter Mailing List • The NEWH Office keeps a master database for each chapter. (chapters do not keep their own lists) • We encourage chapter boards to review the master list at least once a year – the list includes not only members, but past members, potential members and those who have asked to be on your list. Choose one board member to make the revisions to your Master list - divvy up the list among board members and ask them to turn all revisions to the designated board member. (Note: all chapters hosting a regional tradeshow are required to update their list prior to tradeshow mailing.) • All updates to the Master list should be made in RED. (Note: do not delete anyone from your list - past members are not removed from your list (for historical purposes). If you’d like someone deleted from the list, please note the reason why on the spreadsheet next to their name (i.e., no longer in hospitality, has moved out of your area, etc.). • The board member can then forward the revised list to the NEWH Office to make updates in the master database. Remember: Your mailing list is the most important marketing tool of your chapter!

  19. Membership Tools/Resources • Online Resources: • Membership Drive PowerPoint • New Member Welcome Letter • Member Interest Survey • Member Director Information – ideas for new member meetings, welcoming new members/buddy system, how-to’s, etc. • To Login: • All of these documents are available on the website to board members. To access, log into website (upper left corner) – go to your Chapter page, and click on Board of Director Resources tab. (Please contact the NEWH, Inc. office if you have problems getting onto the website.)

  20. Q & A Do you have questions? Please Ask Away!

  21. Thank You! • The board experience should be a positive one. • The board is the caretaker of the organization. • The board speaks as a whole, no board member should have more input or authority than others. • Always ask questions as they arise. Thank you for serving on the board!

  22. More Information Visit the website! It contains much information on NEWH including chapter happenings, membership information, resource directory, online auction, scholarship materials, board resources, Career Network, and MORE!