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Change Enhancement Process Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Change Enhancement Process Overview

Change Enhancement Process Overview

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Change Enhancement Process Overview

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  1. Change Enhancement ProcessOverview Chris Walsh North American Area Representative SAGGroup Executive Committee In my spare time … Chief Technology Architect Utility Business Services, Inc. Union, New Jersey

  2. What are Change Enhancements? • A request for a new feature or product improvement submitted by customers • A process that provides Software AG customers a voice in the evolution of product development • Terminology varies based on stage: • ER enhancement request – “owned by you” • EP enhancement proposal – “owned by us” • CE change enhancement – “owned by Software AG”

  3. Where do CE’s come from? • Submitted directly by customers: • Online via ServLine24 ( ) • Manually via Support line • Created by Software AG: • Result of a support request • Internal request

  4. Who Can Submit Enhancements? • Anyone with a ServLine24 ID: • must have a customer number with a valid essential services contract • access obtained thru online registration • What if you can’t get access? • Send your request to the person in your organization who has the access

  5. Customer Customer Change Enhancement Request Customer Submit ER SAG User Group SAG User Group ER -> EP Filter / Prioritize Submit, Status / Info SAGGroup Executive Committee Hand-over EP -> CE ServLine24Idea PoolER EP CE Feedback Accept / RejectCE SAG R & D Customer interaction with R&D

  6. So the process begins… • Support reviews and verifies • Identify duplicate requests • Eliminate invalid requests • Determine whether to reclassify as Support Request for a product problem • Obtain clarification from submitter

  7. Enhancement Proposal is created • Added to ServLine24 Knowledge Base • Assigned status “User Group Review” • Identifying info is removed for privacy • Eligible for review and feedback

  8. Feedback opportunity • Searchable via ServLine24 search tool • Anyone can add comments to an EP that is in review status thru ServLine24 • Comments and recommendations from user groups also generates good feedback • Ultimate feedback is Software AG’s decision to accept or reject 

  9. Users provide feedback to SAG • Proposal discussed at regional meetings • User community is encouraged to “nominate” specific proposals for inclusion • Voting takes place & priority assigned • Recommended High, Medium, Low, or Rejected • Feedback and comments are documented and forwarded to Software AG • Product Managers and Development determine if CE should be accepted/rejected

  10. Evaluation consideration examples • Does it benefit the general population and usage of the product? • Would there be a negative impact to performance and stability? Should it impact goal of platform portability? • Will it restrict a feature or particular usage? Feasible to be implemented as an option? • What is return on effort? Are there acceptable alternatives?

  11. Decision accomplished… • Recommended EP’s become an official Change Enhancement (CE) • CE logged within SAG internal system for further consideration • Software AG provides feedback regarding their reply for the top CE´s • If rejected, a reason may be supplied

  12. Decision accomplished… • If accepted, request could be documented with one or more of following: • How request will be implemented • How task can be accomplished • Which product release will incorporate enhancement • Outstanding “recommended” requests are considered for future product releases

  13. Opportunities for C/E Discussion Fall 2006 SAGGroup Meetings 11/01 –Washington, DC 11/02 –Denver, CO 11/03 –Murray, UT 11/09 –Austin, TX 11/16 –Olympia, WA 11/17 –New York, NY 11/27 –Toronto, ON 11/29 –Edmonton, AB 11/29 –Sacramento, CA 11/30 –Cerritos, CA 12/01 –St. Paul, MN 12/06 –Malvern, PA 12/04 – Columbia , SC

  14. Online Opportunities for C/E Discussion ServLine24 Developer Community SAG-L

  15. ServLine24 Demonstration

  16. Click “Enhance Proposals’ link to search, submit, and display EP’s

  17. The Search page Search criteria aides in narrowing down the number of requests to review

  18. Matching results are returned. Click on EP # link to view proposal details.

  19. Submit an ER Provide as much detail as possible to both describe and justify the request

  20. Additional information and comments can be added by clicking the “Add Info” button View an ER

  21. Recommendations Proposed ideas for modernizing the C/E process…

  22. Opportunities for improvement • Access to ServLine24 is tightly controlled • C/E descriptions sometimes hard to interpret • C/E review process is attendance-based • C/E review audience mismatched to actual C/E • Communication of change enhancement feedback

  23. Ideas to improve the process • Creation of “Read Only” ServLine24 User Credentials • Open access to knowledgebase, documentation, technical papers, etc • Cannot submit support requests • Ability to Request Clarification from Submitter • “Contact the submitter” option • Optional to participate • Privacy of submitter maintained

  24. Ideas to improve the process • Online Discussion Forum • New secured forum on Community • Topics grouped by product & family • Interactive discussions • Electronic Polling • Obtain feedback on regular basis • Polling vs. Voting • Improve the Feedback Mechanism • Better information and prioritization to SAG • SAG feedback communicated with proper context • Timely response coordinated with polling periods

  25. With increased participation,user groups are more effective Let me know your thoughts Chris Walsh (908) 289-9433 x123 Thank you!