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QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group Corporate Overview

QNA – TSG is comprised of the following companies:. QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group Corporate Overview. Since 1956, Foster-Miller has been solving clients' difficult technical issues through first-class engineering

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QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group Corporate Overview

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  1. QNA – TSG is comprised of the following companies: QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions GroupCorporate Overview • Since 1956, Foster-Miller has been solving clients' difficult technical issues through first-class engineering • In November 2004, we became an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ North America • As part of QinetiQ North America – Foster-Miller leads the Technology Solutions Group of 800 employees: mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, aerospace, software and materials engineers as well as metallurgists, physicists, mathematicians, chemists, biologists and support staff • Core expertise spans a range of disciplines: advanced materials, robotics, electro-magnetics, electric machines, thermal systems, structures and analysis, embedded software, diagnostics and sensors.

  2. QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions GroupRobotics Background in Brief • Building & delivering robots for over 20 years • Emphasis on systems working in operational environments, rather than a factory floor • Expertise in robots for defense, mining, utility and construction industries • Certified in both the Aerospace Quality Management Standard AS9100B & ISO 9001 quality standards • Maintain CMM Level 3 Software Certification

  3. TALON® Robot • The leading robot with US EOD and Combat Engineer units in Iraq and Afghanistan • More than 2200 TALON® robots delivered to date • TALONs are thought to have defeated over 11,000 IEDs • Used around the world by military and first responder users • Recently Introduced the newest generation of armed robot, MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System)

  4. QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions GroupSystem Integration (a few relevant examples) • Automated work cells to remotely sample, characterize material composition, ranging from kilogram samples to sub-gram size • Specialized equipment and process systems for US Army’s Chem Demil program (Non-Stockpile Systems Contract) to address legacy, abandoned and small quantity chemical warfare materials • For decades, inspecting and maintaining nuclear power systems with restricted physical access We pride ourselves on the ability to build, motivate and lead diverse technical teams to solve tough problems

  5. Section of ship hull Target NAVEODTECHDIV ProgramHull UUV Localization System (HULS) Deliver a robot to provide: • Optimized sensor search, 100% coverage, verifiable • Identification-quality imagery (Pd, Pci) • Target Location Information (CLA) Searches must be: • Expedient • Minimize false detections (Pfa) • Real-time or near real time data transmission Hardware must be: • Robust, Survivable and Maintainable • Portable and easily deployable Relieve divers of in-water search task. Use a team solution (eyes & hands); operator in the loop, but not at risk.

  6. NAVEODTECHDIV HULS Program System Description • SCV (Swimmer Robot): • Weight: <120 lbs • Operational depth: 150 feet • Sabretooth (Crawler Robot): • Permanent magnets create down force • Operates below and above waterline • Capable of towing up to 50 lb vertically • Operator Control Unit (OCU): • 3rd-Generation OCU design • IR touch screen display, modular controls • Modular communications module, Integrated GPS

  7. NAVEODTECHDIV HULS Program Concept of Operations - Overview Combination of systems allows close up inspection, complex area search and implementation of future neutralization capability Individual systems are light weight and simple. Combined, complex CONOPS are enabled.

  8. NAVEODTECHDIV HULS Program CONOPS • Transits towards area of interest • Acquires ship and shifts into survey mode • Broad, first pass survey of area of interest • Real time data transmitted to operator via tether • Launch from small boat or dock • Vehicle obtains bottom lock and navigation normalization

  9. NAVEODTECHDIV HULS Program Result of Actions: Data Product & Intervention • Mosaic generated real-time • Post mission analysis software identifies and locates objects of interest (OOI) • Option to deploy crawler onto ship hull for detailed inspection of selected objects • Crawler navigates to OOI, providing up-close image to operator to identify threat & neutralize

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