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  1. Welcome This will be your child’s first educational experience at Seven Oaks Elementary! We hope that today’s orientation will ease your mind and provide information that will be helpful as your child enters Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

  2. Kindergarten Orientation Meeting Today you will learn about: Lunch Time Back packs School Counselor Support Reading with your Child Healthy Boys and Girls Transportation PTA and your support Volunteer Opportunities Question & Answer Time

  3. Lunch Time!Ms. Doreen Gardner, Supervisor • Your child will eat with their classmates between the times of 11:15am-12:00noon, a 30-minute lunch period. • Your child may bring a lunch, purchase a lunch, and/or purchase milk/snacks. • Cost for lunch: $2.90 entree • Cost for milk: $ .60 • The cafeteria offers 2 hot meals and one cold (sandwich or salad box). • Each child has an account on which you may deposit money throughout the school year.

  4. Back Packs • For the safety of your child…

  5. Objectives: Today we will learn: • the role of Ms. Friedland, the School Counselor. • when children see Ms. Friedland, the School Counselor. • what Ms. Friedland, the School Counselor, does to help children and their parents.

  6. Debra Friedland, Professional School Counselor • My Role: • Kids! • My Role is to support: • Academic • Personal/Social Development • Career/Decision Making • Ms. Friedland, School Counselor works with students during classroom visits. She often works with small groups of girls and boys or with students, by themselves, to help with respect, responsibility, safety, and/ or being ready to learn. • Ms. Friedland, School Counselor, helps with parenting skills and support s parents as they help their children with academics, social, emotional, and behavioral learning, and good decision making.

  7. School success starts with good health and well-being.

  8. Learning to be confident helps us to feel happy.

  9. Kids need to be able to work and play alone and together.

  10. The joy of learning and being motivated is essential to success as is curiosity!

  11. Foster safe curiosity 

  12. Follow instructions.

  13. Good Character in school and at home is important.

  14. Everything you need to learn you learn in kindergarten and…we Welcome your child, your family, and you to Seven Oaks • Seven Oaks – Home of the Owls!

  15. Reading With Your ChildMrs. Carol KukuckaReading Specialist How can parents contribute to their children’s reading development?

  16. Parents as Reading Partners • Research studies indicate that strong beginning readers have the following experiences and skills: 1. A Wealth of Literary Experiences 2. A Print Rich Environment 3. Phonological Awareness Skills (i.e. an awareness that words consist of sounds) 4. A Strong Alphabet Knowledge

  17. Ways Parents Can Assist in Reading Development • READ, READ, READ to your child!!!!! Handouts included in packet: “The Importance of Reading Aloud to Your Young Child” “Helpful Hints for Reading Aloud”

  18. Ways Parents Can Assist in Reading Development • Make writing a family activity. • Write notes to your child. • Have your child write short notes in birthday cards for family members. • Assist your child in making lists of children to invite to a birthday party or a list of holiday gifts.

  19. Ways Parents Can Assist in Reading Development • Practice phonological awareness activities with your child. Handout included in packet: “Some Phonological Awareness Activities for Parents” • Rhyming Activities • Sound Matching Activities • Sound Blending Activity

  20. Ways Parents Can Assist in Reading Development 4. Practice the names of the alphabet letters and the alphabet sounds at home with your child. Handout included in packet: “Fun Ideas for Learning Alphabet Letters” • The kindergarten students will learn the names and formation of the alphabet letters in sequential order from August through November. • After all letter names have been introduced, the children will be taught the alphabet sounds The alphabet sounds are not taught in sequential order.

  21. Ways Parents Can Assist in Reading Development 5. Practice reading skills through activities included on our Seven Oaks website: • http://sevenoakses.bcps.org • Click on “For Students” • Click on “ABCya” • Select any of the listed alphabet letter or alphabet sound activities.

  22. Always remember… You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Therefore, you are a vital component of the reading process. Read enthusiastically to your child every day. As you read, stop and share ideas. But most importantly, remember to giggle and smile a lot so that your child can experience the joy of reading.

  23. Seven Oaks Elementary School Nurse’s Office Kimberly Frederick RN, BSN

  24. Medication Policy Clothing Staying Well in School Visits to the nurse Immunizations


  26. Your Concerns are our Concerns! • My child has never ridden a bus by himself before! • Pre-Kg. and Kg. students should sit as close to the front of the bus as possible…..even if they have older siblings with them! • Bus pickup times will be approximate • All students remain on the bus until the bell rings at 8:45

  27. Your Concerns are our Concerns! • Kg. students are assigned to a bus buddy at the end of the day! • Fifth graders walk their buddies to the bus and will sit near them in the front of the bus. • Students must use their assigned bus stop! • All pre-kg. and kg. students must wear a prominently placed I.D. tag throughout the entire school year.

  28. Bus Tag Information • Information includes: • School Name • Student Name • Home Address • Home & emergency phone numbers • Bus stop • Applicable day care information (provider name, address, phone number) • Picture I.D. or tag color-coded with the bus name/color preferred.

  29. Bus Stop Safety • A parent does not have to be present at the bus stop. When the regular or substitute bus driver is sure that it is the students’ assigned bus stop, then the student may be discharged. • When the regular or substitute bus driver is not sure whether the stop is the correct bus stop or is concerned for the safety of the student for any reason, the driver shall complete the route and then return the student to school. The school will contact the parent to pick the child up from school.

  30. Emergency Closings! • If school closes early due to snow, excessive heat, electrical problems, etc. your child needs to know what to do! • All teachers will have access to the Emergency Closing Form that you will complete. Please be sure your child knows what to do as well. • Use information from the TV, radio & internet to determine late openings or early closings. Do not call the school as we are busy using the phones to contact those in need.

  31. Loose Ends and Questions • If the Bus Stop is across the street, please let us know ASAP! • If you drive your child to school, always park in the lot and walk them to the front door. We will help them find their rooms from there! • If you pick them up, you must sign them out in the office at 3:20pm and we will call them to the office for dismissal. Please wait in the lobby for your child. • Your concerns are our concerns as well!

  32. Welcome to Kindergarten!Seven Oaks Elementary PTARichard Hegmann, President(Nicole Kase, Secretary presenting today) Who makes up the PTA? • Parents • Grandparents • Legal Guardians and other family members • Teachers

  33. Welcome! The PTA of Seven Oaks would like to welcome you. We are parents and in some cases grandparents just like you. We want to give the children of Seven Oaks the best we have to give. We also want to help make your child’s time here a wonderful and successful experience. We need your help and support to accomplish that goal. Please join us to reach that goal.

  34. What does the PTA do? Our mission: • -The PTA’s primary mission is to advocate for the parents and students of Seven Oaks Elementary. • -We also work to support the teachers in every way possible. • -The PTA’s full mission statement is in your parent guide. Please read about our PTA and the committees that make up the PTA.

  35. How do new parents get involved? • -Attend a PTA meeting. September 30th • -Read the PTA portion of the school newsletter. • -Complete the volunteer interest form distributed by the PTA to get involved on a committee of your interest. How do I become a member of the PTA? • In the coming days a PTA membership envelope will be sent home. The membership dues are $8 per family member. We encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to join the PTA.

  36. Activities to Enjoy! Some of the activities the PTA sponsors are: • -The PTA typically sponsors at least two assemblies each school year. • -The Scholastic Book Fair: Fall and Spring • -Family Fun Nights: Fall Festival, BINGO Night, Dances, etc. • -Provide support and recognition to the teachers at Seven Oaks. • -The PTA provides items to support learning at Seven Oaks. • ……and much more!

  37. What Can I Do? Special Subject helpers: Art, Music, Library Office Helper (Assist when needed in office) Hospitality -A separate sheet will come home for each event that store-bought goods are needed. School Store: Operates in the morning. Fall Fundraiser: Hoot Hike on October 22nd Book Fair: Help students purchase books October 7th – 11th and May 20th

  38. What Can I Do? Family Involvement Night: Set Up, Running a station and Tear Down of the event. Yearbook: Take pictures during school trips and events. Assembly Volunteer: Assist in watching over the children during in-school assemblies. Reflections Contest: Chaperone/ assist students before or after school with contest entries. Other: Please identify any special talents you are willing to share.

  39. Parent Volunteers Volunteer Training Today and September 17th 6:30 PM

  40. BCPS Application for Volunteer Services • All Volunteers: • Complete entire application and return to Mrs. DeUnger, Administrative Secretary. • Must be completed and screened each school year. • Remember - important: • Any information changes must be provided as soon as possible to Mrs. DeUnger, in the school office.

  41. BCPS Application for Volunteer Services (cont’d) • BCPS Policy on Volunteer Training DVD • All volunteers need to view the Volunteer Training DVD every year • Field Trips: Applications/Training must be completed at the beginning of the school year.

  42. In School Procedures Volunteer Binder in the main office Sign in your time in and your time out Help keep a running tally of your hours BCPS recognizes SOES and SOES-PTA for the number of volunteer hours we dedicate Parent recognition for 1,000 hours

  43. Name Tag All visitors and volunteers must wear a name tag/visitor’s badge - These tags will be printed through the new Raptor identification system. You will need a new name tag every time you visit the school during the regular school day. All visitors and volunteers MUST visit the office upon entering the school building through the front door.

  44. Volunteer HandbookPlease take time to read… BCPS Policy Day-to-Day Expectations Responding to health issues and emergencies Maintaining student and staff confidentially Maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment Reporting suspected child abuse/neglect Maintaining professional relationships

  45. Q & A • Thank you for coming! • We appreciate your support and hope that this informational session has been helpful.

  46. Before You Leave… • Complete your Volunteer Application • Watch training video • Exit – to your child’s classroom