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  1. Welcome To GoldPrimeTime Presentation

  2. Our Offices 1066 Old Mutual Building 35 Cnr. Harrison & Pritchard Street. 9th Floor Johannesburg 2001 Contact numbers: International : +27 11-492-1271 Within South Africa : 011-492-1271 Fax Number : 086-6938-833 Email:

  3. Introduction GoldPrimeTime is a South Africa based coin dealership company that was established in 2007. Our thrust is educate and enlighten the masses on the long term and short term investment opportunities that exist in gold and other mineral products towards real economic empowerment. We present to the masses resources and tools to heighten awareness on gold investment while we also provide a highly incentivized marketing and referral program for the members that we work with. In our multi dimensional thrust we have relationships with banks for the safe custody of our gold products as well as the SA Mint for our regular product supplies.

  4. Our Product We have a Loyalty GPT Card for our VIP members through which purchasers access up to 25% discount in our range of gold products. The card reflects all transactions made at GoldPrimeTime. Collectors should refer to the website for a gold investment handbook, “Smart People Invest in Gold” Volume 1.

  5. Our Products And many more including Nelson Mandela coins!

  6. Our Products Watch the space for a resourceful handbook on gold investment opportunities and how you can get started with long term and short term gold investment strategies right away!

  7. Our Marketing Plan We operate on a board system marketing plan that constitutes two boards namely, Smart Board and VIP Board. Members join for a once-off joining fee of R1 500 and occupy a position on Level 1 on Smart Board as their entry point. The board fills with a total of fifteen members. Once the board fills up it “breaks” and two new sub boards are formed while the member cycling out of the Smart Board goes to occupy the Level 1 on the VIP Board in a follow-your-leader pattern. The following slides illustrate the board system.

  8. Level 4 level 3 level 3 level2 level2 level2 Level2 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 Smart Board SMART BOARD CYCLE: R2000 SMART BOARD PRE-CYCLE PAYOUT : R2000 This amount is paid to you the moment you exit Level 3 and enter level4 SMART BOARD PRE-CYCLE PAYOUT : R2000 This amount is paid to you the moment you exit Level 3 and enter level4 The level 4 Board Leader will cycle out for a total payout of R 4 000 (which is R2000 level 4 Pre-Cycle Payout Plus R2000 Smart Board Cycle payout)

  9. Level 4 level 3 level 3 level2 level2 level2 Level2 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 VIP Board VIP BOARD CYCLE=R 30 000 The level 4 Board Leader will cycle out for a total payout of R 30 000

  10. Continuous VIP Board Presence • Members cycling within VIP continue to benefit from their networking team. Our system facilitates this by enabling members cycling within VIP to undergo the same flow (revolve) within VIP. A username that cycles within VIP will come to occupy level 1 position in one of the newly formulated sub boards within VIP setting it up for yet another R30 000 cycle payout on VIP. • 2. GPT VIP Spill • When a username cycles within VIP the username will get what we have termed the “GPT-SPILL”. This is a downline credit given to all members that cycle within VIP as a way to boost their downline count to give them basic advantage in the jump over statistics when the board breaks . The member only requires one downline to unlock from his/her team to have maximum jump-over advantage when the board breaks. • 3. The cycling username will appear under the sponsor to benefit the sponsor in jump-over statistics when the board breaks. This sets up the sponsor for another R30 000 VIP Cycle. Legacy Board Features

  11. THE VIP BOARD PAYMENTS. GoldPrimeTime will process all payments on a Wednesday every week except on public holidays and all members are expected to close enrollments on Tuesday midnight (12:00) every week. Members are requested to register with the correct details at all times as this will make sure that there are no payment delays.

  12. GoldPrimeTime undertakes to give incentives at our recognition meetings to be held quarterly around the country . All VIP usernames that cycle out will collect a Gold Coin to the value of 1 tenth Bullion Coin (based on the gold price for that day) to be loaded into their VIP card. Usernames that are also rotating will also collect these coins and this is done so that we continue educating and supporting our teams. IncentivesIncentives are for loyal members considered for each financial year!

  13. Banking Details GoldPrimeTime First National Bank 62160497767 Sandton City

  14. Smart people invest in gold… END OF PRESENTATION