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Welcome. Parent Orientation. In Loco Parentis. We believe that parents (not the government) are responsible for educating their children and serve as their children’s primary teachers.

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Parent Orientation

In loco parentis
In Loco Parentis

  • We believe that parents (not the government) are responsible for educating their children and serve as their children’s primary teachers.

  • By selecting the Frederick Classical Charter School, you are voluntarily delegating a portion of your responsibility for educating your children to us.

  • Our approach is to respect the values taught in your home, and act In Loco Parentis—in the place of parents—to support your goals for your children’s education.

  • Our role is to facilitate your choice for a classical education.

First principles
First Principles

  • Our school was founded on a set of principles that parents, students and staff must uphold.

  • Failure to follow these principles will lead to “institutional drift” away from the school’s mission; this results in us becoming “just another public school” instead of offering the rich and rigorous classical environment we were created to provide.

  • These principles can only be sustained if all of us continually refer to them as a part of our daily work.

The principles
The Principles

  • We have codified them into mottoes and slogans to make them easier to remember.

    • “If the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.”

    • “If it is worth teaching, it is worth teaching to mastery.”

    • “Motivation begins with success.”

    • “Climb the mountain”

    • “There are no shortcuts”

    • The thrill of skill.

    • You can’t beat the “triangle”.

    • Books, not looks.

    • Students come first.

    • Research trumps philosophy.

    • Ask the seven “whys”.

Our purpose
Our Purpose

  • Produce educated citizens capable of self-government...

    • This is a uniquely American goal and, we would argue, a higher one then merely becoming “college or career ready”, which most public schools emphasize.

  • who seek the true, the good, the beautiful…

    • Students encourage to be truth-seekers, not just test takers, to be educated for life in all its richness, to distinguish between the highest and lowest things, and know “the best that has been thought and said”.

  • and possess wisdom, eloquence, and virtue.

    • Those who don’t know history are forever children. Citizens in a democracy must be able to persuade and discuss matters intelligently and realistically—and need virtues like prudence and temperance to do so.

Dress code
Dress Code

  • Purpose

    • Uniforms create a sense of community and reduce competition among students in terms of appearance. Uniforms do not eliminate discipline problems or raise academic performance; nor do they reduce individuality.

    • The Board and founding families selected the uniform

  • Uniform Display & Contact

    • Valerie Kendall, Founding Family Member

Staff introductions
Staff Introductions

  • Head of School

    • Jackie Piro

  • Currently Hired Teachers (More To Come)

    • Jim Lindblade, 5/6 Math

    • Deborah Brandenberg, 5/6 Science

    • Jackie Wilson, 3/4 Math

    • Lori Bower, K-8 Music


  • Rationale

    • Practice makes perfect, but skills become permanent only if you practice beyond the point of perfection

  • Homework Per Night (Maximum)

    • Kindergarten: 15-20 minutes

    • Grade 1: 30-45 minutes

    • Grade 2 : 45 minutes – 1 hour

    • Grade 3 & 4: 1 – 1.5 hours

    • Grade 5 & 6: 1.5 -2 hours

    • Grade 7 & 8: 2 – 2.5 hours


  • Grades K -2

    • One Math/Science teacher per grade level

    • One English/History teacher per grade level

  • Grades 3/4

    • One English, one math, one science, and one history teacher

  • Grades 5/6

    • One English, one math, one science, and one history teacher

  • Art, Music, P.E., Latin, Spanish

    • One teacher per subject for the entire school (two for Spanish)

    • We do not call these courses “specials” as other schools do; they are part and parcel of the overall program and integrated with content taught in the other subjects

Before and after care
Before and After Care

  • Clubhouse Kids is our provider

    • A number of options are available; see the brochure

    • We recommend that all parents fill out the paperwork for this even if you don’t intend to use it, just so your children can utilize this services in the event you need it unexpectedly

Parent preparation
Parent Preparation

  • We strongly recommend reading this book:

  • Keep up with our blog and Twitter feed for additional information about classical education

  • Order curricular materials to become familiar with them

  • We can provide a reading list for parents upon request

Student preparation
Student Preparation

  • Math

    • SingaporeMath.com provides assessments

    • We recommend you start using this program as a supplement now

  • Reading

    • DIBELS assessments available online for free

    • Gray’s Oral Reading Test highly recommended assessment

    • Don’t wait to address reading difficulties; get a reading tutor early

  • History

    • We recommend reading Story of the World with your children

  • Science

    • We recommend reading the books (published by Usborne Press) about the topic your children will be studying next year

Supporting the school
Supporting the School

  • Top Priority

    • Work with your children on their homework and collaborate with teachers to ensure they are being challenged and succeeding academically.

  • Volunteering

    • “Adopt a Teacher” to free them to focus on developing and delivering great lessons and reduce time spent on other tasks

    • Sponsor an after school club or other activity

  • Fundraising

    • Online giving is the most direct and convenient way to contribute

    • We will hold fundraisers in addition to this

  • Advocacy

    • Speak in support of the school at Board of Education meetings

    • Improve Maryland’s charter school law (currently 2nd worst in America)

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Talent Inventory

    • Please fill this out to let us know what talents you would be willing to use to help the school

  • Join Discussion Group

    • You will get an invitation soon!

  • Follow Us On Twitter

  • Key Baseball Fundraiser

    • Buy tickets to attend the game

  • Help Plan Summer Picnics for Each Grade

    • Please volunteer by contacting Sue Middleton