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    1. CAMP LAYOUT The camp will have only ONE entry control point. There will be a turn-around area inside the camp. It will be part of the camp road near entry control point.

    2. COC Combat Operations Center (COC) and Communications. Erected at the same time. COC CO is in charge of the COC. Protective wire around the COC is 35 meters out. Symbol for protective wire is: X---X---X---X

    3. Communications Comm Battalion main radio is at the antenna site (ANT FARM). The maximum distance to the ANT FARM is 2 miles. Without comm the NMCB can not talk to each other or the higher chain of command.

    4. Company Command Post Company Command Post (CP) and Alternate COC (ACOC). Erected at the same time. B Co Responsible for camp maintenance and camp security.

    5. Company Command Post ACOC XO is in charge. ACOC is usually the A Co. CP. The boards get updated by watch personnel at the end of each COC watch. ACOC is maximum of 10 minutes from COC. Protective wire around ACOC is 35 meters out.

    6. ECP & ASP Rear Security Entry Control Point (ECP) Has a M2HB.50cal. Ammo Supply Point (ASP) Minimum distance of 350 meters from berthing and other compounds. Maximum distance of 2 miles from COC. Protective wire around ASP is 35 meters out.

    7. LZ & BAS Landing Zone (LZ) 400 meters from front line. LZ has (3) landing areas and each landing area has (4) landing points. Base Aid Station (BAS) 400 meters from front line. Within close proximity of LZ. LZ & BAS will go up at the same time.

    8. Armory & EPW Armory No closer then 400 meters to front line. Protective wire around armory is 35 meters out. EPW Protective wire around EPW is 35 meters out. Near the ECP but not in sight of the ECP.

    9. M224 & GALLEY M224 60MM Mortars 6 in Battalion TOA. They are all placed in the same location, approximately 35 meters apart. Galley, Showers and Laundry Located close to one another so they can share one leech field. A grease trap will separate the galley and the leech field.

    10. Supply & A Co. CTR, CSR, MLO & Supply Will be located near A Co. yard. A Co. yard will be located near the ECP. Bulk Fuel Located within the A Co. yard.

    11. Latrines & Garbage Pits Latrines Will be a minimum of 100 yards from the galley and water sources. 50 feet downwind of berthing. Garbage Pits Not less than 100 yards from water sources. 35 yards from the galley.

    12. Tents & Generators Berthing Tents At least 200 meters behind the front lines. 35 meters apart. Generators Will have pits and covers to reduce noise and protect from weather. Located in a central area.