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  1. LAYOUT IENG442 Prepared by: Res. Asst. Hanife Demiralp

  2. BLOCKPLAN Problem:An activity relationship chart and space requirements for small auto manufacturing facility is shown below. Space requirements are given in sq ft. For the data shown in table, use block plan to find the layout.

  3. Activity Relationship Chart:

  4. Space Requirements:

  5. After these steps from ‘Main Menu’ choose ‘Single Story Layout’ Menu (Make selection 3).Then choose ‘Automatic Search’ (Selection 4). • Answer the desired number of layouts 20. • We don’t have to locate department manually. So answer to the question ‘Want to Manually Locate Department?’ is N • When we finish, from ‘Single Story Layout Menu’ we can choose ‘Review Saved Layouts’ to see layouts created

  6. After the layouts created, you will see question ‘ Do You Want to Delete Saved Layouts?’ give answer N. • To see created, choose ‘ Review Saved Layouts’ in the single story layout menu

  7. Layout Using POM-QM Software: The facility layout model is used to place departments in rooms in order to minimize the total distance traveled. There are two models available. The best method is to use explicit enumeration, because this is guaranteed to find optimal solution (to find best layout).

  8. Flow table indicates the relationship between departments

  9. The minimum total distance traveled is 8.960. We can understand from the table storage is close to production department .

  10. Example: An activity relationship chart and space requirements are shown below for a company. The L/W ratio is 0.5 (Length/Width)

  11. This company produces three types of products (say part1, part2, part3). The production sequences between different departments of this company are shown below in table; For these data find the best layout with max score.

  12. After changing scores, enter hit key. Then select L/W ratio as 5 to enter Length 1 and Width value 2. • Give answer Yes to do you want to supply product information. Enter the total number of the products, names and unit loads. • Enter the sequence between departments. In our example it is; A-E-G-H for part1 only. So you should enter the sequence as 1-5-7-8 then 0 for terminate. • After select single-story layout menu, then make an automatic search. • Answer No to do you want to manually locate department?

  13. Select the highest score among the 20 layouts. • Review saved layouts.