native american homes
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NATIVE AMERICAN HOMES. Anne J. Francese Our Lady of Good Counsel School Second Grade 2009-2010.

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native american homes


Anne J. Francese

Our Lady of Good Counsel School

Second Grade


Native American tribes had different types of homes in regions throughout the United States. The type of home used depended on the natural resources available, the climate, and the way that they lived.
eastern woodland indians iroquois
Eastern Woodland Indians (Iroquois)
  • Agricultural people
  • Used trees from forests to make permanent homes
  • Lived in longhouses with several families or entire clan
southern woodland seminoles
Southern Woodland (Seminoles)
  • Lived in swampy areas
  • Homes built on stilts
  • Stilts kept homes dry and offered protection from wild animals
  • Homes had no walls
plains indians sioux
Plains Indians ( Sioux)
  • Nomadic people
  • Hunted buffalo for food, clothing, hides
  • Lived in teepees made of buffalo hides
  • Homes were easily moved
southwest indians hopi
Southwest Indians (Hopi)
  • Made pottery to store food and to trade or sell
  • Dry, hot climate; not good for farming
  • Lived in Pueblo villages made of clay and straw
  • Permanent homes, called adobes
  • One family per house
northwest coastal indians
Northwest Coastal Indians
  • Fished for food
  • Huge trees provided wood for building homes similar to homes of today
  • Permanent Plank houses were made of cedar wood
  • Totem poles described history of tribe
inuit eskimos of northern canada
Inuit (Eskimos of Northern Canada)
  • Whalers
  • Few trees, frozen earth, deep snow
  • Snow houses called igloos