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  2. Inuit indian child INUIT They used be and still are Indians called Intuits. There located in Arctic areas. There favorite animal to hunt is caribou. They are permanent, and their housing is a igloo. Alaska Caribou Igloo

  3. Nez Perce The Nez Pierce are located in North America. They love to hunt buffalo. There clothing is made from deer and buffalo skin and, there climate is very hot. They are permanent and their shelter is a long house.

  4. Hopi The Hopi Indians live in the South West region. The Hopi tribes climate is very hot. There main food supplied is staple or corn ,beans, and squash. There home is a pueblo. There clothing is made of deer skin. They are permanent.

  5. Kwakiutl The Kwakiutl Indians lived in the North West region. The climate is very hot. It might sound weird but they make clothing out of bark. There favorite food to hunt is fish. They live in a village. They move sometimes and they stay sometimes.

  6. Pawnee The Pawnee tribe is located in the eastern plains. There climate is very cold and stormy. There favorite food to hunt is buffalo. There clothing is a Omaha. There shelter is a lodge.

  7. Seminole They are located in the south east region. There climate is dry. They dress in colorful cotton. There shelter is a chickee. There favorite food is corn beans and squash.