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Native American

Native American

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Native American

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  1. Native American 英一1 39 鍾佳諭

  2. Potlatch 冬季贈禮節 A special festival at which a feast and gifts are given to guests. Potlatches are common among some Pacific Northwest Indians. 一種特殊的節慶在辦宴會跟要給客人禮物時。 冬季贈禮節在西北方的印地安人之間是很常見的。

  3. Food Culture 飲食文化 Agriculture: corn potato cocoa bean

  4. Hunting Rituals: 有些印地安人相信從動物體內內臟出來的蒸氣是逃脫牠們身體的靈魂。 印地安人把牠們身體的一部分留在地下或吊在樹上跟其他東西上。 當你認為一個印地安人會把水牛當寶物一樣藏起來時 , 其實很多只是掛在樹中或當作留給神的奉獻物。 Some believed that the steam that came from a freshly gutted animals' insides was the soul escaping from the body. Others left a part of the animal underground, or hung it in a tree or something. While you'd expect a native american to keep and treasure the white hide off of a buffalo, many just hung the hide in a tree and left it to rot as an offering to the Gods.

  5. Fishing Techniques: 魚,無論是從湖泊,河流或海洋,是所有印地安部落飲食的一部分,對有些人,例如那些在西北太平洋地區的印地安人,它的豐盈意味著魚是消耗的主要食物。 印地安人開發了許多捕魚技術,從基本的海底捕魚活動到複雜的使用堰,都是以便在所有的季節捕魚,甚至冰釣。 Fish, whether from lakes, rivers, or the ocean, was a part of the diet of all Native Americantribes; for some, such as those in the Pacific Northwest, its abundance meant it was among the main foods consumed. The Native Americansdeveloped a number of fishing techniques, from basic spear fishing to the sophisticated use of weirs, in order to catch fish during all seasons, even with ice fishing.

  6. Kachina Dolls A Kachina doll is a carved, painted, costumed doll made by Southwest Native Americans, primarily the Hopi tribe. The dolls are dressed in the costume of a particular Hopi spirit and the dolls are usually presented to a child as a gift. The purpose of the dolls are to teach children to identify the various spiritual figures depicted by the costumes of dolls and the symbolism of their regalia. 以雕刻、塗漆的Kachina娃娃,服裝娃娃主要製作由西南方Hopi部落的印地安人。 娃娃通常穿著Hopi部落裡有特別精神涵義的服裝,它們通常被當作禮物送給小孩子。 這些娃娃的目的在於教導孩子們去識別不同描述的精神人物跟象徵他們的王權主義。

  7. Sweat Lodges Use by many American Indian groups, sweat lodges provide a steam bath that cleans a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. 被很多印地安族群使用,蒸氣屋提供的蒸氣浴可洗滌人的身體、精神以及心理。