Current news articles for extensive reading
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英语时文泛读 Current News Articles for Extensive Reading. BOOK I. Campus Life in the USA. I. Overview. In this unit, you will read 3 passages about campus life in the USA. Read them and get a glimpse of American youths’ college life. Structure.

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Current news articles for extensive reading

英语时文泛读Current News Articles for Extensive Reading


I overview
I. Overview

  • In this unit, you will read 3 passages about campus life in the USA. Read them and get a glimpse of American youths’ college life.


  • The three articles in this unit are all about college life in America, each focusing on a specific stage of it and describing a special group of college students. Reading them carefully, you can have a glimpse of what life might be like on the American campuses

Text a

There’s More to College Life Than Classes: Get Involved!

It’s about all the four years in college,about classes & extracurricular activities

Text A

Text b

It’s about the beginning of college life, enrollment and adjustment

College Survival Tips for the Nontraditional College Students’ Successful Entry to College Life and a College Education

Text B

Text c

It’s about the ending of college life, (graduation & prospects)

Commencement Address at Wellesley College

Text C

Ii text a
II. Text A prospects)

There’s More to College Life Than Classes: Get Involved!

  • Main Idea of the Text

  • College students should get involved in extracurricular activities rather than only focusing on study.

Background information

Author prospects)

Robin L. House is the winner of the National Federation of the Blind scholarship program in 2000. Robin is enrolled at the University of Missouri at St. Louis and is classified as a senior. Robin is currently earning a bachelor’s in elementary education. She intends to go on and earn a master’s degree and become an elementary school counselor.

Background Information

Background information1

Source: prospects)


With more than 50,000 members, the National Federation of the Blind is the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States.  The NFB improves blind people’s lives through advocacy, education, research, technology, and programs encouraging independence and self-confidence.  It is the leading force in the blindness field today and the voice of the nation’s blind. .

Background Information

Cultural notes

“Fraternity” prospects) and “Sorority” (from the Latin words frater and soror, meaning “brother” and “sister” respectively) are social organizations for undergraduate students at North American colleges and universities. There are also analogous, but less common, organizations for secondary students. Typically, fraternities are initiatory organizations, membership is considered active during the undergraduate years only, and the fraternity may be organized to provide academic mutual assistance, residential and dining facilities, and a comprehensive social calendar.

Cultural Notes

Cultural notes1

KWMU prospects) (90.7 FM) is a radio station in St. Louis, Missouri that is affiliated with National Public Radio.Founded in 1972, it has approximately 186,000 listeners in the St. Louis area. The station has 32 full-time employees, and 12 part-time, with hundreds of volunteers helping for special events. The station receives funding from private donations, corporate sponsors, local, regional and national grants, and the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Cultural Notes

Cultural notes2

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences prospects) or NATAS was created in 1955 to advance the arts and sciences of television. Headquartered in New York, NATAS’s membership is national and the organization has local chapters around the country. NATAS distributes Emmy Awards in various categories including Daytime, Sports, News and Documentary and Public Service. NATAS also supervised the primetime Emmy Awards until a split between the East and West memberships in the 1970s led to a separate agency, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. ATAS supervises the primetime and Los Angeles area Emmys, while NATAS is in charge of the other Emmy honors. In 2007, the organization spawned a peer organization dedicated to new media, called the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences (NAMAS).

Cultural Notes

Cultural notes3

The University of Missouri–St. Louis prospects) (UMSL, pronounced “uhm-suhl”) is one of four universities in the University of Missouri System. Established in 1963, it is the newest university in the UM System. As of 2005, it is the largest university by enrollment in the St. Louis area. UMSL’s campus is located on the former grounds of the Bellerive Country Club in Saint Louis County. Additional facilities are located at the former site of Marillac College.

Cultural Notes

Language points
Language Points prospects)

Key Words & Expressions

  • hang in there (para. 2):

    • to keep enduring or to persist through a difficult situation


  • e.g.

    • If someone is having an emergency and calls the 9-1-1 emergency hotline, the operator might say, “Hang in there, an ambulance will be there in a few minutes”.

      (要是遇到紧急情况打911电话,接线员可能会说:”别着急,坚持一下,救护车马上就到” 。)

Language points1
Language Points prospects)

  • check with (para. 4):

    • to counsel sb for advice


  • e.g.

    • Please check with your supervisor for your assignment.


Language points2
Language Points prospects)

  • check out (para. 4):

    • make sure sth is true or acceptable


  • e.g.

    • Does her story check out?


Language points3
Language Points prospects)

  • put together (para. 6):

    • to prepare or produce something by collecting pieces of information, ideas etc


  • e.g.

    • Put the tools together.


  • e.g.

    • Put the food processor together.

      ( 把食品处理器组装起来。)

Language points4
Language Points prospects)

Difficult Sentences

  • Transitions and changes come with the territory. (para. 1)

  • 本句难点为短语come with the territory。

  • to come/go with the territory: to be a natural and accepted part of a particular job, situation, place, etc.

  • 全句意为:过渡与变化是大学生活的必然组成部分/是很自然的。

Language points5
Language Points prospects)

  • A college student must be able to move outside their comfort zone. (para. 1)

  • 本句难点为短语 comfort zone (usu. singular): the arrange of activities and situations that one feels happy and confident in

  • 全句意为:大学生应该勇于接受新的挑战/走出自己的安乐窝,而不应龟缩不前。

Language points6
Language Points prospects)

  • We worked together to give students the right to select and train readers of their choosing.

  • 该句中的of their choosing中choosing 为动名词,用法此处同of their choice,可译为”他们自己的选择。