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Cold War
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Cold War

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  1. Cold War After World War II, Germany was - Partitioned into East and West Germany Forced to pay reparations for World War II damages An American Territory Under total Communist domination

  2. Cold War After World War II, the United States helped rebuild Europe using the - Truman doctrine Marshall Plan United Nations Nuremberg Trials

  3. Cold War After World War II, the United States - Returned to a policy of isolationism Helped to rebuild Europe Insisted on punishing Japan Turned Germany over to the Soviet Union

  4. Cold War The United Nations differs from the League of Nations because it - Is an international organization Has the United States as a member Tries to prevent future global wars Is a peacekeeping organization

  5. Cold War What event is associated with the collapse of Communism? Division of Korea Vietnam War cease-fire Destruction of the Berlin Wall Creation of the Warsaw Pact

  6. Cold War The Berlin Airlift allowed - Berlin’s inhabitants to escape The Allies to supply Berlin The Soviets to build a wall around Berlin The West to attack the Soviet Union

  7. Cold War Which country was separated by the Iron Curtain? Poland France Germany Italy

  8. Cold War During the Cold War, the United States policy of containment was to limit the spread of - Democracy Fascism Communism Socialism

  9. Cold War Which event spurred on the development of the United States space program? Achievement of Charles Lindbergh The computerization of banking Development of nuclear power Soviet launching of Sputnik

  10. Cold War Which of the following occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba North Vietnam placed missiles in Cuba United States placed missiles in Cuba Great Britain placed missiles in Cuba

  11. Cold War The term Cold War means - • Tension between the United States and the USSR • Combat between the United States and the USSR • Combat in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions • Tension between England and the United States

  12. Cold War What is the United Nations? A group of nations that try to prevent future global wars Nations of North and South America who use the same currency Nations who unite to trade with each other A group of European nations that promote tourism

  13. Cold War What is the name given to a failed attempt, which the United States supported, to take over Cuba? Iran-Contra Affair The Bay of Pigs The Cuban Missile Crisis The Grenada War

  14. Cold War The Cold War ended with the- Destruction on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Break up of the Soviet Union into independent countries Return of the United States to an isolationist country Spread of communism into Europe and Asia

  15. Cold War During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States responded to Soviet missiles in Cuba by - Invading Cuba Attacking the Soviet Union Imposing a blockade around Cuba Negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union

  16. Cold War East and West Germany were reunited by - Cuban Missile Crisis Bay of Pigs Communism spread to West Germany Destruction of the Berlin Wall

  17. Cold War The “Domino Theory” predicted - The Berlin Wall would fall Communism would spread Soviets would build missiles Democracy would spread

  18. Cold War All of the following are major conflicts during the Cold War EXCEPT? Korean War Vietnam War Cuban Missile Crisis Destruction of the Berlin Wall

  19. Vietnam The United States went to war in Vietnam in order to stop the spread of - Fascism Communism Socialism Federalism

  20. Vietnam United States involvement in the Vietnam War ended in a - South Vietnamese victory Cease-fire agreement North Vietnamese victory United States victory

  21. Korean War Which statement best describes the outcome of the Korean Conflict? North Korea won South Korea won The conflict ended in a stalemate The conflict reunited Korea