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ISLAM. Society's outlook on Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Brittan.

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Society's outlook on Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Brittan

Even with that said people still judge Muslims according to the recent terrorist attacks even though an very large portion of Muslims do not belong to any radical groups at all.


You may ask, “what are the chief doctrines/beliefs/tenets ?”.

They consist of

  • Allah is the one and only god
  • 2.Allah is the creator
  • 3.Allah manages the whole world
  • 4.Allah is all seeing, all hearing, all knowing
  • 5.The prophet of Muhammad is Allah's messenger
holy texts
Holy texts

Holy texts include

  • The Quran

The Quran is a collection of verses totaling in 114 chapters

It was composed shortly after the prophet of Muhammad's death.


Holy texts continued

The Quran is the only “sacred text” but there are other books that are a key part of the religion.

The Hadith

The Sura


The Hadith

The Hadith is composed primarily of two sections

The Hadith is a narrative of the life of

  • The narrative
  • The log of which people it has gone through in order

The shariah is a book composed of the rules and laws of Islam, it addresses everything from politics to personal habits.

The shariah is interpreted differently through different cultures creating a slight inconsistency from place to place depending on the interpreter


The prophet of Muhammad

  • The prophet of Muhammad was forty when he started receiving messages from the holy angel Gabriel, Gabriel told him his job was to write down the word of god. God passed down his word to Gabriel and Gabriel in turn passed the word of god to Muhammad to pass to more people.
  • Gabriel told Muhammad that he did not have the authority to alter the words but he did so anyway.

Outlooks on sin

You may ask what is considered sin?

Sin is considered to be anything that goes against Allah

There are five levels of sin outlined by the shariah

sayyia, khatia: mistakes (Suras 7:168; 17:31; 40:45; 47:19 48:2)

itada, junah, dhanb: immorality (Suras 2:190,229; 17:17 33:55)

haram: transgressions (Suras 5:4; 6:146)

ithm, dhulam, fujur, su, fasad, fisk, kufr: wickedness and depravity (Suras 2:99, 205; 4:50, 112, 123, 136; 12:79; 38:62; 82:14)

shirk: ascribing a partner to God (Sura 4:48)


In order to be excepted to Islamic heaven you must believe that there's one and only one god, Allah.

Those who belive in one god but do not belive in the message may or may not go to heaven.

Those who do not belive will be rejected from heaven.


The Islamic place of worship is a mosque

The mosque is a place where muslums can come together and join in prayer


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