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Welcome. Welcome!. The Correspondence functionality is an online service that enables clients to receive or send data to the Department of Energy through a secure connection. Clients may retrieve the status of their correspondences using the Request Status Screen. To the ETS - Correspondence

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The Correspondence functionality is an online service that enables clients to receive or send data to the Department of Energy through a secure connection.Clients may retrieve the status of their correspondences using the Request Status Screen.

  • To the ETS - Correspondence
  • Online Training Course
  • In this module, you will learn about:
  • ETS Correspondence
  • Correspondence Role Types
  • Send Form
  • Correspondence Form Types
  • Submitting Multiple Files
  • Request Status

We recommend that you view the common training modules before proceeding to the other ETS training modules:

ETS Account Setup and Preferences (For Site Administrators)

ets account
ETS Account

Correspondence is one of many online services, which the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) handles. ETS can be accessed through the Department of Energy (DOE) website.In order for a company to participate in the electronic correspondence process, a company must have an ETS Account. The company's Site Administrator is responsible for creating Client Accounts and administrating ETS access based on individual roles within the company.



Roles are based on the Form Types that are available to the Site Administrator as defined by the application submitted to the Department of Energy.In order for a Client Account (Individual Account) to access the Correspondence functionality on the ETS web site, the Site Administrator must first assign a role to the Client Account. The only assigned role available in the electronic Correspondence is the Submitter role, this role enables a client to submit data to the Department.

Please review:

ETS Account Setup & Preferences (For Site Administrators)

send form
Send Form

Use the Send Form screen to submit correspondences in the form of electronic files to the Department of Energy.

  • Comments - Comments are optional. Comments field default to the value filled in account preferences.
  • FormType - You can narrow your selection to a specific Form Type
  • Contact - Contact information includes the first name, last name, phone number and client account name. Contact defaults to the user who is logged in.
  • BusinessAssociate - Select the appropriate Business Associate from the list. There could be multiple business associates assigned to your account.
  • Notes - You may attach any Notes to your correspondence. Notes can be a maximum of 1024 characters. Only letters and numbers are accepted. No special characters allowed. The notes entered become a separate .txt file once submitted.
send form more information
Send Form – more information
  • Filename - You can attach file(s) to your correspondence. The file should match with the file specifications for the selected form type. The maximum combined or single file size is 3.5 MB.
  • Browse - Browse button allows you to select a file from a stored location.
  • Add - Add button allows you to attach the selected file to your correspondence.
  • FileName - Files that you have attached to your correspondence are listed under this section. If a file was attached incorrectly, the file can be unattached by clicking on the Remove link for the specific file.
  • Submit - Clicking on the Submit button will display a confirmation dialog box requesting you to confirm or cancel the submission.
  • Reset - Reset button clears the information entered on the screen and removes the files added.
correspondence types
Correspondence Types
  • The following are the different form types for Correspondence. To learn more about a specific type of correspondence, click on the hyperlink provided below.
  • Agent Forecast Data
  • Oil Sands CARE Reporting Forms
  • Oil Sands Operators Forecast
  • Oil Sands Royalty Form and Related Documents
  • Please refer to the Alberta Energy:Oil Sands Forms page for more information.

CARE Online Training

Switching Statistics Online Training

submitting multiple files
Submitting Multiple Files

To attach multiple files to a single submission, click Browse and select the file you wish to add.Click Add. Note: The maximum combined or single file size is 3.5 MB. An error message will display if the total size of the submission is too large.

request status
Request Status

Use the Request Status screen to retrieve your correspondence(s).

  • Form - You can narrow your selection to a specific Form
  • RequestNumber - f you know the Request Number, you may enter it to narrow your search.
  • StartDate/EndDate - You may limit your search to a date range. You can change the default start date and end date.
  • Status - Status can be submitted, processing, error, picked up or completed. The statuses may vary according to correspondence form type.
  • Account - You can select a specific Client Account to retrieve correspondences belonging to that account.
  • Comment - To narrow your search, you can type in partially the Comments that you had previously entered in the correspondence.
request status more information
Request Status – more information
  • Retrieve - Clicking on Retrieve button will begin searching for correspondences that satisfy your criteria.
  • SelectAll - Select All button allows you to select ALL items that are shown in the results.
  • UnselectAll - Unselect All button allows you to cancel your previous selection.
  • Undelete - (Un)Delete button allows you to toggle between and selection. A request item that is selected for deletion will be deleted overnight. In ETS, requests are automatically deleted from the system based on the number of days that was set in the account preferences. A maximum of 60 days is allowed.
  • Pickup - Pickup button allows you to open or download the selected output files.
  • Form - Form Type that was submitted.
  • InputFile/Comment - Comment on the Request submission.
  • Status - Status of the Request.
  • OutputFiles - Request in .pdf form and the Notes in .txt form.


You have completed the ETS - Correspondence

Online Training Course

  • Please proceed to other training modules as applicable.For technical support, please contact: IT SERVICE DESKPhone: (780) 427-7844E-mail inquiries: [email protected]