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Gun Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Gun Control

Gun Control

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Gun Control

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  1. Gun Control By: Jennifer Alberto & Diana Colon

  2. Gun Issues • Mental and drug alcohol abuse have been the cause of many deaths within having gun ownership • Police should enforce to make a law that checks background info before purchasing a gun. • Criminal records should be search before letting a person have gun ownership. • Many victims have been shot and killed over criminals that are mental or have drug and alcohol in there system. • Having citizens get background checked before purchasing a gun might decrease gun crimes such as the Colorado and sandy hook shooting.

  3. Our Proposed Law • We proposed to make a law that requires all citizens to get a background check before purchasing a gun to prevent crimes like the Colorado Shooting and Sandy Hook.

  4. So how does our law supports the common good and individual rights?

  5. Background info • We do need guns to protect our rights but what if you test citizen and they turn out to be mental or a criminal. You are putting other citizens at risk because there are people who would kill a lot of good people for no reason. You may not know if the person is mental because the person is not just going to come up and say it to them. • We could know if someone is mental or a criminal by getting a background check. If we check people background then we will have fewer things to worry about. It would be better for everybody if we had the citizen get checked before purchased so we wouldn’t let people who have a criminal record purchased a weapon. • If you have a gun there are certain things you can’t do with it. You are not allowed to pull it out in a big crowd and start screaming. If you have a gun and you accidentally pull it out and shoot someone it shows that you’re not responsible enough to own a gun. You are not only putting yourself in harms way but also the citizen that are around you. • You do have to rights to purchase a gun but that doesn’t mean you have to buy one. With the help of the background check we can help stop the crime caused by the guns and limit the guns that are purchased and try to save the lives of citizens. Also with the help of the background check we could prevent another accident like Sandy Hook and Colorado Shooting. • The recent events in Sandy Hook Elementary School Adam Lanza killed 20 students and 6 adults and in the Colorado shooting James Holmes killed 12 people in a movie theatre. These are our reasons why we want to propose a law that includes background check to prevent gun crimes like these. Police should enforce a law that makes citizens feel safe and to prevent many citizens from getting injured.

  6. Court Cases

  7. United States v. Lopez (1995) • Court Ruling- Congress exceeded its constitutional authority by the commerce clause when they passed a law prohibiting gun possession in local school zones. • Conflict- the court tried to apply • Precedent- Gun Free school zones act was unconstitutional and overturned Lopez’s Conviction.

  8. D.C vs Heller Conflict- the district refused to allow Heller to register a handgun for his home. Precedent- limits the type of weapon to which the right applies to those used by the militia. Court Ruling- 2nd amendment protects right to process a fireman unconnected with service in militia; and self dense within the home.

  9. Sandy Hook (one reason why we need background check) • Adam Lanza grabbed a AR-15, pistol, and sig sauer to go to the school • Once we shot down the door in the school we began going into classrooms and shooting the teachers and the students. • After he left the police tried to escort students to a near firehouse.

  10. Colorado Shooting ( another reason why we need background checks • James Holmes was wearing a bullet proof vest and a gas mask when he started shooting the people. • Holmes brought an assault rifle, shotgun and a 40- caliber handgun. • Holmes injured a lot of citizens that when police got there they tired to help all the people who were wounded.

  11. In the Loving memory of the victims of Sandy Hook

  12. In the loving memory of the victims of the colorado shooting