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Gun Control

Gun Control. Kimmy Watmuff Avery Rogusky Carliss Egan. Introduction & History. British originally denied the right for citizens to own/use guns.

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Gun Control

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  1. Gun Control Kimmy Watmuff Avery Rogusky Carliss Egan

  2. Introduction & History British originally denied the right for citizens to own/use guns. Our 2nd Amendment: a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed Now- states control all gun laws

  3. Brady Handgun Violence Prevention John S. Brady= presidential press secretary, wounded in an assassination attempt of Reagan. Created to enforce a 5 day waiting period in order to conduct background checks before purchasing a gun Controversial because of 2nd amendment because they are not “ordinary military equipment”

  4. Brady Campaign After The Brady law, the Brady campaign started up, encouraging stricter laws, and reducing handgun violence. Works towards a national gun policy, instead of the current federal policies.

  5. United States vs. Miller Only time Supreme court has intervened in gun control 1934- National Fire Arms Act placed limitations on types of firearms allowed to be used 1939- Supreme court ruled that sawed off shotguns are not supported by 2nd amendment because

  6. Federalism Massachusetts is the only state that has both licensing and registration for any type of gun. Majority of states with few gun control laws Florida: has one of the toughest conviction laws for those who own guns are southern/mid western 10-20 life mandates fierce sentences for felony offences committed with a fire arm. Anywhere from 10-25 year minimum.

  7. Arguments Advocates- want stricter gun laws, regulations, and restrictions Those against gun control- believe in the 2nd amendment and that owning a gun is a right of the people

  8. Supporters Main argument= Lessen gun violence Background checks Longer waiting periods Mandatory child safety locks One handgun purchase per month Raising the legal age from 18 to 21

  9. AGS Americans for Gun Safety- Stronger gun laws Supports right to own a gun for sports, protection, and collection BUT, works hard to keep guns out of the hands of teens and criminals. Background checks will deter criminals

  10. McCain-Lieberman Gun Safety Bill Requires a criminal background check for people purchasing guns at gun shows AGS supports

  11. Opposition Main argument= stricter laws is a violation of the 2nd amendment. People against gun control also protest that strict laws are unnecessary as long as current laws are just enforced more.

  12. NRA National Rifle Association= advocates right to own guns and use for sports NRA is involved in protesting several different laws including the Brady handgun Violence prevention act

  13. Evidence/statistics (advocates) 300,000 gun related crimes, and 100,00 gun related deaths each year. 37 states allow for criminals to purchase guns at gun shows 44 states require no background check if a gun is being sold from a private seller

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