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Gun control

Gun control

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Gun control

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  1. Gun control By: Julia Mussoline

  2. Gun control is important to keep our country safe, how ever American do have the right to bear arms as the second ament protects the right • Thousands of demonstrators tallied in Washington to demand together gun control laws. • Demonstrators want the reinstatement the reinstatement of the federal ban on the sale of military – style semi automatic rifles. This demonstration was held due to the deaths of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. • The second amendment stands but should not interfere with the laws restricting gun ownership of felons or mentally ill citizens. • Conflict- Washington wanted to ban individuals from having hand guns in their homes.

  3. The second amendment protects our rights as American citizens to bear arms. This is a right that should be taken seriously. Americans should be able to protect themselves, hunt or just target practice. This right should not be taken away, however Americans also have the right to feel safe and secure when leaving their home. • Some changes should be considered in regards to backgrounds checks as well as the mental capacity of each individual before allowing any person to purchase any firearm.

  4. 1. Case One: Otis McDonald v. City of Chicago • a. Precedent: Otis McDonald challenges a citywide ban on the possession of handguns. Otis won because the City was not following the second amendment. • b. How this supports my/our law: Citizens have the right to protect themselves and their family provided they follow the laws and a2. • 2. Case Two: Carson v. US • a. Precedent: A felon’s right to own firearms is not restored under state law until the state allows him or her to own ANY firearm, and therefore the person can be prosecuted federally even if the firearm is of the type allowed under the state law. • b. How this supports my/our law: Our law states that any person with a criminal record will be unable to purchase a firearm.

  5. My two current events support the law because it show that people should be more responsible with their weapons, and store owner should responsible for who they are giving their guns away.

  6. Thank you for watching my presentation 