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Gun Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Gun Control

Gun Control

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Gun Control

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  1. Gun Control By: Erik Goetsch

  2. Gun Control is what the government tried to pass to keep mass murders from happening. • The second amendment is pretty much the only thing that kept this law from going through. • This would have been a pretty bad law if it was passed, people who used their guns for protection would lose their protection. • If the government did pass this law how many of the criminals in the U.S. would follow it. • They would even be able to get them off the black market if need be and that would just start a fight against them.

  3. Proposed law I have an idea for a law that will take away from the criminals and give to the citizens. My law makes it so that if you have had at least 3 criminal offences you not be able to purchase or posses any type of firearm. This would make it so the public would have defense but criminals do not have weapons.

  4. Individual rights The common good • It protects the citizens civil rights by letting us keep our guns. • It lets us protect ourselves while not violating any rights. • The second amendment protects my law. • It protects the public from mass murders. • It keeps most criminals from harming anyone. • It keeps innocent citizens armed and protected from violence.

  5. District of Columbia vs. Heller • This court case supported my law by stating that the second amendment can take down any apposing law. • The conflict of the case is a group of private gun owners did not like the new state law that kept them from carrying loaded guns. • The court ruled in favor of the gun owners. McDonald vs. Chicago • In this court case my law was supported by the court stating that if the government took guns away from everyone it would violate the second amendment. • This case was about the argument about banning the guns in the U.S. • The court ruled against the idea to enforce gun control.

  6. Current events Woman protects her and her two daughters • With this recent case a woman heard kicking at her door so she grabbed her gun and her daughters and went to the top of the stairs where she then proceeded to shoot the burglar . • This is a perfect example of what would have happened with my law in action. • Now imagine what would have happened without a gun in that situation. Sandy Hooke • For the people that were oblivious to the recent Sandy Hooke tragedy, around 20 people died,(adults and students alike), from a mass murderer. • If my law were in action he would not have had that gun to begin with. • My law would prevent many mass murders like this.