gun control or anti gun control n.
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Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control

Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control

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Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control

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  1. Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control • Vicki La • Izhaan Merchant • Jennifer Vu • UmerZaman

  2. Introduction -- Guns are a highly controversial topic due to the negative and positive outcomes of using them -- While it is a weapon, it is also a shield that protects civilians -- Enemies and allies will continue to use guns as protection or with aggression

  3. Pro-Gun Control By: UmerZaman

  4. Guns are Unnecessary -- Guns cause unnecessary deaths -- There is no point of using guns when you have a police and army -- Stronger gun control laws will result in less guns and a lower need to use guns

  5. Guns are Violent -- They are dangerous in violent mishaps -- 18 children are dead in Connecticut due to shootings -- Guns are killing devices

  6. Anti Guns -- Many robberies and homicides are gun assisted -- Freedom does not mean having the right to own fire arms -- Guns are not toys

  7. Anti-Gun Control By: Izhaan Merchant

  8. Public Programs are Hard to Manage -- Guns are necessary to manage people -- Guns are needed to fight against violated public -- When you have a gun to keep the public safe, the wrong population will be more aware to not do the wrong things

  9. People Hunt with Guns -- People get food by hunting animals -- It is difficult to hunt with a knife; guns are a quicker and easier tool -- It is much safer to hunt with a gun as the animals may harm the humans if they are approached at a close range

  10. 90,000 People Reported Being Raped in 2008 -- If the person has a gun, there are less chances that the person will get raped -- If they see the person with a gun, they will be avoided -- The rapist will have less chances to rape the person and the person will be secure

  11. Pro-Gun Control By: Jennifer Vu

  12. Children Not Taught Properly/Guns Not Concealed Well -- Kids accustomed to violent video games -- Boy killed 2 year old sister -- Study shows: many suicides by kids have access to guns

  13. Background Checks -- Mentally-ill, criminals, murderers, kidnappers, etc. -- Shoots at representative Gabrielle Giffords, 6 killed, 13 injured -- Colorado movie theater – injured 58, killed 12

  14. More Homicides -- 86% of firearm fatalities under the age of 15 occurred in the U.S. -- Harvard studies show: guns and homicides go together -- Studies show: UK has lowest rates of homicides

  15. Anti-Gun Control By: Vicki La

  16. Guns Offer Protection • -- Guns can protect people in situations where police are unable to intervene quickly • -- Guns provide mental serenity • -- Home invasions are stopped short by armed home owners

  17. Guns in Public Areas -- Arm civilians can feel at ease because they can fight back against threats -- UT sniper -- Armed civilians are trained to not shoot until threatened

  18. Legal Guns -- Legal gun owners must go through a severe training course -- Most criminals very rarely are legally licensed -- Strict laws by states do not allow many gun modifications

  19. Conclusion -- The positives and negatives of owning guns continues to even each other out -- Stories of families affect by losses and gains due to guns continue to surface -- Despite whatever laws pass, guns will continue to be a prominent topic