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Clauses of Reason

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Clauses of Reason - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rafael Raspanti Professor: Mussetta, Mariana English Language I. Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa. UTN 10 December 2010. Clauses of Reason. Clauses of Purpose and Result. As. Because. Since. Seeing that. Clauses of Reason. As it was getting late, I decided I should go home.

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Rafael RaspantiProfessor: Mussetta, MarianaEnglish Language I. Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa. UTN10 December 2010

Clauses of Reason

Clauses of Purpose and Result





Seeing that

Clauses of Reason

As it was getting late, I decided I should go home.

I decided I should go home as it was getting late.

We must be near the beach, because I can hear the waves.

Since he was going to be living in Sweden for some time,

he thought he should read something about the country.

We could go and visit Sue, seeing that we have to drive ast her house anyway.

because vs so
Because Vs So

Because my mother´s arrived, I won´t be able to meet you


My mother´s arrived, so I won´t be able to meet you


connectors in formal register
Connectors in formal register
  • In that – inasmuch

The film is unusual in that it features only four actors.

Clara and I have quite an easy life, inasmuch as neither of us has to work too hard but we earn quite a lot of money.


In order to + to infinitive

She took the course in order to get a better job

so as

Adverbial clauses of purpose

She took the course so that she could/would get a better job

in order that

Such that and in such a way

The model was designed such that the value of x could be calculated

The model was designed in such a way that the value of x could be calculated


-There was an accident.

-This was done to

Encourage people to

use public transport.

-I didn´t want to damage

the growing crops.

-I was feeling awful.

-I walked around the

outside of a field.

-I had to go outside.

-We arrived late.

-Bus fares in the city are

being cut