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Applause Media System Audio/Video Release Distributor Roadshow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applause Media System Audio/Video Release Distributor Roadshow. John Williams, Product Manager. Agenda. New audio/video release Identifying Applause customers What Applause can do Launch package / new sales presentation Getting past “no thanks” Promos and pricing

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Presentation Transcript
Applause media system audio video release distributor roadshow

Applause Media System Audio/Video Release

Distributor Roadshow

John Williams, Product Manager


  • New audio/video release

  • Identifying Applause customers

  • What Applause can do

  • Launch package / new sales presentation

  • Getting past “no thanks”

  • Promos and pricing

  • Wiring options and order form changes

  • New install process

What is applause
What is Applause

  • The Applause Media System is an easy-to-use digital media system that turns your dispensers into an interactive platform, displaying promotions and offering coupons to drive fueling customers inside your store.

New functionality
New Functionality

  • The addition of audio and video capabilities has been the most requested feature from customers.

Applause media with audio video
Applause Media with Audio/Video

  • NEW! Support for every major electronic video format.

  • NEW! Support for every major electronic audio format.

True multimedia delivery
True Multimedia Delivery!

  • TV Commercials

  • Sound effects

  • Audio prompting

  • Promotion Voiceovers

New functionality1
New Functionality

Available on YouTube – just search for “Applause Media”

Applause media system audio video release distributor roadshow

New Video Library!

  • 11 categories covered (20 videos)

  • Professionally Produced

  • Retailers can include their own text-based or coupon offers

New Audio Library!

  • Over 200 clips

  • English and Spanish

  • Professional Voice Talent

Updated Graphics Library!

  • Now 70,000+ images

  • QSR and C-Store Focus

Identifying applause customers
Identifying Applause Customers

  • Forecourt marketing is becoming more and more critical for all c-store retailers, with increasing competition from other channels.

  • Traits of good Color/Applause candidates:

    • Larger c-store with wide in-store merchandise selection

    • Foodservice offering on site

    • Car-wash

    • High volume site

    • Other “focused” non-fuel profit centers (Coffee program, beer cave, etc.)

  • Good Applause users have a resource dedicated to marketing.

    • Time requirement for system is minimal, but it must be properly utilized to get the desired results

What applause can do
What Applause Can Do….

Case Study Profile

  • Branded gasoline station in a smaller suburban location

    • Branded deli sandwich franchise

    • Medium sized C-store with “beer cave”

    • Self-serve Carwash

    • Average monthly volume +/-110,000 gallons

    • 6 Encore 500s dispensers with 10.4” color screens

  • Customer previously made light use of Applause

  • Audio/video deployed on June 29th.

Applause media system audio video release distributor roadshow



11.7% QSR

33.4% Carwash

13.8% Instore

Three Month Average = $101,349 vs. $120,456

Launch package overview
Launch Package Overview

  • New launch package sent out in early August

  • Launch package contents:

Getting past no thanks
Getting Past “No Thanks”

  • The color screens are too expensive

    • In-store lift of a modest 4% results in a two-year payback (on a dispenser that has a 12-year + life)

    • Color upgrade price is for both sides (2 fueling positions)

    • Unlike some less expensive alternatives, Color/Applause is:

      • Located at the forecourt and able to reach fuel-only customer

      • Built for a very specific industrial use (the screens have to be built to a very high spec to function for a long period of time in an industrial fueling environment)

    • Built and tested to an operating temperature range of -30 to 120 degrees

    • Acrylic coating to protect screen from scratches and weather-related damages

Getting past no thanks1
Getting Past “No Thanks”

  • Attention is focused elsewhere

    • Majority of fueling customers don’t come inside the store  Need a way to convert them to higher-margin in-store customers

    • Your in-store customers now can buy the same goods from Walgreens, Dollar General, CVS, Kroger, Wal Mart, Quizno’s., etc.  C-store retailers have the advantage – the customer is already on-site getting fuel – just need a hook to get them inside the store

  • We’re a small company that doesn’t have the time/resources to manage the system

    • Very easy to use system that only requires a few hours attention every 2 to 4 weeks for effective use

    • Many resources included with the system that make it easy for any retailer to use effectively (User Portal with pre-made promotions, graphic, audio and video libraries)

Getting past no thanks2
Getting Past “No Thanks”

  • Don’t the pump-top companies give away screens?

    • Only for sites in top advertising market areas (NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.)

    • Only very large volume sites are selected.

    • No content control – effectively just a billboard that someone else sells advertising on

    • Not as effective at driving in-store traffic

      • Content is not specific to the site

      • Ad content for non c-store items (cars, insurance, etc.)

      • Not interactive (no couponing or interaction to engage customer and bring them inside the store)

Pricing factory installed color and applause
Pricing: Factory Installed Color and Applause

  • Factory-installed color dispensers (Encore S):

    • $5,929 (no change to list) – will be shipped audio/video capable

    • No longer need to separately order a connectivity card ($419 savings per dispenser)

  • Applause Media System changes:

    • List price decreases from $4,394 to $3,500

    • Long Range Ethernet (LRE) switch no longer included in base package – will be a required separate purchase for sites using DSL/twisted pair wiring

Pricing upgrades for color dispensers
Pricing: Upgrades for Color Dispensers

  • $399 limited time list pricing per dispenser ($799 after 10/31)

  • Includes:

    • New accelerator card (one per dispenser)

    • New software

    • Audio/video content libraries

    • Online training on audio/video functionality, and video frame theme design

  • Software Re-load and Card Installation (not included) estimated to be approximately 45 minutes to an hour per dispenser

  • Hi-speed internet required

Retrofit promotion
Retrofit Promotion

  • Limited Time Offer

    • Order an EPP retrofit for an Encore 500 or S series dispenser and add an audio/video capable color screen retrofit for only $4,995 (list price.)

    • Standard list price = $6,870  Promotion pricing is less than the cost for a factory-installed color upgrade!

    • Unless already installed at the site, Applause must also be purchased to drive content on the color screens.

  • Details of Offer:

    • Refer to promotional flyer SP-3323 for details and ordering instructions.

Save $1,875

per Dispenser!

(if ordered by 12/1/09)

Wiring options for 10 4 color
Wiring Options for 10.4” Color

  • Long Runs (280ft of better)

  • AC Conduit Installations (usually retrofit)

  • Requires Separate LRE Switch ($2015)

Category 5 Cable (Cat 5e)

  • For runs less than 280ft

  • Must run through non-power conduit (intercom OK)

  • No LRE Switch Required(less expensive router/switch can be used)

Separate connectivity card purchaseno longer requiredfor either color wiring option ($419 savings per dispenser)

Wiring order form changes
Wiring & Order Form Changes

  • New Order Form Question: DSL/Twisted Pair or CAT5e Ethernet

    • Drives correct connectivity board for factory installed dispensers, A/V upgrade kits, and monochrome to color retrofit kits

    • Drives required LRE purchase if wiring is DSL/Twisted Pair.

  • Connectivity card purchase still required for monochrome Applause installations

    • Wiring options (DSL/twisted pair vs. CAT5e Ethernet) also available for monochrome installations.

Order form addition
Order Form Addition

  • A/V upgrade for existing color dispensers added to Color Screen Retrofit order form (EN10.4AVUPGRADE)

New install process
New Install Process

  • Data sheet is no longer needed in advance of install

    • Installing technician simply calls 888-800-7498 to obtain the pass code, location ID, and host name (and, for dial-up sites, the access numbers).

    • This step is required to register the site and complete the installation (very important for service going forward)

  • Please ensure that the installing technician is Applause certified

    • Online course available for Applause certification

    • To enroll, email Provide technician number and request the Applause technician certification course.

Example kit cost 5 dispensers with 10 4 color option
Example Kit Cost: 5 Dispensers with 10.4” Color Option

  • Cat 5e Install will also require a router (not included)

  • For DSL Install, order 1 LRE per 8 dispensers

  • Wiring thru A/C Conduit requires DSL install and add one Isolation box. (List price $455)

Example kit cost 5 dispensers with 5 7 mono
Example Kit Cost: 5 Dispensers with 5.7” Mono

  • Cat 5e Install will also require a router (not included)

  • For DSL Install, order 1 LRE per 8 dispensers

  • Wiring thru A/C Conduit requires DSL install and add one Isolation box. (List price $455)