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Naza Motor Roadshow Event

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Naza Motor Roadshow Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Naza Motor Roadshow Event The brief Agency was requested to develop a promotional program to help boost sales of the Naza Suria model.

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the brief
The brief
  • Agency was requested to develop a promotional program to help boost sales of the Naza Suria model.
  • The Naza Suria is deemed as the “mass” model or entry level model but sales of the car has declined dramatically over time due to introduction of new, more attractive vehicles by competitors within the price range.
the findings
The findings
  • Agency conducted a corridor survey and found that the Naza Suria mainly appeals towards the female gender (due to its design).
  • Aesthetically very plain and dull even with the 6 variation of colours it is available in.
the conclusion
The conclusion
  • Agency saw the need to uplift the overall look of the vehicle to make them more vibrant, visible and exciting.
  • There was also a need “machonize” the vehicle so as to attract male buyers
the recommendation
The recommendation
  • Agency adopted a campaign theme “What’s Your Flava”. Young, hip and trendy as we are targeting the vehicle towards the young execs.
  • To zest up the vehicle with car decals of various colours and designs.
  • To re-badge the vehicles as Naza Suria “grafix edition”
communication strategy
Communication strategy
  • Embark on a Nationwide roadshow at all major shopping malls in the key market centres showcasing the 6 car designs.
  • Ran full colour ads in major newspapers highlighting the promotion and roadshow venues.
  • Announcements over the radio stations on roadshow dates and venues.
  • Produced flyers and buntings for increased visibility.
the opportunity
The opportunity
  • This campaign allowed Agency to execute ground level events for this particular Client for the 1st time as they were traditionally handled by the Client themselves.
  • Placements of full colour advertisements due to the nature of the promotion also increase billing and revenue for this particular Client.
  • Provides Agency with a solid platform to execute more ground level events.
the result
The result
  • After 2 locations (2 events), we have managed to compile a good number of potential leads through database collection at the event.
  • To date (over a 2 week period), we have managed to sell as many cars as it would have traditionally taken them a month.
  • Client was so impressed with the results, we are now looking for new venues to extend the roadshow.


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