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Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing architecture and experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing architecture and experience

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Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing architecture and experience
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Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing architecture and experience

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  1. SESSION CODE: EXL201 Andrew Ehrensing Solution Architect Microsoft Corporation Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing architecture and experience (c) 2011 Microsoft. All rights reserved.

  2. What you’ll learn today • Deeper look at audio, video, and web conferencing workloads of the Lync 2010 client • Conferencing Architecture, Call Flows, and Troubleshooting • Details on Features, Requirements, Bandwidth • Lync on-premise and Lync Online differences

  3. Lync Conferencing Roadmap • OCS 2007 R2 • Communicator • Audio Conferencing • Desktop Sharing • Live Meeting • Audio conferencing • Desktop & Application Sharing • PowerPoint Presentations • Whiteboard • Polling, Q&A, etc. • Lync 2010 Server • Lync 2010 • Richer Audio Conferencing • Desktop & Application Sharing • PowerPoint Presentations • Whiteboard • Polling • Live Meeting • Available during migration to 2010 • Use for very large meetings • Lync Online / Office 365 • Lync 2010 CU2+ • Public Beta NOW • General Availability in June • OrgID sign-in • Audio Conferencing Partners for PSTN Audio • Not a soft phone • Regular updates and improvements • Live Meeting • Separate Service only

  4. Unified Client, Rich Conferencing Features • Basics • Presence/discovery integration • Rich IM with federation • Interop with Communicator, Messenger for AV, IM with public internet connectivity* WL Messenger only with O365 • Ad hoc conference escalation Conference Management • Scheduling via Outlook with admin support, and via Web* • Join with Lync, Web App, Attendee clients • Lobby support for easy join • Manage permissions and roles • Content • Desktop sharing • Application sharing • PowerPoint with animations • Whiteboarding • Polling • Navigate ahead/back in slides and to other content Voice and Video • PSTN Audio on premise with IVR • Audio Partners (ACPs) in O365 • Scalable Voice, Video • Device/IP Phone support (on premise) • Response Group, Private Line, Call Park • >90% VoiceCon RFP complete • Up from 60% in 2007, 78% in 2009

  5. Ad-hoc conferencing from IM and Phone Scheduling, Join, In-meeting experience DEMO End to End Web Conferencing User Experience

  6. Conferencing Scenarios Rich conference calls Work with people anywhere Effective Team Meetings Professional Presentations

  7. Architecture/Flows

  8. Web Conferencing Architecture AV Conferencing Server Front End Server Focus AV MCU Focus Factory Backend SQL DB Server Web Components (IIS) IM Conferencing MCU Conferencing Database Join Launcher Web Conferencing MCU Web App Server App Sharing MCU Audio Conf Provider MCU Conference Service Personal Virtual Assistant Machine Boundary Group Virtual Assistant Process Boundary Web Application Audio Conferencing

  9. Web Conferencing Flow SQL Backend Audio Conf Provider MCU ACP SQL 5 Conferencing Server Factory 2 4 App Sharing Conf MCU SQL C3P/HTTP C3P/HTTP IM Conf MCU Focus Factory Focus 6 Web Conf MCU CCCP/SIP CCCP/SIP 1 3 AV Conf MCU (S)RTP Scheduling Client Communicator Client PSOM 7 SIMPLE/SIP RDP/RTP (S)RTP

  10. Client Details/Reqs

  11. Join Details *

  12. Conferencing Support in Lync 2010 clients

  13. Video – Supported Formats • HD • High Definition • 1280x720(16:9), 25 fps, 1.5 Mbps • Quad Core > 2 GHz • CIF • Common Interchange Format • 352x288, 15 fps, 350 kbps • Single Core > 1.5GHz • VGA • Video Graphics Array • 640x480, 25 fps, 700 kbps • Dual Core > 1.9GHz • Panorama • Polycom CX5000 RoundTable • 1056x144 (22:3), 15 fps, 350 kbps • Single Core > 2 GHz

  14. VoIP and Video – Bandwidth Requirements

  15. Conferencing Details

  16. On-premise Audio Conferencing • Replaces ACP for ~85% of calls (Gartner) • Requires PSTN Gateway deployment on premise • Features • Name Recording, Entry/Exit announcements (default OFF) • Supports Lobby for easy join (Presenters grant access) • Easy PIN management, default no expiry • Recording from Lync client • Rich language support for IVR • Per-pool Limits (10 FEs/pool):80K users/pool, max mtg:250 • Limit of 6000 simultaneous users per pool: • 900 PSTN-only meetings, 2100 in VoIP-only, 2400 mixed

  17. Online (ACP) Audio Conferencing • Sign up with an ACP partner • Initially British Telecom, InterCall, Premier Global • Integrates automatically with VoIP users via VoIP bridge • Features • Dial-in from phone (details in invite, and conversation window) • Dial-out to self and others via ACP • Mute individuals from Lync • Eject individuals from Lync • End conference (ends for all Lync and PSTN users) • DTMF tones via ACP for Mute, Unmute

  18. Web Conferencing • Scale to 250 users per meeting • Screen sharing (256, 1000, 3500 kbps) • Supports P2P to reduce server traffic • Share Desktop, single app, multiple apps • Controllable via in-band policy settings • PowerPoint (20, 200, 500 kbps) • Converts to PPT 2003 and DHTML (web app), removes AV • Rich transitions, asynchronous navigation • Whiteboard/PPT Annotations (20, 200, 500 kbps) • Text support for note taking, clipboard support, images

  19. Manageability

  20. Manageability • Clients can now be managed using Lync Server Control Panel, the Windows PowerShell command-line interface, or both. Settings are sent to clients using in-band provisioning as opposed to group policies.

  21. Troubleshooting

  22. Client Troubleshooting • Call Quality Notifications to end user (next slides) • Logging • Enabled/disabled by policy/in-band setting • User can turn on/off in Options dialog if no policy set • Written to %userprofile%/tracing • Tools to analyze logs • Collect Logs • Packages logs into ZIP file with screen shot, voice sample • Enabled via regkey or policy/in-band setting • User sends to their IT admin on their own • Call Detail Records & Reporting on Server (on-premise)

  23. Events and Measurements Call Quality Notifications

  24. Events and Measurements Call Quality Notifications (cont.)

  25. CDR & Reporting improvements • MS diagnostics aka “msdiags” included with all SIP 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, BYEs • ms-diagnostic:<error code>;reason=“xxx”;description=“yyy”;source=“zzz” [;custom-param=“foo”] • Msdiags are: • Specific – one error code per distinguishable failure case • Admin Friendly – They describe failure from end user point of view; not in terms of internal implementation details, use official product nomenclature for server names (no hex codes) • Actionable – Many msdiags contain troubleshooting steps • Categorized – Success, UnExpectedFailure, ExpectedFailure • Greatly improved reliability reports on the monitoring server

  26. Lync in Office 365

  27. Online vs. On-premise Key Differences

  28. Top 5 takeaways • True Unified Client • One client for IM/P, Audio, Video, Web Conferencing • Easy tools to learn once • Improved Meeting Join • Simple meeting links • Lobby for presenters to admit/reject attendees • Click-to-join from mobile phones • PSTN Dial-In and Dial-out Conferencing • On premise replacement for most audio conferencing needs • Online ACP partnerships • Call Quality Checks and Diagnostics • Network health indicator • Notifications for end user troubleshooting • Make a test call and check call quality • IT Tools to analyze issues/logs • Office365 / Lync Online is ready for Beta now, Production in June

  29. Question & Answer Session (c) 2011 Microsoft. All rights reserved.

  30. SESSION CODE: EXL201 Michael McLean Sales Engineering Manager ANZ Polycom Solutions for Microsoft Unified Communications (c) 2011 Microsoft. All rights reserved.

  31. Polycom Solutionsfor Microsoft UC HDX family of video systems RPX, OTX, ATXfor telepresence CX IP and USB desk and common area phones CX IP and USB Conference Room DMADistributed Media Application ServerRMXReal-time Media Conference Platform

  32. RMX Integration with OCS/Lync Server • Enables OCS/Lync clients to participate in RMX-based conferences • Extends Continuous Presence to Communicator/Lync • Provides interconnectivity between SIP clients and H.323 endpoints

  33. MCU Comparison – Different by Design • OCS/Lync MCU • Integrated into the desktop experience • Active speaker switching • Desktop-quality resolution • RMX • Simultaneous integration capability • Numerous layout options • Supports everything from high definition through desktop resolution

  34. Lync A/V MCU Integration • CCCP Protocol • Signaling protocol used within SIP in multiparty calls • Developed for OCS, persists in OCS R2 and Lync • Polycom only supports CCCP with Lync • HDX Support • Same as RTV • Availability – Q2

  35. Conferencing Through Outlook using PCO or Online Meeting

  36. Using Outlook to Schedule a Video Meeting • One click to add conferencing to a meeting • Meshes with existing workflow • No need to remember numbers or settings • Fully customizable

  37. HDX Smart Rooms • Rooms now display daily calendar from Exchange • Immediately know if room is available • Enhances room experience • Makes video more approachable • Join a meeting with one click • No more fumbling for numbers • Reminders for upcoming meetings • Easy to join from room system or software client

  38. Using Outlook to Schedule Online Meeting • One click to add conferencing to a meeting • Meshes with existing workflow • No need to remember numbers or settings • Native Support using Lync MCU

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