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Presents: I SPEAK DRAGON – AUDIO FILES PowerPoint Presentation
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Presents: I SPEAK DRAGON – AUDIO FILES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. A Lawyer Using Dragon “A dragon and snowboarding are an unlikely pairing. But one fall too many on a snowboard left me with a ruptured disk and numbness in my left hand. So I turned to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. And although the numbness passed in time, the Dragon stayed with me. Attorneys, like all professionals today, must work efficiently. Dragon not only saves time on word processing, it can be used in literally every program that requires typing. Which, let’s face it, is every single program.”

  3. A Lawyer Using Dragon “Dragon has become an integral part of my busy law practice. ... When I first started using Dragon, I bought it on the hope that I could use it to replace a full-time secretary. I tried it on an experimental basis, and it proved to be true within three months. In fact, since 1996, I have relied on part-time support services in conjunction with Dragon, and that system has worked beautifully. My firm has flourished and my output has increased thanks in great part to technology afforded by Dragon. Dragon keeps the same hours as me, never requests a vacation, is never sick, and gets my dictation back in real-time with minimal errors. It allows me to make changes on the fly, and allows me to develop my work while in progress. Previously, I would dictate into a tape player, forget about the task, and then receive written copy back from my assistant a day or two later. That old system required me to bring myself back up to speed with the file I had been thinking of days earlier. That was a system that was very inefficient and added layers of time to law projects. Dragon gave me the ability to eliminate the middleman and gain greater control over my documents and dictation. The fact that it has saved me and my firm money in the process is an added bonus.”

  4. A Lawyer Using Dragon “I have seen the future. It is Dragon. I used to dictate on microcassettes. My secretary dutifully transcribed them. Typical turnaround would range from an hour to 1/2 a day. When I went out on my own, I knew I wanted a more efficient system. I started out with no secretary; no staff. I bought a Sony digital recorder (that came with Dragon software), and have been using it ever since. It was a really simple transition. Total turnaround for memos and letters would become measured in minutes, rather than hours. When I hired my current secretary five years ago, she was really impressed by how well it worked. That part of her job, transcribing cassettes, was always boring. Now all she does is proofread the results of what Dragon transcribes. Law firms are entering the age where they must focus on efficiency to survive. Clients are no longer willing to pay for the substantial overhead needed to maintain outdated law firm practices.”

  5. Dragon Customer Genevieve Martin In 2006, I was unable to write or type due to surgery on my writing hand. I began using Dragon every day to write briefs, prepare emails, write letters and memoranda. During that time, I could not even have my secretary prepare items I had dictated because I could not write to correct and revise the drafts. Although my secretary was a bit nervous when she first saw me using Dragon, she has learned that it would never be a replacement for her valuable assistance; rather, it would be the extra "right hand" I needed. While my hand healed completely, I have continued to use Dragon regularly, both professionally and personally. It has revolutionized my written work and has continued to be my extra "right hand." ...

  6. A Court Monitor Using Dragon “I speak Dragon in my work as a court monitor in Canada. My job involves extensive transcription work using recordings on tape. Well, to say the least, Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows me to be twice as productive as my colleagues; I produce more than 300 transcript pages a week. I actually love expert testimony, since the bigger the word the more easy and accurate my work is! Everyone thinks it's some kind of magic and I just love telling people I meet how they can use Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking also benefits my health; I don't suffer back strain or carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common problem among court monitors...”

  7. A Field Reporting Using Dragon “Like many attorneys I don't have a support staff. Whatever needs to be done in my law practice, you'll find me doing it. If the human body didn't require food or sleep I could literally work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just running my law practice. Needless to say, I needed some help and Dragon NaturallySpeaking's resume fit the bill. I use Dragon as my virtual secretary. Dragon handles my typing for letters and court documents in a fraction of the time I could ever type them. To say that Dragon has saved me weeks of work time out of every year would be a gross understatement. Dragon's price is a hand's down winner. Dragon cost me a micro-fraction of what it would cost me for an excellent secretary and I don’t have to worry about Dragon giving me attitude, requiring benefits or demanding more vacation time ...”

  8. A Lawyer Using Dragon “As an old caveman litigator, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the age of computers. Being a very poor typist, I started looking around for alternatives to my traditional ways. ... Now I use a wireless, Bluetooth headset with Dragon. I can switch between dictation and taking telephone calls. I dictate out all of my pleadings and correspondence and e-mail them to my assistant. All of my e-mails are responded to with Dragon. All of my memorandums and trial preparation are similarly done without typing. I cannot imagine going back to my old, caveman, way of doing work.”

  9. Dragon Customer Tom Koenig “As an attorney, Dragon has been an invaluable tool for writing briefs, arguments and various correspondence. Recently I have been assigned to a task requiring hours of tedious data and text entry into a program that generates a legal document for filing. I have made extensive use of DNS to more efficiently complete this task, often without the use of the keyboard at all. This last March, I had my first skiing accident, which resulted in my left arm being broken near the wrist. This of course made typing a problem, but when I returned from my ski trip I was able to step right back into my assignment without much difficulty by doing most of the data entry using Dragon and my mouse. No matter how fast I may have been able to type before, I would not have been able to match my pre-injury speed and efficiency if it had not been for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.”

  10. A Lawyer Using Dragon “The number of lawyers in my firm has been slowly declining for sometime as former colleagues have moved on. My partner and I decided not to add new attorneys but to look for ways to reduce overhead costs. Personnel costs were and are the highest expense item. I decided that I could make do without a paralegal if my talented legal assistant could assume more paralegal tasks. To free up more of her time, I started doing more of my own typing. I type slowly so the trade off on the loss of my own productivity to free up my assistant's time was not very efficient. Last summer, I purchased Dragon Legal 10.0, and now use it daily. I have followed Nuance s on line tips to increase its accuracy and speed. Not to be overlooked is the fact that I had become reasonably adept with Windows and WordPerfect over the last decade. I find that the combination of mouse clicks and verbal commands works best for me. As I have become more facile in my use of 10.0, I create documents that I would never have in the days when my secretary did all my typing. Because of Dragon, I am doing more with less.”

  11. A Lawyer Using Dragon I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a second pair of hands. Many times I was going through discovery or other printed materials and needed to use the computer to jot down a note. One serious problem was losing my train of thought with books and paper flopping all over the place. Using Dragon with a headset allowed me to truncate the traditional note-taking process considerably by making comments as I was reading. Did it save time? Sure. But the most important thing to me was that by removing little distractions, it improved clarity of thought. I didn't have to worry about all these breaks in my thought process from re-finding my place or where I had set that document down or whatever. I was able to keep my eyes and attention on the materials I was studying and the theories I was formulating.

  12. Attorney Jerry Hutton “In an age of consolidation, and decreasing clerical staff, work in an insurance defense office for the staff attorney was demanding. I began looking for a means of responding to emails and completing my postings quickly and efficiently became an early adopter of voice recognition. The reason for trying voice recognition was simple, secretarial staff was reduced and timely reporting required. Now, emails, time sheets, claims posting, briefs, pleadings and letters can be done with no clerical assistance. In the last three years, I was able to complete all my pleadings, briefs and correspondence without resort to the secretarial pool. With Dragon emails are a breeze and time sheets no problem. In short, no attorney should be without it. Dragon coupled with a quality microphone and legal files software can dramatically improve performance.”

  13. A Lawyer Using Dragon “My law practice requires extensive drafting of pleadings and correspondence. Historically I dictated all of my writings on to a handheld Sony tape recorder. After accumulating 30-40 minutes of dictation, the mini-cassette would be given to the secretary for transcription and document assembly, a process that would take at least another hour, sometimes two. Dragon changed everything. I now dictate on a handheld Sony just as I did before. However, instead of recording to a tape, my voice data is digitally saved on a memory stick. After 30-40 minutes of dictation, I download the data to my computer (3 minutes) and then have Dragon transcribe the data while I make a cup of coffee or run an errand (about 15 minutes). After editing the transcription, I forward it to my secretary who cuts and pastes the transcription into letter and pleading templates. She then emails me the finished documents for final review before printing. What used to take her hours with tapes now takes 15-20 minutes! As a result of completely eliminating tape transcription and implementing this Dragon-based transcription system firm-wide, we have substantially reduced our overhead. Because the lawyers still use the familiar handheld machines, the adjustment from tape to digital was a breeze. In my opinion, Dragon is a small investment that pays big dividends.”

  14. Dragon Customer Robert Kass “In my law office, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is known as "Judy 2." Judy is my secretary, a crackerjack with top skills, including Gregg shorthand and fast typing. However, she works flex-time, and leaves at 4:00 pm. My day often runs until 7:00 pm, and there are times when I just want to dictate a long memo after a grueling phone call and get my thoughts on paper. On goes Dragon, and out comes the headset mic. Colleagues who pass by my office marvel as I sit there with what they call "Judy 2" and dictate that long memo. A few minutes later I have captured the details of my phone call in an extensive memo, which is ready for Judy to polish the next morning.”

  15. An Attorney Using Dragon “Although I still had substantial business and Estate Plan clientele to service, I could not afford to continue to pay the high salaries and fringe benefits that skilled secretarial personnel required. I attempted to resolve the problem by dictating my letters and documents to tape, and then sending the tapes out to a transcription service. Although it usually took 2-3 days to receive the documents back, they almost always required some changes or corrections. I then had to send them back to the transcriber, and again wait 2-3 days to get them back. The transcription process was not only inefficient, but was also very expensive. It was about that time that I discovered Dragon NaturallySpeaking. After a very short learning and self-training period, I was able to draft, edit, and finalize my correspondence, e-mail, and legal documents the same day, with no "turnaround" time or expense. I also reduced my annual overhead by the $50,000-$75,000 I had paid to secretarial help, without any detrimental effect on my practice or clientele.”