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Country, Nationality, and Language!. I’m Columbian. I’m from Columbia. I speak Spanish. She ’ s a Columbian pop-star. I’m French. I’m from France. I speak French. I’m a French hero. I’m Irish. I ’ m from Ireland. I speak English. She ’ s an Irish actress. I ’ m Egyptian.

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Presentation Transcript

She s a columbian pop star
She’s a Columbian pop-star.

I m from ireland
I’m from Ireland.

She s an irish actress
She’s an Irish actress.

I m egyptian
I’m Egyptian.

I m from egypt
I’m from Egypt.

He s was an egyptian king
He’s was an Egyptian king.

I m chinese
I’m Chinese.

I m from china
I’m from China.

She s a chinese hero
She’s a Chinese hero.

I m english british
I’m English (British).

I m from england
I’m from England.

He s an english wizard
He’s an English wizard.

We re indian
We’re Indian.

We re from india
We’re from India.

I m thai
I’m Thai.

I m from thailand
I’m from Thailand.

She s a thai woman in traditional clothes
She’s a Thai woman in traditional clothes.

I m canadian
I’m Canadian.

I m from canada
I’m from Canada.

We re russian
We’re Russian.

We re from russia
We’re from Russia.

They re russian dancers
They’re Russian dancers.

I m german
I’m German.

I m from germany
I’m from Germany.

He s a german boy who likes soccer
He’s a German boy who likes soccer.

I m swedish
I’m Swedish.

I m from sweden
I’m from Sweden.

She s a cute swedish girl
She’s a cute Swedish girl.

I m scottish
I’m Scottish.

I m from scotland
I’m from Scotland.

He s a famous scottish actor
He’s a famous Scottish actor.

I m australian
I’m Australian.

I m from australia
I’m from Australia.

He s an australian boy with blue eyes
He’s an Australian boy with blue eyes.

I m haitian
I’m Haitian.

I m from haiti
I’m from Haiti.

I m the haitian prime minister
I’m the Haitian Prime Minister.

I m chilean
I’m Chilean.

I m from chile
I’m from Chile.

She s an old chilean woman
She’s an old Chilean woman.

I m moroccan
I’m Moroccan.

I m from morocco
I’m from Morocco.

She s a moroccan woman with a poster
She’s a Moroccan woman with a poster.

We re swiss
We’re Swiss.

We re from switzerland
We’re from Switzerland.

I m mexican
I’m Mexican.

I m from mexico
I’m from Mexico.

She s a cute mexican girl with teacher lisa
She’s a cute Mexican girl with Teacher Lisa.

I m american
I’m American.

I m from the u s a
I’m from the U.S.A.

She s an american sitting in the grass
She’s an American sitting in the grass.