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My Future…..My Occupation!

My Future…..My Occupation!. Career Webquest EDU505 - Summer 2010 Professor Harrison Yang Prepared By: Nancy Cassella. Introduction: (What’s this all about?).

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My Future…..My Occupation!

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  1. My Future…..My Occupation! Career Webquest EDU505 - Summer 2010 Professor Harrison Yang Prepared By: Nancy Cassella

  2. Introduction:(What’s this all about?) There are so many occupations that you can choose from but how do you know what is out there? What kind of job fits your strengths and interests? Do you know what education is required? Do you even know what the job entails? Let’s investigate into your future!

  3. The Task(What are we going to do?) You will choose one occupation from the Career Cluster list that fits your interests. Using the resources given, you will answer questions about your chosen career. With your gathered information you will create a Power Point presentation to present to the class.

  4. The Process(How are we going to accomplish this?) STEP ONE: Go to the following website to learn about the 16 career clusters listed below: Agriculture & Natural Resources Architecture & Construction Arts, AV, Technology & Communication Business & Administration Education & Training Finance Government & Public Administration Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law & Public Safety Manufacturing Marketing, Sales & Service Scientific Research/Engineering Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  5. The Process Continued II: • STEP TWO: Choose a career cluster that interests you! • STEP THREE: Now that you have chosen a career cluster, pick an occupation within that career cluster using the same website. • Example: Career Cluster – Health Science Occupation – Pharmacist

  6. The Process Continued III: • STEP FOUR: Now answer the following questions about your chosen occupation: • What duties are performed by someone in this occupation? • What training/education will be required? • What is the job outlook for this occupation? • What is the average starting salary? • Will you need to re-locate? • Are their physical requirements that must be met to perform this occupation?

  7. The Resources(How will we find our information?) • Use these on-line resources to gather your information: • • • • • • •

  8. The Process Continued IV: • Now that you have gathered all of your occupation information, create a Power Point presentation. Your presentation must include: • Career Cluster & Occupation • The responsibilities of the occupation • Minimum educational requirements • Average salary • Job outlook • 3 interesting facts of the occupation • Where locally you could find this occupation Make it visually appealing!

  9. Evaluation(How will we be graded?) • Presentation requirements: • All 7 elements from the Process page must be covered. (10 points each) • Visuals, clip art/photos of the occupation (10 points) • Presentation skills: clear, loud voice; speak to the audience; not reading from the presentation; eye contact. (20 points) Would you like to earn 10 bonus points? Present while dressed as an employee in your occupation!

  10. Conclusion(What did we get out of this?) At the conclusion of this webquest you will have learned about many occupations and have focused on learning about one specifically to your interests. You are now well on your way to your future – armed with information to get you where you want to be. Congratulations! Now, take the next step!

  11. Teacher Page(What modifications can be made?) This webquest can be modified for younger learners by narrowing down a category and having them work in a group to search for the answers. This can also be modified from presenting in a powerpoint format to the student’s writing an essay instead.

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