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world war ii

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world war ii
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world war ii

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    1. World War II Battle for France and Britain Taylor Davis 12th Grade World History

    3. Frances Plan, Defensive Didnt want to be involved in Trench Warfare like in WWI Frances best idea, Maginot Line

    5. Germanys First Plan Schlieffen Plan-Same plan used in WWI Go up through Belgium and curl around Paris France expects this (has Intel-plane crashed with plans on it) and moves most of their armed forces to the France-Belgium border

    7. Germanys second plan Sickalsnit Plan (probably spelled wrong) Go through the Ardennes and sweep around the French forces in Belgium

    9. The miracle at Dunkirk Almost 400,000 British and French troops are evacuated by the Royal Navy People later blamed Hitler for their escape because he held back tank support Gave Britain hope

    11. Whats the situation After France falls Great Britain is the only country left to fight off Germany Germany plans to take out the Royal Air Force before a full blown invasion (Operation Sealion) Britain plans to hold out till help arrives (aka the United States)

    12. Problem with the German Plan Germany only had small bomber planes so they couldnt destroy a majority of Britains air force bases Anti-Aircraft lead to night bombing

    13. Terror bombing Germany firebombed civilian cities to cause terror to the people of Great Britain (US did this to Germany and Japan) At this time in Britain if you left lights on in your house at night you could be arrested

    14. Victory for Britain!! Great Britain holds out and manage to keep their air force and navy intact, this prevents Germany from invading US enters the war soon after the Battle of Britain is over (after Pearl Harbor) Hitler shifts focus to invading Russia (not a good idea, 2 front war)

    15. What was the Hitler-Stalin Pact? A- When Hitler and Stalin got married B- A not aggression pact between Russia and Germany C- A not aggression pact between Germany and Austria D- An alliance between Russia and Germany to fight the Allies

    16. What was the Maginot Line? A- A French line dance B- A series of trenches on the France and German border C- A series of concrete bunkers on the France and German border D- A really great plan

    17. What are the Ardennes? A- A German bomber plane B- A forest in Belgium C- 2 miles on the France and German border were there was no Maginot Line D- A really flat piece of land

    18. What was is the final German invasion plan into France? A- The Schlieffen Plan B- Operation Sealion C- The Sickalsnit Plan

    19. What was the miracle at Dunkirk? A- When the US beat Russia in Hockey B- When Great Britain won the Battle of Britain C- When the US entered the war D- When the Royal Navy rescued 400,000 Allied troops