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Marriott Foundation - Bridges PowerPoint Presentation
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Marriott Foundation - Bridges

Marriott Foundation - Bridges

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Marriott Foundation - Bridges

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  1. Marriott Foundation - Bridges Bridges from school to work is a program of the Marriott Foundation that enhances employment opportunities for young people with disabilities by effectively matching them to employers’ entry-level workforce needs. This goal is assisted by a weekly job club with the Bridges Employer Representatives and the Roosevelt University volunteers.

  2. What Bridges Means to the Chicago Participants What Bridges Means to the Chicago Students:

  3. Faith Faith, Get a job, work hard, and save money. Believe in yourself. Never give up on self, having faith in your dreams - Jorian Beasley -

  4. Commitment Commitment, I am committed to Bridges, just as Bridges is committed to me on finding a job. - Daniel Bracero -

  5. Confidence Bridges means that I have confidence in finding a job. - Ashley Keating -

  6. Belief Belief, Bridges means to me to have confidence and faith and to trust them to help me find a job so I can have a better life. - Patrick Keating -

  7. Courage Courage Courage, I say this because I want to be on my square with life and it will teaching me for the world. -Terrance Ford -

  8. Power Power, power I have to work hard to get a job. - ShonetteSanders -

  9. Independence Independence, because it shows that I will be on my own and that I’m ready to enter the real world. - Shaquille Vortes -

  10. Trust I trust the Marriott Bridges program because of one person and that person is Kelly. She has gone out of her way to help me and other kids like us. She has made it so that I can get my own job. - GenoPitts -

  11. Determination Determination, I have determination to come here on time and find the right job. -Hannah Sabbath-

  12. Drive Drive, to strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work hard and try wholeheartedly with determination. - Alberto Leon -

  13. Independence Independence, to have a job that you can keep, you have freedom. I think it means you have to be supportive of yourself. - Travis Johnson -

  14. Confidence Confidence is my word because it gives me the confidence to speak in a job interview. - Samantha Shelby -

  15. Power This program means that to help me find a job. Power means to have trust in somebody. - Michael Rivers -

  16. Drive Drive, I choose this work because everyone in this program is here to accomplish his or her goals to get a job. - Alyssa Cruz-

  17. Courage Courage, I choose this word because to me, it feels like I can do everything no matter how hard it is. - Ryan Griggs -

  18. Ambition Ambition, I picked this word because I am achieving all my goals and gain abilities. - DeAndre Eason-

  19. Strength Bridges, Strength quality of being mentally power or vigorous. - Demetrius McGreyor -

  20. Ambition Ambition, an earnest desire to achieve. Bridges means ambition to me because everyone that’s here is here for one reason to find a job. No matter the reason, we are all aimed at the same goal, to find a job. - Kevin King -

  21. Understanding Understanding, I picked understanding because some times when people tell me to do something, I can understand what they are talking about. - Denise Miller -

  22. Overcome Overcome, and the reason why I choose the word overcome is because I believe I can overcome any obstacles that life throws my way. - Mila Washington –

  23. Drive Drive, I choose this word because it describes that I have to drive to do anything I put my mind to. - LaTroya Hewitt -

  24. Dream Dream, I choose this word because I have many dreams that I want to accomplish and some dreams take hard work and dedication. In order to make the dreams come true you have to believe that you could make it come true. - Roger Lopez -

  25. Independence, Confidence, Belief, Achievement, Accomplishment, Overcome Independence, I choose this word because I am mostly independent. Confidence, I choose this word because I believe I can succeed in life. Achievement, I choose this word because I like to accomplish something really big. Overcome, I choose this work because I would like to over come my struggles in life. - Deonte Allen-

  26. So many things… Power, Faith, Trust, Loyal. - Millard Baker -

  27. What Bridges Means to the Roosevelt University Mentors

  28. Influence Being a mentor, it is expected that the participants will be influenced by my words and actions, however, because of the influence of the young adults at Bridges, I hold more confidence and compassion. These qualities will enable me to become an exceptional leader. – Jana Mazan -

  29. Empathy This experience has provided me with the understanding of the struggles of others and given me the incredible opportunity to aid these remarkable young adults. - Colleen Husted -

  30. Experience We each have certain experiences that change our lives. For me, the Bridges program was what opened my eyes to realizing how much I have to be thankful for, and what I can do to help make a difference. - Amanda Fritz -

  31. Leadership Leadership is what I have gained by being a mentor for the Marriott Foundations Bridges program. By working with this program it gave me an opportunity to take a significant role as a leader and help them succeed in their effort to gain employment. - Erin Foley -

  32. Eye-Opening Mentoring for Bridges was eye opening to me in many ways. Noticing the strive to succeed from each member of job club inspired me to do my best to help them in any way possible. I left every job club with a smile on my face. - Nicole Velez -

  33. Humbling For me mentoring was a very humbling experience. It taught me how to be more appreciative of what I have and not take anything for granted. It made me realize the important things in life and what really matters. - Melanie Lindsay -

  34. Inspiration This overall experience has inspired me to look at my own opportunities in a different light, and to be grateful for all of those work experiences, good or bad. I’m truly grateful to have met all of them, and know that I have made and impact in some small way. - JanniferArmenta -

  35. Patience Job Club has really opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences and situations that I may have not experienced before, and I am grateful for having this opportunity. - Emily Bertran -

  36. PetSmart Monterey Security 7-Eleven Lyric Opera of Chicago Jewel-Osco Target Dominick’s Food 4 Less Pump it up Aldi Dollar Tree Chicago Midway And More! Results: 30 hires in the past 3 months!

  37. With your generous support, we can continue to aid these students in finding gainful employment!!