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  1. Bridges! Danielle Perugini, Courtney Hartle, Catherine Kintz

  2. facts • 1711: The first known bridge was built in England. Its name was the Perry Bridge. It is still standing today, and is the longest surviving bridge. Another name for it is the zig zag bridge, referring to it’s shape.

  3. FActs cont. • 1726: The Causey Arch is the oldest surviving railway bridge. It is the longest single span bridge in the country, Wales.

  4. Facts cont. • 1738: During the beginning of the 18th century the towns people built a bridge over the Moyka river in Russia.

  5. Facts cont. • 1753: The Devil’s bridge is said to be created by the devil, because supposedly the bridge was too complex for man to make.

  6. Facts cont. • 1803:The Norrbro bridge (also know as the North bridge) was created in Stockholm and was the first bridge to be built in stone there.

  7. Facts cont. again • 1855: The Shearer's Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans the Big Chiques Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States.

  8. Facts. cont.... 1906: The Walnut Lane Bridge is a concrete arch bridge. The underneath of the bridge has inspired many painters.

  9. Facts cont. • 1956: The Broadway Bridge is an arch bridge that cost $12 million to build.

  10. Facts cont. • 1994: The First Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge located in Thailand & opened on April 8th 1994.

  11. Facts Cont. • Judith Stewart Dresser Bridge (also known locally as the Barrett's Ferry Bridge) is a fixed-span bridge in Virginia. The current bridge, which opened on January 24, 2009, replaced the failing 70 year old bridge.

  12. Bridge forms • Beam bridge are horizontal bridges supported by piers at each end of the bridge.

  13. Bridge forms cont. • Cantilever bridges are built using horizontal beams that are supported on only one end. Most cantilever bridges use two cantilever arms extending from opposite sides of the obstacle to be crossed, meeting at the center

  14. Bridge forms cont. • Arch bridges are arch-shaped and have piers at each end. The weight of the bridge is put into the piers at either side.

  15. Bridge forms cont. • Truss bridges are made of connected parts. They have a solid deck and a lattice of jointed girders for the sides. Early truss bridges were made of wood, and later of wood with iron rods, but modern truss bridges are made completely of metals such as wrought iron and steel or sometimes of concrete.

  16. Bridge forms cont. • A moon bridge is a highly arched bridge that people walk on. Wooden ones require the person to climb as they would a ladder when first going over it. and also when descending. They are often found in china and japan in gardens.

  17. Existing Bridges! • The Golden Gate Bridge is located in san fransisco, california. It is 4,200 feet long and has a.2 million trusses. It is a suspension bridge that opened in 1937. It is now a major landmark.

  18. Existing bridges cont. • “SidneyHarbor Bridge is a landmark of Sidney and all Australia. It was build in 1932 containing 6 millions of hand driven rivets. It has huge hinges due to the hot Sidney sun. The painted surface is equal to 6 football fields. It is a suspension bridge”

  19. Existing bridges cont. • “The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan connects Kobe on the mainland with Awaji islands and measures 4300 metres, being the world’s longest of its kind. It is wind and earthquake proofed up to 80 m/s and respectively 8,5 degrees on Richter scale.”

  20. Existing bridges cont. • “Storbaelt bridge between Funen and Zealand in Denmark has a length of 6800 metres and was build in a great way. Between 1986 and 1998.” •

  21. Existing bridges cont. • “Tower Bridge of London is so distinctively british, so old, so stylish and no one could think to it in other location thanLondon” •

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