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EERE Web Coordinators

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EERE Web Coordinators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EERE Web Coordinators. Hosted by the C&O Web/Digital Team. March 28, 2012 Phone:1-646-558-2123 Access Code: 351-749-040. Monthly Meeting. Agenda. Around the Room (15 min.) – Drew Bittner Transition Team Update (20 min) – Sarah Lynch

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Presentation Transcript
eere web coordinators

EERE Web Coordinators

Hosted by the C&O Web/Digital Team

March 28, 2012


Access Code: 351-749-040

Monthly Meeting

  • Around the Room (15 min.) – Drew Bittner
  • Transition Team Update (20 min) – Sarah Lynch
  • Communications Standards Tip (5 min) – Elizabeth Spencer
what do we mean by transition
What do we mean by “transition?”
  • Transition of EERE content from current RedDot system to Drupal and to a more usable information architecture
  • Determining how to move content into Drupal environment
    • Energy Savers
    • Other Consumer Content
    • Certain Corporate Content
    • Certain Program Content
    • Transitioning the EERE enterprise content/design itself into a user-centered design framework
  • Working with programs to develop a content strategy so that site content is relevant, current, engaging, and useful to our target audiences
what are our goals
What Are Our Goals?
  • Meet White House requirements and respond appropriately to PA direction
    • Improve customer service
    • Increase transparency
    • Simplify language
  • Define
    • Who our users are and what they need
    • How we can best respond to those needs
      • When they’re coming to the EERE enterprise directly – one of our Program or Initiative sites, our home page, or elsewhere
      • When they’re coming to for information
  • Standardize how visitors use/navigate all of our different systems
  • Update the underlying technology, implement a better framework (platform) to search and navigate, and align terminologies (taxonomy) and structure (architecture)
timeline to date
Timeline to Date
  • Late 2010: EERE planned and defined its web enterprise improvements
    • Site-wide content review to “de-clutter” and improve content
    • Usability testing to determine user needs
  • Early 2011: EERE requested to move content into But how?
    • 1/11: General commitment to develop Drupal enterprise to share content with (what kind?)
    • Most of 2011: Observing how has rolled out, conducting initial work on how to best, and most cost-effectively, migrate desired content into Drupal environment
    • Early 2012: Commitment to transition/migrate EnergySavers content
    • End-March 2012: Framing criteria for other consumer and corporate content to move over to’s hosting environment
where we are now
Where We Are Now?

EnergySavers Pilot

  • First content to move into platform
    • In the “middle” of pilot now
    • By April web coordinators’ meeting: initial observations on ease of using Drupal
  • Other consumer, corporate content
    • “Partnership sites” (ENERGY STAR, few to none will migrate
    • Still nailing down “corporate content”
      • Kids – very likely
      • Earth Day – very likely
      • Energy Basics – very likely
      • Financial Opportunities – TBD how and when
      • Recovery Act – TBD how and when
    • “Your stuff” – Developing criteria/guidance right now on how to identify (i.e., that which is for consumers, small businesses, retailers)
where we are going
Where We Are Going?

EERE Usability

  • March/April 2012: Concluding 4000+-user usability survey, and anticipate game-changing findings
    • Late April: Making recommendations on next steps to EERE leadership
    • Late April – Mid-June: Input sessions with Web Coordinators
    • Late April – September: Iterative discussions on design, cost, implementation timeframes, and alignment with EERE and DOE goals and systems

Reduction and Consolidation

  • Continue to reduce number of web domains
  • Ramp up content streamlining or archiving – both across EERE enterprise and within programs’ sites
    • “About” section guidance: coming soon
    • PRT governance guidance: coming soon
  • Technical Complexity
    • Drupal’s tougher than RedDot
    • Who’s going to do all the tagging? Heavy lift – Programs, some NREL
  • Template and Navigation is’s
    • “What goes where?” – Public Services, Science and Innovation
    • “What goes where?” x2 – A lot of drop downs within these areas, PA amenable to additions and expanded navigation (C&O will be working with programs on this)
  • Schedule
    • Time needed to migrate: not that much
    • Approval of content and how it is integrated: long pole?
  • Business Requirements: Continuing further definition and negotiation of what content migratesand when, within schedule and cost constraints
communication standards tip
Communication Standards Tip

Posting Webinars

Webinars are no different than any other video or audio file. And every multimedia file needs to meet Section 508. This means:

  • Always post a text version
  • For videos, you also should also:
    • Follow the instructions on posting a video from our Video page.
    • Add captions whenever possible.
communication standards tip1
Communication Standards Tip

For information on hosting, posting, and making accessible media files, see the following pages:

  • Videos:
  • Audio files:

wrap up
Wrap Up
  • Next meeting: April 19