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Mary Tudor
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Mary Tudor

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  1. Mary Tudor Later to be known as Bloody Mary.

  2. The young Mary. • Mary was Henry VIII’s first child. • She was a pretty girl who was good at languages, science and music. • She was a good dancer and good at sewing too. • After his divorce from Catherine, Henry refused to let Mary stay with her mother. • She was kept apart from her mother for much of the time and rarely saw her father.

  3. At 17 she had to become lady in waiting to Princess Elizabeth and she was not allowed to see her mother again. • She only came back to court when Jane Seymour persuaded Henry to allow it.

  4. Mary had not been a very well child and this was to be a problem later in her life. • She became Queen at 37 and was determined to return England to the one true faith…Roman Catholic.

  5. Mary marries Philip of Spain • Mary was pleased to marry Philip. He was handsome and a very powerful ROMAN CATHOLIC! • Philip was less pleased to marry Mary! • She was older than he had been led to believe, dressed badly and had no eyebrows!

  6. Married life • Mary loved her new husband. The English people did not. • Why do you think this was? • Mary rose every day at dawn and worked until midnight. She only saw her husband at meal times and in the evenings when she played the lute for him. • Soon Mary believed she was carrying the baby that would ensure her half sister Elizabeth would not inherit the throne. • Mary was wrong!

  7. Married life • In fact this happened twice to Mary. She thought she was pregnant because she wanted it so badly. Doctors now believe that she had stomach cancer and this was what made her stomach swell up. • Philip left Mary for good this time to fight a war in France. He did not return. • He was cross that Mary had never made him King. • He felt humiliated that she had never had his son and heir.

  8. Mary’s rule. • Mary was determined to return all her people to the true faith. • She believed she was saving their souls by insisting on this. • When they refused to change their ways she had them burnt at the stake.

  9. Bloody Mary • It was these burnings at the stake which gave Mary the name by which she is still known today. • More than 300 people were burned at the stake during her reign for refusing to become Roman Catholic…..heresy.

  10. The End • In April 1558, when Mary was 42, she became quite ill after realizing that she was not pregnant, for the second time. • She died in November without a child to succeed her. • Elizabeth, her half sister, and child of the woman who had replaced her mother in their father’s affections, now became the last Tudor monarch.