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Tudor times

Tudor times. Catherine of Aragon.

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Tudor times

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  1. Tudor times

  2. Catherine of Aragon Catherine of Aragon was Henry viii 1st wife .Henry wanted a wife who could give Henry a son to rule after him. However, she had other plans but unfortunately she had a daughter called Mary.Catherine died of a broken heart because Henry viii fell in love with Anne Boleyn.

  3. Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was Henry viii 2nd wife. Anne Boleyn was only married for 3 years until her husband Henry viii killed her by chopping her head off for being unfaithful! Anne was accused of killing her uncle with the use of witchcraft. Before getting married Anne Boleyn and Henry viii use to send love letters to one another. Anne Boleyn felt that she had a baby inside and she was correct. On the 7th September 1533 Henry and Anne had a baby girl, Elizabeth the 1st but Henry wanted a son to rule after him.

  4. Jane Seymour was the 3rd wife. Jane was the lady-in-waiting .She truly cared for Henry VIII. Unfortunately she died of suffering dihoria.Jane had a baby after she was married, then she had a son, Prince Edward , Henry VIII was over the moon but 2 weeks later Jane died which dejected Henry and he had to bring up his son on his own. Jane Seymour

  5. Anne of Cleves Anne was Henry VIII 4th wife . Anne's marriage linked England and Germany at the time of marrying Anne ,there weren't many women interested in Henry because he divorced them and killed them all .Henry wore black and white for 3 months and did not marry for another 3 years also, his grave was burried next to Jane Seymour. Also she was know as Flanders mare

  6. Katherine Howard • Katherine was the 5th wife and also she got beheaded because she had an affair with Gulpper (her cousin.) She was accused of beheading Gulpper. Her dad was Edminder Howard. Her mum was called Jose Culpeper, she was her mothers 10th child. The night before getting beheaded she practised laying her head on the block

  7. Katherine Parr Katherine Parr was the last wife of Henry’s collection of wives . Henry married her on 12th of July 1543 Queen closet,Hampet.She was the only one to survive the strong Henry VIII out of all 6 sorry wives. She first married Edward Brought but unfortunately he died in the early 1533 which Katherine was devastated.

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