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People & Politics PowerPoint Presentation
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People & Politics

People & Politics

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People & Politics

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  1. People & Politics KOOSH BALL Game! Play! Created By: G. WilsonGreat Neck Middle SchoolVirginia Beach, VA

  2. 50 50 50 100 500 1000 500 1000 250 500 250 1000 50 1000 500 100 1000 500 500 100 500 100 50 1000 1000 1000 250 250 500 100 500 250 500 500 50 50 50 1000 250 1000 500 100 250 500 1000

  3. 50 POINTS How far in advance must a voter register? ANSWER 29 days before the election BACK

  4. 50 POINTS What does the phrase public policy mean? ANSWER laws BACK

  5. 50 POINTS It is important that Americans do this, because it is one of our responsibilities ANSWER VOTE! BACK

  6. 50 POINTS What are the two major political parties? ANSWER Democrat & Republicans BACK

  7. 50 POINTS Who is more likely to vote- a high school dropout or a college graduate? ANSWER college graduate BACK

  8. 50 POINTS Who is more likely to vote- a 20 year old or a 60 year old? ANSWER 60 year old BACK

  9. 50 POINTS Who is more likely to vote- someone earning $20,000 per year or someone earning $75,000 per year? ANSWER $75,000 BACK

  10. 50 POINTS Liberal or conservative- Who would be more likely to support welfare to help those in need? ANSWER Liberal BACK

  11. 100 POINTS Running for political office is… ANSWER expensive BACK

  12. 100 POINTS Which type of election usually has the highest voter turnout? ANSWER presidential BACK

  13. 100 POINTS Identify who represented the two major parties in the 2012 presidential election. ANSWER Democrat- Obama Republican-Romney BACK

  14. 100 POINTS Identify two ways you could learn More about a presidential candidate. ANSWER Internet, news, newspapers, editorials, debates, political cartoons BACK

  15. 100 POINTS Identify each branch and its primary job. ANSWER Legislative- Make Laws Executive- Execute/Enforce/Carry out laws Judicial- Interpret laws BACK

  16. 100 POINTS Why is the presidential election considered a “rich man’s race”? ANSWER It takes MILLION$ BACK

  17. 250 POINTS Why do political parties appeal to the political center ANSWER To win majority support BACK

  18. 250 POINTS This group plays an important role in the political process, even though they rarely win elections. ANSWER Third Parties BACK

  19. 250 POINTS What three factors predict which citizens will vote ANSWER Age, Education, Income BACK

  20. 250 POINTS These form to introduce a new idea or to revolve around a political personality. ANSWER Third Parties BACK

  21. 250 POINTS When educating oneself about candidates, what would be considered a reliable source? ANSWER Debate, Media, Internet BACK

  22. 250 POINTS Who is most likely to recruit candidates for public office? ANSWER Political Parties BACK

  23. 250 POINTS What does the term precinct mean? ANSWER Your local voting area/ Neighborhood- close to home BACK

  24. 500 POINTS What is a platform? ANSWER A political party’s views on important issues BACK

  25. 500 POINTS Who influences elections by emphasizing and focusing public attention on selected issues? ANSWER MEDIA BACK

  26. 500 POINTS Name three groups that have a significant influence on public policy. ANSWER Individuals, Interest groups, and Media BACK

  27. 500 POINTS What are three ways a person can register to vote? ANSWER DMV, Registrar’s Office By mail BACK

  28. 500 POINTS Define lobbying- ANSWER seeking to influence legislators to introduce or vote for or against a bill. BACK

  29. 500 POINTS The high cost of campaigning has encouraged the development of these. ANSWER PACs BACK

  30. 500 POINTS What does PAC stand for and what do they do? ANSWER (Political Action Committee- raise money for candidates) BACK

  31. 500 POINTS ____ exist on the amount of money individuals can give to a candidate. ANSWER Limits BACK

  32. 500 POINTS What are the three qualifications to vote in VA? ANSWER 18, U.S. citizen, resident of VA + precinct BACK

  33. 500 POINTS Explain how interest groups donate money to candidates ANSWER Through PACs BACK

  34. 500 POINTS Explain the significance of theparty’s platform. ANSWER it explains the political party’s beliefs BACK

  35. 500 POINTS What would it mean if the media was bias towards Barack Obama? ANSWER It favored him over his opponents BACK

  36. 500 POINTS What is the result when major political parties fail to address some important issue. ANSWER Third parties form BACK

  37. 1000 POINTS What are four things individuals can do to influence public policy? ANSWER vote, write letters, join interest groups, lobby BACK

  38. 1000 POINTS Name three interest groups that influence lawmakers + identify what these groups stand for. ANSWER MADD, NRA, PETA, NAACP BACK

  39. 1000 POINTS Explain the main difference between liberal and conservative views ANSWER Liberal=more gov’t involvement Conservative= less gov’t involvement BACK

  40. 1000 POINTS Explain how the media might hold government officials accountable to the public. ANSWER By reporting on any negative actions/decisions. BACK

  41. 1000 POINTS Fully explain the political spectrum. ANSWER Left Wing Middle Right Wing Liberal Moderate Conservative DemocatRepublican Donkey Elephant Blue Red BACK

  42. 1000 POINTS What are the four strategies for evaluating campaign information ANSWER Separating fact from opinion Detecting bias Evaluating sources Identifying propaganda BACK

  43. 1000 POINTS What are three effects of rising campaign costs? ANSWER Wealthy candidates have advantage Limits opportunity to run Extensive fundraising More PACs Interest groups have increased influence BACK

  44. 1000 POINTS Explain how does the Electoral College favor the two party system ANSWER With only two MAIN parties, it is more likely that one candidate will receive needed 270 electoral votes BACK

  45. 1000 POINTS Identify three safeguards that are in place to prevent voter fraud ANSWER Felony, Must register, Show ID, Vote in precinct, etc. BACK

  46. 1000 POINTS Identify two ways that each branch participates in checks and balances. ANSWER L- override veto, Impeach, approve E- veto, appoint, call special session J- declare laws + actions unconstition BACK

  47. 1000 POINTS Name the three federal courts that make up the cake and identify the jurisdiction of each. ANSWER US Supreme- Limited OJ+AJ US Court of Appeals- AJ US District Court- OJ BACK