cattle breeds n.
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Cattle breeds

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Cattle breeds. Maggie Fetzer. Angus- Beef . Solid black Lean Slightly muscular Bulls have muscle crest around neck Heifers/ cows very lean Polled (naturally hornless) . Black Brangus - Beef. Bigger neck hump than Angus. Brahman/ Angus cross Similar to angus Slight neck hump

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cattle breeds

Cattle breeds

Maggie Fetzer

angus beef
Angus- Beef
  • Solid black
  • Lean
  • Slightly muscular
  • Bulls have muscle crest around neck
  • Heifers/ cows very lean
  • Polled (naturally hornless)
black brangus beef
Black Brangus- Beef

Bigger neck hump than Angus

  • Brahman/ Angus cross
  • Similar to angus
  • Slight neck hump
  • More defined sheath
  • Bigger brisket

Big brisket (comes from Brahman influence)

beefmaster beef

Slight neck hump

Beefmaster- Beef
  • Face and ears similar to Brahmans
  • Slight neck hump
  • Bulls are very stocky and muscled
  • Heifer/cows leaner
  • Color range from light to dark red
santa gertrudis beef
Santa Gertrudis- Beef
  • Dark red color
  • Big brisket
  • A lot of neck folds
  • Slight neck hump
  • Polled or horned
  • Long face
belted galloway beef
Belted Galloway- Beef
  • Black and white or brown and white
  • Distinguishing belt of white around their midsection
  • “Hampshire of cattle”
braford beef
Braford- Beef
  • Brahman/Hereford cross
  • Red with white underbelly, face, and legs
  • Looks like Hereford with slight neck hump
  • Bigger brisket
  • Horned or polled
  • Stockier than Herefords

Notice the brisket

hereford beef
Hereford- Beef
  • Red with white face, underbelly, and hocks
  • Horned
  • Small brisket
  • Moderately muscled
brahman beef
Brahman- Beef
  • Big ears, sheath, and brisket
  • Long face
  • Horned or polled
  • Very distinctive neck hump
  • Several colors
braunvieh beef
Braunvieh- Beef
  • Mousy brown
  • Small ears
  • Brown or black tail switch
  • Lighter underbelly and legs
  • White around the nose
charolais beef
Charolais- Beef
  • White, cream, or light blonde in color
  • Medium frame
  • Pink nose and hooves
  • Heavily muscled
  • Broad head
gelbvieh beef
Gelbvieh- Beef

Big muscles

  • Can be dark red, golden, or black
  • Long body
  • Heavily muscled
  • Looks similar to Charolias
  • Medium to large frame
limousin beef
Limousin- Beef
  • Can be blonde, black, or red
  • Very small brisket
  • Lean body
  • Lighter color on the underbelly, inside legs

and around the nose

  • Broad head
maine anjou beef
Maine Anjou- Beef
  • Can be solid black, solid red, black and white, or red and white
  • White markings are on the underbelly, legs, and face
  • Large framed
  • Not very muscular
  • Less stocky than


polled hereford beef
Polled Hereford- Beef

Virtually no neck hump

No horns!

  • Same as Hereford but no horns
  • Polled means “naturally hornless”
  • Stocky and muscular
  • Smaller brisket than Braford
  • Smaller neck hump than Braford
red angus beef
Red Angus- Beef
  • Similar to Angus
  • Solid red in color
  • Lean , slightly muscular
red brangus beef
Red Brangus- Beef
  • Similar to black Brangus
  • Slight neck hump
  • Defined sheath
  • Big brisket

Big brisket

Bigger neck hump than angus

Bigger brisket than angus

shorthorn beef
Shorthorn- Beef


  • Red, white, and roan
  • Polled or horned
  • Moderate frame
  • Long hair
simmental beef
Simmental- Beef
  • Yellowish-brown, straw colored, red, or black
  • White markings on face, legs, brisket, and underbelly
  • Horned or polled

Leaner & longer than polled hereford

texas longhorn beef
Texas Longhorn- Beef
  • Variety of colors and patterns
  • Has distinctively long horns
ayrshire dairy
Ayrshire- Dairy
  • Red and white
  • Distinct spots
  • Can be speckled
  • Small framed
  • Udder
brown swiss dairy
Brown Swiss- Dairy
  • Mousy brown, but can be grey, dark brown, or tan
  • Similar to Braunvieh
  • Small head
  • Udder
guernsey dairy
Guernsey- Dairy
  • Can be yellowish to reddish-brown with white patches
  • Small in the hip
  • Udder
holstein dairy
Holstein- Dairy
  • White with black patches
  • Very distinctive look
  • Chick-fil-a cow
  • Udder
jersey dairy
Jersey- Dairy
  • Light brown in color
  • Dark nose, hooves, and tail switch
  • Borden cow, Elsie
  • Udder