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Cattle breeds

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Cattle breeds
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Cattle breeds

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  1. Cattle breeds Kail Wilkerson and MarkAnne Geary

  2. Angus is a beef breed. They came from Scotland. Ranchers like them in the snowy places because they have black bags so they don’t get burnt. Angus cattle

  3. Beefalo is a cross breed of a buffalo and a beef cattle • It was meant to be a hybrid of the two breads • The breed came up in the 1960s • People tried to successfully to it but they never could until the 1960s Beefalo

  4. The breed originated from India • The hump on there neck was made for survival , it is made up of food and water Brahman

  5. The breed originated in southeastern France • They came to America in 1930 • They are a long boded breed • They have good milk if they are a cow of coarse Charolais

  6. U.S servicemen station in Italy discovered the breed in WWII • The bread originated from Italy • The first one that was born in the U.S was a black half blood in July, 1972 Chianina

  7. They came to America in 1950 • The Galloway's are larger grow faster and have a heaver milk quantity Belted Galloway

  8. They originated in Bravaria in southern Germany • They where introduced to America in 1971 • They are meant to be used as a beef cattle Gelbvieh

  9. Guernsey It is a milk cow They come from the Guernsey islands in the English Channel They came to America in 1840 They produce a high percent of butter milk

  10. Hereford They are about 2 and a ½ century's old The breed originated from England It is a beef cattle

  11. Holstein They are a dairy cattle Originated from Europe They only make money up to 6yrs They can be breed at 18 months of age or 800lbs

  12. They originated from an island in the English channel • They are a dairy cattle • They have been recorded in England as early as 1771 • They came to America in the 1850s Jersey

  13. The breed has bean around for 20,000 years • They are a work animal and also a beef cattle • They came to America in the 1800s Limousin

  14. They originated from the most western part of France • They are a large breed well muscled and have a distinctive colored hair • They came to America in 1969 Maine-Anjou

  15. The breed started in Texas in 1918 • They are a mix breed of Brahman and Shorthorn Santa Gertrudis

  16. Shorthorn They originated in north England They are a beef cattle The cows can produce large quantity of milk

  17. They originated from Swiss Canton • They came to America in 1960s • They are a dairy breed • They are in lots of other country's all around the would • The are very adaptable to there surroundings Simmental

  18. Wagyu They where imported to America in 1976 They originated from japan They are a very high quality beef They are worth $100 per pound

  19. It is the most numerous in Spain • they are work and beef animals • They are not very tall in stature Retinta

  20. They are milk and beef cattle • They originated from Ireland • The Viking's brought them wherever they went Irish Moiled

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