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Welcome. Teacher introducing. Md. Mizanur Rahman. Assistant teacher in English. Gopalpur M.L. High school. Monirampur , Jessore. Look at the pictures and say what the people are doing. Look at the pictures and say what are doing this women?. Class introducing. Class - Ten

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Teacher introducing

Md. MizanurRahman

Assistant teacher in English

Gopalpur M.L. High school

Monirampur ,Jessore.


Class introducing

Class - Ten

Subject- English (first paper)

Topic- The Maghs



page no-189

Time-45 (Minuets)


By the end of lesson you will have


Looked at the picture of some tribal people and talked about them.

Listened to a text and identified true/ false statements and gives correct information if false.

Read a text and answered questions based on it.

Written a description of a process


Listen to the text and say whether the statements are true or false. If false ,give correct information. (Pair work)

1.The Maghs migrated from Bangladesh.

2.The Maghs settle in four district in Bangladesh.

3. The Marmas and Rakhains live on the plains as well as in the hills.

4.The Maghs are very hard working people.

5. Almost all Maghs woman can weave clothes.

1.False/Correct,Answers=from Arakan


3. .False/Correct,Answers=The “Marmas” live in hilly region and the “ Rakhains”live in the plains


5. False/Correct,Answers=All Magh women can weave clothes.



Thatch :-

roofing material that consists of straw , reeds etc.

Weave :-


determine , decide

Settle :-

Loom :-

weaving ,matching

Fermentation :-

a chemical change because of the action of some bacteria

Crush :-

to break or gain into small particles.


Here is a text

Open your book unit-17,lesson-1, Read the topic and match the pictures

Bamboo post

Timber post

About six to eight feet above the ground


Read more about the Maghs. Ask and answer the questions that follow.

Now answer the following questions in “group”

1.What are the benefits of building a house on high platform?

1.The benefits of building a house on a high platform is to protect them form insects , animals and damp

2.What materials do they use to build houses?

2.They use to build houses timber,bamboo slates and thatched etc.

3.Describe the Magh’s house ?

3.The Maghs build their houses on high platform,about six to eight feet above the ground so that their houses do not damp.


D. The diagram below shows the process of making sticky rice. Describe the process In your own way and write down.(Individual work)

First: sticky rice washed

Then-water bamboo tube

After that: fire/ heated

Next : month of the tube banana leaves

After some /rice/boiled sufficiently/cooled




How are the bamboo shoots fermented?

What do they do on festivals?


Home work

Write the process of making morogpolau and khichuri.