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Layout Mangers in Java

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Layout Mangers in Java. Tim McKenna Seneca@York. Layout Managers. A container (JPanel) has a layout manager. A layout manager is an object that manages the size and location of the components inside a container. Layout Managers.

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layout mangers in java

Layout Mangers in Java

Tim McKenna


layout managers
Layout Managers
  • A container (JPanel) has a layout manager.
  • A layout manager is an object that manages the size and location of the components inside a container.
layout managers3
Layout Managers
  • A top-level container (JFrame) has a "content pane" which can be set to a container (JPanel).
  • This container can contain other containers.
  • Containers can be associated with different layout managers.
containment hierarchy
Containment Hierarchy
  • a logical hierarchy of containers
  • nest containers inside other containersJPanel (inside JPanel …) inside JFrame
  • advantages
  • a more organized, cleaner GUI layout
  • new components can be added to one container without affecting the other containers
  • programming technique: use of panels inside panels, each with different layouts
use of panels
Use of Panels
  • Components are grouped into different containers, i.e. JPanels
  • Each container uses its own layout manager to position components.
  • Another container uses its layout manager to position the panels.
three common layout managers
Three Common Layout Managers
  • java.awt.FlowLayout
  • java.awt.BorderLayout
  • java.awt.GridLayout
flowlayout manager
FlowLayout Manager
  • default for panels and applets
  • multiple components placed from left to right, from top to bottom
  • alignment and spacing can be adj.
  • Example:
  • Exercise: Resize the window and see how the components flow.
borderlayout manager
BorderLayout Manager
  • default for JFrame window objects
  • locations marked by 5 areas: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, CENTER
  • each area can contain only ONE object,usually a JPanel object
  • sizing of the areas: NORTH, SOUTH: horizontal expansion EAST, WEST: vertical expansion CENTER: flows
  • Example:
gridlayout manager
GridLayout Manager
  • locations: a grid of rows and columns
  • size of the components: equal size
  • Example:
layout managers10
Layout Managers
  • Flow/Border/Grid Layouts all have limited use.
  • GridBagLayout is much more flexible and much harder to use.
  • bobjects package JPanelGrid combines GridLayout ease of use and GridBagLayout power.
  • see