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WELCOME. PLANNING FOR POST SECONDARY EDUCATION. Where did our grads go? Grads of 2012. Carleton 50 Ottawa 33 Algonquin 25 Queen’s 10 Waterloo 9 Toronto 9 Humber 4 One or two students:

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where did our grads go grads of 2012
Where did our grads go?Grads of 2012
  • Carleton 50
  • Ottawa 33
  • Algonquin 25
  • Queen’s 10
  • Waterloo 9
  • Toronto 9
  • Humber 4

One or two students:

  • McMaster, York, Western, Laurier, Lakehead,Dalhousie, Guelph, McGill,Trent, Mt. Allison, Acadia, StFX, Ryerson, Sheridan, Georgian, St. Lawrence, Fanshaw
it s your choice
  • College
  • University
  • Apprenticeship
  • Work/Travel (GAP Year)
  • Part-time Studies/Work
  • Return, up-grade
how to decide top resources
HOW TO DECIDE:Top Resources
  • View Books (GUIDANCE)
  • Open Houses
  • University/College Visits
  • E-mail/phone liaison officers/faculty advisors
  • Websites:



www.electronicinfo.ca (Ontario universities only)

www.ouac.on.ca (Ontario University Application Centre)

career cruising pathway planning software
Career Cruising: Pathway Planning Software
  • Career Matchmaker software (www.careercruising.com)

Username: elearningocdsb

Password: Ontario

  • JVIS results from last year
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements
  • 30 credits (18 compulsory)
  • 40 hrs. community involvement

Deadline: June 1, 2014

  • literacy test
  • To participate in the graduation ceremony final marks for on-line courses must be submitted by June 1st
  • OSSD- Ont. Sec. School Diploma
  • Undergraduate program- first university program
  • Honours Bachelor’s degree- first degree in university/sometimes college (4 years)
  • Diploma- obtained after completion of college program
  • OUAC-Ontario University Application Center
  • OCAS-Ontario College Application Service
why college
  • Over 2800 unique programs designed to prepare for future career-programs in the arts, health sciences, technology, trades, and business areas of study
  • Academic learning is blended with practical experience
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Cost effective
spectrum of program types at college
  • Certificate (1 year)
  • Diploma (2 years)
  • Advanced Diploma (3 years)
  • Graduate Certificate (1 year- for those who have already completed a post secondary diploma or degree)
  • Bachelor’s Degrees (4 years)
  • Collaborative programs (college/university)
degree programs at college
Degree Programs At College

Algonquin College Examples:

Degree Program

Ex. Bachelor of Applied Arts-Interior Design

  • University level courses required to apply

Collaborative Degrees

Ex. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Degree program-University courses required for application
  • Must apply on the university application site
  • Some courses are at Algonquin College and others at the University of Ottawa
how to apply for a college program in ontario
How To Apply For A College Program In Ontario?
  • OCAS= Ontario College Application Service (located in Guelph, Ontario)
  • www.ontariocolleges.ca

(For college programs outside of Ontario-consult specific school’s website for application information)

how to apply for a college program in ontario1
How To Apply For A College Program In Ontario?
  • Begin your application at ontariocolleges.ca
  • Click the “Apply Now” button and complete all required fields
  • Review and click the “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” button
  • Click the “activate your account” link
  • A prompt will appear to “enter your account username and password”

Source: www.ontariocolleges.ca

Have ready:

Ontario Education Number (OEN)

And Student Number

how to apply for a college program in ontario2
How To Apply For A College Program In Ontario?
  • Record your username, and password. (Keep your password confidential)
  • Complete your application including program choices
  • Verify that the grades forwarded by your high school are correct
  • Pay your application processing fees online by VISA, MasterCard or American Express
  • Payments by phone can be made by calling OCAS Customer Contact Centre

Source: www.ontariocolleges.ca

how much does it cost
How Much Does It Cost?


  • Cost is $95 for 5 choices maximum
  • Maximum of 3 program choices at any one college
  • Can pay on-line (credit card)
how to apply for a college program in ontario3
How To Apply For A College Program In Ontario?
  • Green check marks should appear next to ALL the Categories on the left side of your application for it to be complete
  • What is left to complete on this application?
how to confirm an offer
How To Confirm An Offer?
  • The colleges will let you know directly of their admission decision. Offers will also appear on your OCAS account When you receive an offer of admission:

1) Log back into your online application/account

2) Click on “View Offers” to see your offers of admission

3) Confirm your offer of admission-Click “Confirm” (If after accepting an offer of admission you do not receive a confirmation email, contact ocas immediately.)

Source: www.ontariocolleges.ca

who can answer my questions
  • Step by step application procedures on how to utilize OCAS (http://www.ontariocolleges.ca)
  • Live Help feature under “Contact Us”
  • Email the Customer Contact Centre at Ask-Us@ontariocolleges.ca
  • Call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-892-2228 (toll-free within Canada) Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Source: www.ontariocolleges.ca


what marks do colleges see
What Marks Do Colleges See?
  • Colleges receive final grades from9-12

Grade 12 grades

-Mid Term Sem.1

-Final Sem.1

-Mid Term Sem.2

-Final Sem.2

additional admission criteria
Additional Admission Criteria
  • Consult program view book or specific college to reference if there are additional admission criteria
  • Examples- tests, portfolios, interviews, auditions and personal information forms
  • Ex. Graphic Design at Algonquin College
      • Submit a portfolio of 10-15 samples of your best work
      • Layout/Design test

Be aware of deadlines!

ontario college application important dates
Ontario College Application Important Dates
  • Feb. 1, 2014 - equal consideration deadline for online application
  • Feb. 1, 2014 - earliest release of offers by colleges (apply early!)
  • May 1, 2014 - applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission to their chosen program through ontariocolleges.ca by this date
college articulation agreements
College Articulation Agreements
  • Business Administration at Algonquin College-3 year Diploma
  • Articulate to a B.Comm degree at U of Ottawa
  • Up to 60 credits (equiv. to 2 years) of advanced standing given towards B.Comm. degree (70% average required from Algonquin)
highly competitive programs
Highly Competitive Programs
  • Make sure you apply early
  • Applications will be ranked by the average of the required courses and/or by the test results (English, etc.)
  • Check list on the college web site

Example of SOME of Algonquin’s highly competitive programs

university program selection research steps
University Program Selection Research Steps
  • Investigate program options (review courses in each program)
  • Visit university websites
  • Attend post-secondary sessions
  • Make contact with faculty advisors
  • Keep up-to-date with changes
  • Visit universities/colleges
  • Talk to your counsellor
  • Determine what to study (Research universities that have desired program(s)
  • Review courses studied (all programs are not the same)
  • Check the prerequisites/required average
  • Consider special programs – student for a day/faculty visits
  • Determine where to apply

Ontario University eINFO GUIDE

  • The comprehensive guide to Ontario universities for secondary school students
    • www.electronicinfo.ca
  • OUAC = Ontario University Application Centre (located in Guelph, Ontario)
    • www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101 - online instructional video is available
timelines for u niversity applications
Timelinesfor University Applications
  • January 15deadline to complete online application
  • February 4recommended last date for university/program changes & additions
  • May 29latest date students can expect a response from an Ontario university
  • June 2earliest date Ontario universities may require a response to an offer of admission from students
  • Universities outside of Ontario will have their own timelines and application process. eg. McGill
university application process
University Application Process
  • Application is on-line through OUAC (tutorial available)
  • Access codes arrive in late October (PIN number)
  • Cost is $130 for 3 choices
  • Additional choices are $44 each
  • Can pay on-line/credit, etc.
ouac reference number
OUAC Reference Number
  • After you SUBMIT, you will be assigned an OUAC reference number
  • Needed for other university applications that are linked to the OUAC
  • Needed to get back in to your application to track or change choices
sample application
Sample Application

Scenario A($130)

  • 1. CC Commerce (no option) Carleton
  • 2. OFE Management (no option) Ottawa
  • 3. QCCommerceQueen’s

Scenario B($130)

  • 1. OAS Arts Ottawa
  • 2. OLA Social Sciences Ottawa
  • 3. CH Arts Carleton
subject of major interest
Subject of Major Interest
  • Specialization
  • Major
  • Double Major
  • Minor
  • Undeclared major

Depends on the university – very high number of undergraduates change major/program after first year

consider cooperative education
Consider Cooperative Education
  • Paid at the university level
  • Gain hard skills
  • Develop a network
  • Future employer
  • Inform career decision

Check this field on application

alternate offers
Alternate Offers ???
  • What does this mean?
  • Who gives them?
  • Why are they important?
  • Eg. Bachelor of Social Work alternate offer- Bachelor of Arts Psychology
  • When you apply, grade 11 marks and completed grade 12 course marks are sent plus a list of courses you are taking this year
  • 1st semester final marks
  • 2nd semester midterm marks
  • 2nd semester final marks
reminder additional admission criteria
Reminder:Additional Admission Criteria

Programs that require more than marks only

Examples- tests, portfolios, interviews, auditions and personal information forms

Be aware of deadlines

reminder verify verify verify
  • Log on to the OUAC and VERIFY the following:
  • Personal information
  • Course history
  • Current courses for both semesters
  • Inform your counsellor about external credits being taken
    • Eg. night school, on-line courses etc.
important information
Important Information
  • Make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date
  • Make sure e-mail messages from OUAC and do not go to your junk mail
  • Keep all your application information in a separate file
universities outside of ontario
  • Bishop’s, Concordia, McGill, Dalhousie, Simon Fraser, UBC, UVIC, U of Calgary, U of New Brunswick, St Mary’s are connected to OUAC
  • Other universities: must arrange for transcript to be sent; order in guidance
  • Most American Universities demand testing ie. SAT
  • SAT www.collegeboard.com

TOEFL – for students whose 1st language is not English

Contact university for specific instructions

what happens next
What Happens Next
  • Read ‘Welcome letter’
  • Institutions will assign each applicant a student number
  • Use this student number to track the status of your application on the university’s web site
university offers of admission
University Offers of Admission
  • Each university is different
  • Early early offers are made using grade 11 marks & any completed grade 12
  • Generally should have a scholarship offer attached
  • Most offers arrive after the mid-term of 2nd semester
  • One offer does not cancel other offers
  • Programs requiring portfolios have later offers
general offer process not all universities are the same
General Offer Process (not all universities are the same)

First Round Offers (mid December)

  • A minimum of 5 grade 11 (3U/M) grades must be available
  • Average must be 80% or better (depends on program)
  • No refusals at this time
  • Applicants who do not receive an offer at this time will be evaluated in next round of offers
second round offers march
Second Round Offers (March)

*decisions are based on grade 12 and grade 11 marks

  • A minimum of 3 grade 12 (4U/M) grades must be available
  • All prerequisites must be presented (grades or in progress)
  • A minimum of 6 courses are included in the calculation of average (eg. 4-4U/M and 3-3U/M)
  • Generally seats are kept open in all programs for the final round of offers except for limited enrollment programs: check with the university
third round offers may
Third Round Offers (May)
  • decisions based on grade 12 marks
  • A minumum of 6 grade 12 (4U/M) grades must be available- final or interim grades
  • All prerequisites must be presented
  • Minimum average will depend on program
  • Offers, refusals are sent
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • Carleton University Parent Night

December 10

Register admissions.carleton.ca

information on scholarships
Information on Scholarships
  • Direct applications (not limited)
  • Sponsored applications (limited)
  • Automatic – based on marks
  • Scholarship tab on einfo (Ontario)
  • School websites (outside Ontario)
  • Family workplaces, community organizations
  • Scholarships Canada/Student Awards
financial aid
Financial Aid


  • OSAP is the Ontario Student Assistance Program
  • OSAP helps fund a student’s post secondary career
  • The amount of assistance is dependent upon several factors (detailed on-line application)
  • Financial Aid Calculator
  • 30% Tuition Reduction


our message to students
Our Message to Students
  • Be Realistic
  • Be Informed
  • Don’t Panic
  • Remember, it’s not a life-long decision
  • Work hard, but enjoy this year!