American bison bison bison
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American Bison Bison Bison. K. Sloggett 7 th Grade Science Research Report 2010. Bison Information. 5 to 6 ½ feet tall at the shoulder Gestational period is about 9 months long Babies are called calves They run very fast for their size.

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American bison bison bison

American BisonBison Bison

K. Sloggett

7th Grade Science Research Report


Bison information
Bison Information

5 to 6 ½ feet tall at the shoulder

Gestational period is about 9 months long

Babies are called calves

They run very fast for their size.

Herbivores: grass, herbs, shrubs, twigs

More information
More Information

Bison live 18-22 years long

They can weigh up to one ton (2,000 pounds).

They have no defense mechanisms.

Native Americans lived in a symbiotic relationship with bison because they used every part of the bison bodies for their needs.


They wallow in mud to protect their skin.

Bison have thick fur to protect them from hot and cold weather.

Snow won’t melt onto their skin because of the thickness of their winter coat.


Only 551 bison were counted in 1881. Since then, more than 150,000 bison live in North America. Most of those live on private lands. They live on grassland plains.


Bison were considered endangered in the late 1800s because people over-hunted them.

Bison have been cross-bred with cattle, making fewer true bison.

Some bison have roamed from Yellowstone National Park, where they are protected, and are killed by people in Montana. There has been a recent agreement wherein bison are now able to leave the park during the winter without fear of being killed.

Interesting facts
Interesting Facts

Bison have poor eyesight, but have a great sense of smell.

Bison can reach up to 35 miles per hour when running.

Females are the leaders of family groups.


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