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    1. CANADIAN BISON Traceability 2011 Requirements November 2009

    Terry Kremeniuk Executive Director Canadian Bison Association


    Bison Traceability History Why Traceability Who is Involved Government Decisions CBA Traceability Activities Producers Role

    3. Bison Traceability History

    Brucellosis/Tuberculosis Testing Health of Animal Tags Paper Based Complete Traceability System Record of Movement Animal Identification, Premises, Animal Movement Partnership with CCIA In National ID System Since 2001 Dangle Tags to RFID Tags

    4. Why Traceability

    Herd/Business Management Management of Animal, Human Health, or a Food Safety Emergency Improved Market Access Competitors Providing Product Traceability Quicker Market Re-entry should there be Closure Product Differentiation Value Added/Age Verification Enhanced Consumer and Market Confidence

    5. Traceability Who is Involved

    Cow-Calf Producers Community Pastures Truckers Auction Markets Veterinarians Feedlot Operators Brokers Processors Dead Stock Operators CCIA Federal and Provincial Governments and their Agencies

    6. Traceability Whats Required

    Animal Identification Premises Identification Movement Recording Cost Effective Functional Technology Cost Sharing

    7. Where Are Governments

    July 10, 2009 Federal/Provincial Ministers Commitment To A National Traceability System Comprehensive National System In Place by 2011 System Supported By National Funding and Regulatory Framework Funding to Support Traceability Infrastructure Development Including CCIA Provinces Responsible for Premises Verification/Registration Governments Working with Industry

    8. What Are Industry Concerns?

    Costs Down Loaded To Cow Calf Producer Tag Retention is a Major Concern in terms of Cost and System Integrity Technology Should Create Value by Facilitating Commerce Technology Requires Further Development Provincial Governments at Different Stages Governments Contribute to Development Costs but Should also Support Maintenance

    9. What's the CBA Doing

    Participating With other Sectors and Government in Recommending Traceability Strategies/Policies Providing Leadership In Cost/Sharing Parameters Participating Actively in CCIA Development Project Funding Requested Developing Technology Based Traceability Processes Developing Paper Based Traceability Processes Resources to assist producers get started Testing Different RFID Tags

    10. What are the Timeframes

    Animal Identification - Complete Premises Identification In Progress and to Be complete By Dec. 2010 Movement Recording Developing and to be Completed by December 2011

    11. Premises Identification Status

    Provinces Putting Systems in Place that will Accommodate Registration and Validation of Premises Systems Include Provincial Registries that are Regulated, Voluntary or Existing Provinces Working with Industry to Facilitate Registration Some Provinces Using Systems of CCIA Some Provinces Integrating Systems with CCIA

    12. CCIA Is Changing

    Will Continue With Cattle And Bison Canadian Traceability Centre Being Developed to Provide Traceability Services for Other Sectors Canadian Traceability Centre will provide Traceability Data Management Services to Others requiring Such Services Federal Government Supporting Development Industry/Governments Cost Sharing Parameters Being Developed

    13. What are the Timeframes

    Animal Identification - Complete Premises Identification In Progress and to Be complete By Dec. 2010 Movement Recording Developing and to be Completed by December 2011

    14. How Can You Help

    Project Participation Need 35 Test sites Feedback Read Communications Participate In Information Sessions Access Provincial Programs