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  1. Bison By Alison, Emily, Jacob and Ethan

  2. Bison

  3. Hunting the Bison • People would chased them into a pound and close the gate and locked it with barbwire. Then threw spears at them.

  4. renewable or Non-renewable? Bison are a renewable resource. Do you know how……… because bison have calves every year. So if they die, they will repopulate. Do you know how many calves they have? 1 or 2 every Spring.

  5. How are they are made • God created the bison. He said, “Let there be land animals.” So there were land animals. Then God created Adam, then Adam named a big creature the BISON.So then there were Bison.

  6. Bison’s natural Predators\tural predator • A Bison’s natural predators are wolves, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and humans. Some people would chase Bison off a cliff and that was called head smashed and bison jump. • WATCH OUT BISON THERE COMING!!

  7. Tipis made of Bison • Native people used to kill Bison to make the walls of tipis. The skin of Bison is thick so it makes a good tipi walland many other things.

  8. Transporting Bison • Bison transport in herds to get to grasslands. When they gather there is usually millions of bison. That’s a lot of bison!!

  9. Extinct • If you like Bison sometimes one is enough to kill. One provides lots There was only 6 million left. That was not a lot of Bison.

  10. Bonus 1.Bison breed in fall and have babies in spring. 2.Bison are the largest animal in North America. 3.Male Bison are 3 and half meters long. 4.Male bison are 2 meters tall. 5.When there is a predators around Bison form a circle around the baby ( calf) to protect it. 6. One type of bison is called the African buffalo. 7. Bison live in North/South America and Buffalo live in Africa. 8. Plains bison have smaller shoulder humps and weigh less than Wood bison. 9.Some Bison live in the Rocky Mountains.

  11. Book Of Bison