mr burleson s social studies
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Mr. Burleson’s Social Studies

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Mr. Burleson’s Social Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr. Burleson’s Social Studies. RULES, PROCEDURES, AND EXPECTATIONS. Classroom Rules. 1. You are here to Learn! • Be in your seat when the BMT brings you in! • Get any tissues or other items before class. • Comply with all teacher instruction 2. Be on task!

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mr burleson s social studies

Mr. Burleson’s Social Studies


classroom rules
Classroom Rules
  • 1. You are here to Learn!

• Be in your seat when the BMT brings you in!

• Get any tissues or other items before class.

•Comply with all teacher instruction

  • 2. Be on task!

• Have your work out and be working on it.

• No loud talking during group assignments

• No rearranging the seats without permission

  • 3. Be respectful to me, and to your fellow students!

• No name calling, no insults, no bullying!

• During class discussion, everyone is quiet while the student with permission talks.

• Do not sharpen pencils during class. I will provide you with sharpened pencils.

  • 4. Be flexible!

• People come and go into the Right Choices program all the time. I ask that you just “go with the flow” with whatever I or any other teacher, BMT, or staff member asks of you.

• Respect views and opinions different from your own! You can disagree, as long as it is in a polite and calm manner!

  • 1. Am I in the Right Room? My name is Mr. Matthew Burleson. 1st and 2nd Period I teach US History. 3rd and 4th Period I teach African American History. If you see that on the sheet Mrs. Thompson gave you, then yes, you are in the right place. That means we talk about history in this class!
  • 2. Where am I supposed to sit? I will assign you a seat. I may ask you to change seats or to move around in the classroom during the year.
  • 3. What are the rules? They are on the back. If in doubt, just show respect to me, other students, the BMTS, and everyone else.
  • 4. What will I be doing this year? We will be talking, reading, and writing about History.
  • 5. How am I graded?
matthew burleson african american history 3 rd period 01 30 2012
I will hand you a worksheet every day
  • I want you to put your name, the name of the class, the period, and the date
  • Be sure to put every piece of work in your folder!
Matthew BurlesonAfrican-American History3rd Period01/30/2012
6 who is this teacher
6. Who is this teacher?

Name: Matthew Burleson

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 980-343-3768


Wingate University BA: History (May 2003)

Western Carolina University Licensure Program (May 2012)

More about me:

Originally from Albemarle, North Carolina

Married with two daughters

Before becoming a teacher I worked in a variety of fields; call centers,

telecommunications, insurance

I love studying history and I love being able to teach history to our

Students at Right Choices!

7 will this teacher treat me as a human being
7. Will this teacher treat me as a Human Being?
  • I’m not here to punish you
  • I’m here to help you learn about history.
  • Iwill make every effort to show you respect.
  • I ask you to show me respect in return!