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Rural Sociology PowerPoint Presentation
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Rural Sociology

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Rural Sociology
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Rural Sociology

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  1. Rural Sociology

  2. Rural Sociology is the branch of Sociology that studies rural life, rural social relationships and rural social institutions. Thus it a comprehensive study of issues , problems, facts and social relationships connected with rural environment.

  3. “Rural Sociology is the science of rural society. The laws of the structure and development of rural society in general can aid us in discovering the special laws governing a particular society. The basic function of rural Sociology is to discover the laws of rural development.” A.R.Desai

  4. “The subject –matter of rural sociology is the description and analysis of progress of various kinds as they exist in rural environment” Lowry Nelson

  5. Origin and Development of Rural Sociology • 1890-1920 is known as ‘Exploiter Period’. Rural Sociology is quite new. In America study of Rural Sociology as a separate subject was started in 1908 . In 1937 Rural Sociological Society was established in America.

  6. Subject –matter of Rural Sociology • Rural Social Structure • Rural Social Organisation • Characteristics of Rural Society • Rural Social Stratification • Study of Rural Social Problems • Rural Social Institutions • Rural Social Life

  7. Rural Reconstruction • Rural Change • Rural Social Planning

  8. Scope of Rural Sociology Scope of Rural Sociology is rural society. There are various view points. Points of disagreement • Whether the general laws and principles of sociology can be applied on rural sociology or different laws and principles be formulated. • . &

  9. Whether Rural Sociology should restrict itself only to the study of rural community • Whether Rural Sociology should discover laws pertaining to the development of the rural community only or include remedial measures also.

  10. Points of agreement • Rural & Urban environments are unique and have special characteristics • There is interaction between the two thus need to compare them. • Structure of rural society keeps on changing thus to know the causes of change • Rural Sociology is the scientific, serialized and comprehensive study thus laws can be formulated on the basis of its knowledge

  11. Characteristics of Rural Sociology • Majority of the world population is rural • Villages are the basic source of culture • Helpful in solving rural problems • Helpful in rural social reconstruction • Helpful in community development • Helpful in understanding rural and urban life • Helpful in understanding the problems of agrarians

  12. Emergence and Development of Rural Sociology in India • Study of rural society was started in 1800 by East India Company which can be divided into four periods • Starting / of Rural Sociology • Childhood Period of Rural Sociology • Youth Period of Rural Sociology • Period of Rural Sociology

  13. Importance of Rural Sociology in India • Majority of Indian population lives in villages • Important source of knowing rural life –style • Agriculture is the main occupation of Indian society • Rural reforms can be done by studying it • Education : illiteracy ,problem of truancy & dropout rate • How to eradicate unemployment

  14. Prevalent social problems like honour killing, casteism etc • Status of women • Rural Sociology in India • Planning of socio-economic development • It is helpful in rural reconstruction.

  15. It is helpful understanding rural people • It is helpful in studying the basis of Indian culture • Village is the basic unit of Indian society • Indian Sociology is actually rural Sociology